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Ch. 9 – Safety In Your Arms

Emma Swan just couldn't catch a break. Her whole life has been one challenge after the other and now some manipulative old imp had just presented her with another one. Hasn't it been enough stress that she had to go through a fairytale curse being broken, finding out her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming and actually do love her, and now she discovers she has magic? Like actual magic. She's still not sure how she feels about this new found ability, magic could be pretty cool, then again she has a suspicion that it could be very bad as well. It feels like she should be carrying a wand and a potions kit, while decked out in a Hogwarts uniform. Could this day get any worse?

She was about to find out that yes, it could.

Both women continued to stare down Gold as Emma still tried to process everything he had just said. So he brought magic to the town last night, which means the former Evil Queen now has her powers back. Emma mentally crossed her fingers that if Regina was to lash out, she would at least spare the blonde, she had defended her after all.

Emma shook her head, trying to get her thoughts back on track. No, no, no, Regina wasn't going to attack anyone; maybe having her magic back could be good as long as she could control it. The brunette could help Emma learn to use hers because she certainly had no bloody idea where to start.

Then a thought struck her, why the hell should she help Rumpel in the first place? This whole favour thing was so overrated anyway. He must have magic of his own; he could figure it out himself for all she cared.

"What if I don't want to help you, Gold? If you brought magic back, shouldn't you have your own powers? Do it yourself."

The playful mirth that had been occupying Gold's eyes for almost the whole conversation vanished in an instant, "I wouldn't be standing here talking to you if I didn't need your help Miss Swan. You will help me whether you want to or not."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, really. If you don't, you won't be seeing your own son for a very long time."

Emma's eyes widened, "Henry?" she turned her concerned gaze to Regina, "shouldn't he be home by now?"

"Oh don't worry, he's perfectly safe." Gold chimed.

Quicker than a cat Regina lunged forward and Emma just barely managed to grab the woman before she tackled Gold to the ground.

"If you lay one hand on my son's head, I will break every bone in your worthless body!"

Gold shook his head and tisk'd her again, "Save the threats your Majesty for you are in no position to make them. This deal concerns you as well dearie, if our precious little Princess here cannot break the barrier, you won't be seeing Henry either."

Regina tried to lash out again, but Emma strengthened her grip around the struggling woman's waist and spoke into her ear, "Regina, stop."

Surprisingly, the brunette relented and stilled her movements, but kept her death glare firmly in place.

Emma spoke again, "What have you done with him?"

Gold smiled as if that would ease her worries, "I've put him under a spell. Besides the little bit I used to bring magic to this town, I had a tad saved up for special occasions. Good thing too, it came in quite handy."

Emma glared, "Where is he?"

He sighed at her frustration but conceded, "Right now he is currently in a deep sleep and in a perfectly safe place, but I will warn you do not go looking for him as you will never find where he is. You have my word he will remain safe as long as you uphold your end of the bargain Miss Swan."

She nodded in understanding.

"Fine, as long as you do keep your word and no harm comes to him I will try to break the town's barrier. But even if I do have magic I have no idea how to use it, how the hell do you expect me to perform some sort of spell?"

"Simple. The answer is in your arms."

Emma blinked, confused at his statement until she turned her head slightly and met Regina's gaze, only inches away. She didn't even realize she still had a hold on the brunette.

They both jumped and gave each other a good foot of space as Emma tried furiously to keep the blush from rising to her cheeks. She was envious at how fast the other woman could pull herself together.

"You want me to help Miss Swan use her magic?" Regina asked in a tone like the act was impossible.

Gold inclined his head, "Precisely. If you two work together, your powers combined with her white magic will be enough. She doesn't know the power she is capable of. Help her harvest that energy, once she learns the basics of how to control it and bend it to her will, the barrier will break." He turned to leave but Regina wasn't finished just yet.

"And where will you be while we try to figure this out, Gold?"

He looked back at her, "Packing. But you can be sure I will check in to assess your progress so I would suggest you start as soon as possible, patience has never been my best attribute."

Emma could tell the brunette wanted to throw a sneering comment back his way, but she gently grabbed her arm, indicating her to keep quiet.

"Just keep Henry safe." Emma told him in a stern voice.

"Wield that magic Princess and you need not worry about your son."

With one last smirk thrown their way, he turned on his heel and in the next instant, was gone.

Emma squeezed the arm she was still holding making the brunette look to her, fury still storming in her eyes.

"Henry will be fine, Regina. You can teach me to use my magic, we'll break the barrier, and this will all be over in no time."

Regina looked like she wanted to respond but opted for a sharp nod of her head before turning from the blonde's grasp and walked to her study, shutting the door.

Emma sighed, just when things were settling down after the chaos, another storm brews. She could really use a glass of Regina's strongest cider right now. It looked like she was going to be spending another night in the mansion.


It had only been a week but Emma's desperation grew as each day passed. All she had managed to accomplish were little insignificant things like light a candle, levitate a cup, and accidently blow up one of Regina's vases. That had been a fun day.

Any other time she would have thought lighting candles and levitating small objects would be a remarkable achievement, now all it did was discourage her for none of those things were going to help in breaking an invisible barrier.

She had no idea how long it would take to get her magic on track, but if she didn't pick up the pace soon, who knows what Gold would do. Though both women were frustrated and after Regina had stretched Emma to her limits one afternoon, she had told her she was making progress, but it unfortunately takes time to really get a hold of one's powers.

Emma had been staying in the mansion's guest room that whole week and a certain pixie haired mother was starting to get anxious to see her daughter.

After the vase incident and receiving a verbal lashing from Regina, Emma had mumbled something about them taking a break and left the house to stop by Granny's and grab lunch before heading to Snow's apartment. Her parents had been ecstatic to see her but she was barely through the door before they started firing questions at her about why she was still staying with the ex-mayor.

Emma was hesitant to tell her parents about Gold's request and her new found powers, wanting as few people to know about it as possible, but her task was seriously stressing her out and she needed someone besides Regina to talk about it with.

When she told them she could do magic, or at least a poor attempt at it, she wasn't surprised at their reactions. David, which she found out, was his actual name looked at her with a mix of shock and oddly enough pride. Snow on the other hand, looked a little less than thrilled.

"Magic is dangerous, Emma." She had said with warning in her voice, "It can manipulate you and change you, just look at Regina, she's the perfect example."

That being said, when Emma regrettably told them that it was said woman who was helping Emma with her magic, she mentally and physically prepared herself for her parents reactions. However, when Snow shot out of her seat and looked like she was going to have an aneurysm, the blonde literally jumped in fear for her life.

"WHAT? Emma what are you thinking?!" Even David started a little at his wife's outburst. As much as Emma wanted to defend Regina, she couldn't hide the somewhat shamefaced expression that crossed her features. I mean, she was getting assistance from the Evil Queen of all people. No, ex-Evil Queen Emma reminded herself. Ex, very important.

But when she reminded them yet again that Regina wasn't going to do any harm with her returned powers and she just wanted to make sure Henry got home safe, her parents surrendered to the idea that Regina really was the only person who could help. Neither Snow nor David had magic and the fairies hadn't been successful in any of their attempts at breaking the barrier.


Today was the tenth day Emma had been practicing and she was exhausted. Her magic was slowly improving but she wasn't the only one honing her skills. After so many years absent of her powers, Regina was a tad rusty as well, especially since magic seemed to work slightly different here in Storybrooke. It didn't cooperate as easily as it did back in the Enchanted Forest.

She had told Emma magic should feel like an extension of one's self, when done right, it should come easily and naturally.

Regina said this right before she attempted to create a fireball with her hand and instead produced a black plume of smoke that exploded in her face. The blonde had burst out laughing unable to contain herself until she saw the murderous look the older woman directed towards her.

Quickly snapping her mouth shut, Emma scurried away into the bathroom to retrieve a damp cloth.

The pair had been closer this past week than they ever had before, seeing as they had to work together in order to save their son. The first few days had been the most difficult for Regina as she was restless and could barely concentrate knowing Henry wasn't at home, safe. Emma had stopped her several times from going to Gold and tearing him a new one. The brunette was tempted to try a locator spell, but Emma stomped that idea as well for fear of Gold knowing and putting Henry in danger. Emma tried to console Regina as best as she could, however she was always hesitant to get too close for fear of being blasted across the room.

Emma sighed and gazed out the small window with heavy lidded eyes. It had been a long morning and by mid-afternoon all she wanted was a nap. She currently found herself at Snow's apartment in her old room, lying on the bed reliving this morning's events.

They had been practicing nonstop and Regina suggested they go to the barrier to see exactly what they were up against. It was quiet on the road when they exited Regina's Mercedes and walked up to the town line. No cars ever travelled this far out of town since no one could leave.

Emma watched as Regina stood a few feet back from the invisible barrier, looking up into empty air, concentration etched on her face. She took another step forward and raised her hand as if searching for something.

A slight jolt of panic ran through Emma and before she could stop the words they were tumbling out her mouth, "Careful, don't step over the line."

Regina halted her movements and looked down to see her boot inches from the line of spray-paint someone had marked earlier.

"I cast the curse, but I wasn't exactly affected by it, I still retained all my memories from my old life. I don't think I'll lose my new memories if I were to cross the line, just my magic." She turned just in time to see Emma visibly relax and fought the smile of gratitude that wanted to spread onto her face.

Keeping her expression blank she quickly added, "But I appreciate your concern."

The smile that Emma offered her caught Regina by surprise, it was so genuine and filled with warmth. The brunette had a hard time believing it was indeed directed at her.

"So," Emma said, walking over and standing next to her, "What exactly are you looking for?"

Regina turned once again and extended an arm, her hand glowing a light purple. "As you can see the barrier is undetectable, I'm trying to locate the energy so as to draw it out and make it visible. It will be much easier to deal with if we can see it."

Emma nodded her head and watched on in fascination as Regina's hand grew brighter while she mumbled indiscernible words under her breath. After another moment Emma saw a flicker of ice blue light flash in front of her. Tearing her eyes from the brunette she looked at the light glowing a few feet ahead of them as it pulsed in the empty air. Only a few seconds later, the light changed and turned into what looked like a wave in water, spreading out in all directions as the barrier revealed itself. Inch by inch, more of it could be seen as the ripple spread over what looked like a thick wall of liquid, light pulsing every few seconds.

When Regina lowered her hand, which was no longer glowing, Emma took it all in. The barrier reached all the way from one side of the road to the other, disappearing into the trees and tapering off into the white of the sky.

"Whoa," Emma said, still gaping, "No wonder I felt kinda weird when I first drove into town, I had to go through this.. thing."

Regina rolled her eyes at Emma's extensive vocabulary, "Yes well, now that we can see it, I can try to remove it."

Emma looked at her, "You're going to try and break it? Gold wanted me to do it."

"I don't think he cares who does the actual deed dear, just as long as it's gone."

"Well, how can I help, I don't know exactly what to do."

Regina smiled, "That's alright, you just stand back, I want to see how problematic this is going to be."

Emma hesitated, wanting to help, but knew it would be pointless. She still didn't really have a grip on her magic yet and figured it would be best to just let Regina do her thing. It certainly was fun to watch Regina get into her element, it was fascinating and not to mention a bit of a turn on at the same time. But Emma tried not to think too much into that last bit.

Taking a deep breath, the brunette witch squared her stance and raised both arms this time, hands starting to glow. Emma could feel the magic radiating off her and knew Regina was putting every ounce of concentration she had into the task.

Only a few seconds passed before Emma could tell things weren't going as smooth as Regina wanted. A light sheen of sweat had appeared on the brunette's brow and while her hands were radiating a brilliant purple, they had also started to shake. Regina took a step closer to the barrier and placed both her hands on the light blue surface, a fresh set of ripples spreading out from her touch.

Emma took a hesitant step forward with worry etched on her face at seeing and almost feeling the stress the brunette was under. She took a closer look and noticed not only were Regina's hands glowing, but her whole body seemed to be putting off a purple haze, while a deeper purple swirled its way around her eyes.

"Regina…" Emma didn't like this, something was wrong.

"Stay back." Regina objected, strain evident in her voice.

The barrier had started to pulse again with light and a breeze began to swirl up around the women's feet. Wisps of blonde hair flew into Emma's eyes as she urgently wiped them from her face, noticing that the wind was effected Regina as well, but in a calmer state. It was like time had slowed around the brunette, her clothes and hair whipping around in sharp languid movements.

"Regina, stop!" Emma yelled, but knew her plea went unheard as the witch was consumed by the magic coursing through her veins.

Emma tried to push forward to reach her but a gust of wind hit her full force and knocked her off balance, making her retreat a few paces. Right as she managed to lift herself into a standing position a brilliant light shot out from the barrier like blue flames as Regina was thrown backwards. Emma leapt forward and caught her right before she slammed into the ground.

Then just as quickly as it started, the light and wind were gone. An unsettling calm washed around them as little bits of dirt and grass that had begun to float in the air slowly drifted back down to the earth.

As gracefully as she could, Emma lowered them both down to a sitting position, Regina slumped in her arms.

Brown eyes were wide and blank, unresponsive, as the last traces of purple left them. Gripped with fear Emma gently cupped the other woman's face, "Regina, look at me," still there was no reaction and Emma's grip tightened, "Please, look at me Regina."

It would be so easy to let go, Regina vaguely thought, give in to the power of her magic and fade away into nothing. Why bother come back to consciousness for all she would be met with is pain. Daniel was dead and gone, she had killed her own father, her mother had only ever provided her with suffering and false love, Henry now had his real mom and a new family. Where did she fit in? She didn't. The town hated her, they wouldn't hurt her on Snow's orders, but no longer did the citizens just fear her as the cold mayor, now they loathed her as the Evil Queen. Who could love someone like that?

It was then through her desolation she felt a warmth creep through her bones as she internally tried to identify where it was coming from. Her mind ticked and sorted until she realized she should be lying on the cold dampness of an empty street after being blasted back from the magic barrier. But what she felt wasn't hard or cold; it was soft and enveloped her like a blanket. Playing back the scene in her still lethargic state, it dawned on her that what she felt, was Emma.

Dark eyes finally fluttered with recognition and turned their piercing gaze to meet green. Emma thought she had never felt happier in her life.

The blonde let out a choked laugh and smiled in relief, "Are you alright?"

As Regina lay curled in Emma's arms she was still having a hard time processing the thought that this woman, the same woman who broke her curse, actually cared for her wellbeing if not more than that, if the glassiness to her eyes was anything to go by. She couldn't fight the feeling of how protected and secure she felt in the sheriff's embrace and just how right it felt. Biting her lip she tried to halt the onslaught of emotions that hit her heart in that moment but one damned tear still managed to find its way down her cheek.

Her eyes grew wide as she felt a soft thumb brush it away, her breath hitching at the contact.

Emma gingerly ran her fingers through soft brown locks before speaking again, "Tell me you're alright."

Trying to get her emotions and thoughts in check Regina nodded slowly, "I'm fine."

Emma's brow scrunched together and opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by a sound coming from behind them.

"Well that was quite the show!"

Both women stiffened and turned their gaze to none other than Mr. Gold.

Emma helped Regina to her feet and stepped slightly forward but kept a hand resting on the brunette's lower back as she could tell Regina's legs hadn't quite found their strength yet.

"As impressive as your attempt was dearie, I told you, you would need Emma's help to break the barrier."

"I wanted to see what we were dealing with." Regina shot back, finding her voice.

Gold stared at her with no hint of concern, "Looks like you found out. Better luck next time, just don't take too long."

Another blink and he was gone. Emma grumbled a few choice words about the man before she led Regina to the passenger seat. After closing the door she walked around and plopped down behind the wheel. The brunette must have really been wiped out for her to not complain about Emma assuming she would be driving.

The blonde started the ignition and turned on the heat as they both sat in silence. Taking a chance, Emma reached out and grasped Regina's hand in hers, drawing soothing circles with her thumb.

She looked up and was met with a weak smile. Emma knew Regina was powerful and if whatever she did had taken that much out of her, the blonde could tell she was going to have to get a hold of her magic, and quick.

When Regina spoke, uneasiness settled into each of their minds, "This is going to be more difficult than I thought."

That was definitely not what Emma wanted to hear.


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