Francis get's insane
The suvirvos were travelling in a city. "I hate cities" said francis but nobody listened because he always stated that he
hated things. So they kept travelling until they came across a car. Louis walked towards the car and hit it so the alarm was
started and zombeis came.
"Louis, you stupid dumbfuck!" said Bill angrily.
"I hate Louis" said Francis and everyone agreed with him except louis.
Soon, everything was full of zombies, so zoey threw a pipe grenade to distract them and soon everybody was dead.
"Very good zoey" said louis and zoey blushed because she propably was in love with him.
"Let's keep moving" said bill and the survivors went on until they came across a shop.
"Hey, maybe we can look if they have something inside!" said louis and everyone agreed, except francis because he
hated louis:
"So you can try to kill us another time, dumbass? If I get bitten by zombie I'm gonna make you drink my piss, you fukker!"
said francis and pointed his shotgun at louis to indimitate him.
"Hey, come on, Francis! Get this thing out of my face!", said louis.
"He's right, francis. If you keep shooting at us, we gonna alldie" said bill and he was right.
"Shut up, old man! I'm gonna break 'ya face!", sweared francis ragily and pointed his gun at bill.
"Alright man, I'm gonna' shut up, 'kay?" said bill to calm francis down so francis put his shotgun down. Then, bill shot
"Oh my, god bill!" screamed zoey, "you shot francis!"
"Don't worry, he's not dead. Not yet." Said bill calmily and killed francis with a crowbar that was lying next to him.
"OHMYGOOOOD!" said louis, but bill interruptid him: "If I didn't kill francis, he would kill us! BTW, nobody likes this guy
anyway, right?"
"Yeah, you're right", said zoey, "I'm kinda happy that he's dead" she said and looked at all the brain that was dripping from
Francsi heap.