Tank is Attacking!
Bill decidid to go but decided not to do because he wantd to rob zoey from her guns when she was dead. He also liked to
hear her screaming.
"Oh god help tank is attacking me!" she screamed but bill smiled because he immagined him fucking her tight ass. But
suddenly, there were gun shots and it was sielent! Bill thought she was dead so he went in there and tried to steal her
guns but he was surprised by a punch in the face from a black man who had a bald. It was…
"Shit, Louis! You better had been dead because now yu will suffar!" yelled bill angrily but before he could take out his gun
he was shot in arm and screamed in pain.
"You think leaving me to die is funny idea?", asked louis and shot bill in the other arm so bill screamed. He went in, killed
tank wit shotgun and saved zoey! He looked very bad and there was blood and skars all ove rhim but he was alive!
"You think I carry lot's of pills with me for shits'n giggles, motherfucker? You'll need more to defeat me than just some
crying bitch, cocksucker! And now, say goodbye to your kneecab!" And then, he shot bill in his neecap!
"Argh, motherfucker! My leg!" said bill sitting there in agony!
"Yes, sucker, youre leg!" said louis angryly and emptied his pistol magacin on bill. Blood was everythere and bill was full
of holes and his intestines were on flor!
"I'll see you in hell, PRICK!" screamed bill because he was angry and he was full of bullethols.
"Won't you please shut the fuck UP!" shouted louis and kicked bill in the face, breaking jaw: "Fuck you, bill! Fuck your
mother, fuck your dirty whore-sister, fuck your balls and fuck your stupid beard, you stupid little piece of shit!"
And then, he broke bills neck and loud noise cam from it and then, bill was dead.
"Oh, louis! You are alive!" said zoey and her eyes filled with tears because now, louis and she was safe!
"Everything is be all fine, zoey!" said louis and then he put his thing into zoei's vagina and then they had Sex!