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I know it's not what you expected but I could either end it now or abandon it 4ever. And I really didn't want to abandon anything...


Tony made a hasty retreat and went straight to Steve's floor but paused after leaving the elevator. What was he supposed to say now? Apologize or yell at him for not liking his new invention?

Steve really was hiding in his bedroom sulking and drawing. When Tony knocked he let him in, but didn't look up. He just lay there on his stomach, across the huge bed that made him look much smaller, and he doodled in his sketchbook. He looked so very young and helpless.

...and also so very sexy with his jean clad legs parted and a fringe falling over his forehead despite the brilliantine...

Tony wanted to touch him and fought with this urge. He didn't want to get punched.

"Ok, it's probably one of those situations I don't get, where I'm at fault because I don't know what I did wrong, right?"

"I'll tell you what you did wrong. You've build a dangerous machine, supposedly for me, even though I don't need one."

"Then what do you want?"

"If you don't know, then it doesn't matter."

"Ha! I knew it. You're like Pepper."

Steve turned and looked at Tony blushing ridiculously.

"It's not... It's not like that. Look, you don't have to do anything for me. But don't pull me into your weird projects. Don't tell me I want or need something I don't!"

"You don't even know what it does."

"Did you destroy that thing, Tony?"

"No. Not before you answer my question."

Tony walked up to Steve's bed and sat on the carpeted floor. He crossed his arms on the cushion and rested his chin on his forearms. The Captain looked at him and blushed slightly. Tony's hair was still messed up from Steve's earlier ministrations. It tempted him to do it again.

"What's your biggest dream?" To touch your hair, was Steve's first thought.

"You don't want to know, Tony."

"Fuck, why do you always have to be so damn difficult?!"

It was so tempting to just say it. It would be great to just tell Tony straight into his angered face what he wanted, what he dreamed about, what he craved... and needed. He pushed himself up and knelt on the bed facing his crazy friend.

"I'm difficult? I didn't build something that endangers the world in my spare time as a token!"

"It's not just some useless gadget! And it's not a weapon! I've build many weapons based on that thing they took out of my arm as a core, but this one's different! It's not..."

"And from what I hear it's even more dangerous that any weapon! Fury's right! You're dangerous and it doesn't matter if you're building a weapon or fixing a microwave."

"Fuck you, Rogers! I spent months on figuring how to build it and you don't even want to listen!"

"I've heard enough!"

"If you don't stop I'm going to punch you! This machine is to make your biggest dream come true!"

"And what do you know about my dreams, Tony?"

"I've heard one. That's enough."

"That nightmare when I almost drowned?"

"Nightmare? Right... What would you like the most, Steve? The most in the world. And don't think if it's possible or not. Just tell me."

"You don't want to know."

"I do. Tell me."

"No. You want me to say something you think is true, but it isn't."

"Just SAY IT already! Say it and I swear, I'll give it to you!" Steve knew what Tony was up to. He was challenging him to admit that he didn't want to be there – in 2012 or something similar that Tony assumed Steve wanted. He moved to sit at the edge of the bed.

"No, you won't. And don't provoke me!" He really wanted to finally say it. And damn, how he wanted Tony to keep this promise. He hid his face in his hands again.

"I will. Just tell me."

"You won't, so just shut up!"

"Tell me!"


"Just fucking SAY it, Rogers!"

And Steve retaliated.

"YOU, smartass! I want YOU! How do you like that?"

So Tony's eyes could grow even bigger... interesting. Steve didn't want to look at the older man's face anymore. He was afraid to see rejection.

"Are you going to give me what I want, Tony?" He sounded broken.

Tony only blinked.

"See, you can't! You thought you knew what I dream about but you have no idea!"


"If this machine is not some mind-wiper then it won't help. You... you're just too damn attractive, Tony. You... You fascinate me and... I can't handle it. Your eyes, your hair, your smell it's all just... It's too much. It's too distracting and I can't even trust myself around you anymore... And I like you. No matter how much you get on my nerves I just can't stop thinking about..." Stuff... "... you. Then I'm constantly jealous and I can't help it... I can't control it. I almost hurt that torch guy... and I think Bruce has enough of my glaring and soon the Hulk may want to put me in place..."

That was the third time that day when Tony felt like he was missing something important, because surely Steve Rogers did not mean that he had hots for Tony. It just sounded like that but meant something else... It had to, because it was the boy scout Steve fucking Rogers. It was Captain America who was in love with Margaret Carter...

"Ok, I think... I should go now, because you just shoved my brain into my pants and I shouldn't be around you when it happens. But I'll give you an advice too, Cap. Don't say shit like that to other guys because some may be less gentlemanly than I am and take advantage of your sweet ass."

Steve's hands parted, revealing one baby blue eye.

"You think my ass is sweet?" Now the brat had a gal to tease him? HIM? Tony Stark?

"I can check if you want."

Steve's body visibly tensed but his hands moved from his face revealing a heated gaze of the pair of lustful eyes. Tony just stood there dumbfounded until Steve's raspy voice finally answered.

"Actually, I do."

"Don't..." Tony closed his eyes to ease himself from the temptation and rubbed them with his thumb and index finger. "...don't do this, Cap. I'm serious. You know I'm a bastard. I'll do it if you don't stop."

"Now you want me to stop? You asked, so I answered. You wanted to know what I want. I want to burry my face between your legs. I want you to shove your cock into my mouth. I want... to suck your balls and kiss your lips. I want to touch you. I want to know how you smell down there and how your sweat tastes. I want you to take me. I want you to be mine. I want you to remember about our dinner dates! I want to strangle every man and woman who so much as looks at you. Will you give it all to me? You promised. Or maybe your brilliant machine can give it to me, huh?"

Huh... Tony actually felt like his brain had just been broken.

"Did you just say 'cock'?"

Ok, Steve didn't expect Tony to be in such a big shock, but hell, if his earlier subtle signals were not enough for Tony to actually understand, then this should suffice. Now this was time to take things to his own hands. Steve was never much of a talker and always believed that what you do counts more than things you say. He grabbed Tony's belt buckle but didn't even manage to undo it when the billionaire was suddenly all over him.

Full lips were kissing his trembling ones and the world spun. He whimpered pitifully and moved forward fishing for more kisses like a drowning man for something to catch. Tony's goatee was tickling his chin and his arc reactor was vibrating against Steve's own chest. The world was still spinning and Steve was glad he was somehow once again on his back because otherwise he would probably faint.

Tony was on his hands and knees and Steve was lying between his parted legs. He was simply gorgeous. His hold on Tony was almost painful. He was pulling the smaller man closer, lower, leaving bruises on his hips. The older man's perfect ass fitted perfectly into his hands, so he rubbed and squeezed it for all he was worth increasing the friction of their hard-ons.

"Tony... Oh, God, Tony..."

The engineer silenced him with more needy kisses and busied his hands with undoing Steve's pants. The soldier moaned desperately and it made Tony shiver with anticipation. It was Steve... He had Steve in his arms, willing and vulnerable. He sank his hand in the fly of beige slacks and finally learned, literally first handed, how the serum worked on Cap's more private parts. Gently he squeezed the warm flesh in his hand and moved the palm along the throbbing length. It was too dry. Steve was shaking with pleasure, whimpering and repeating Tony's name, assuring himself that it was really him, Tony Stark, and no one else. He wanted this man so badly that he couldn't stand it.

"Tony... Damn it, Tony... I want you..."

That was almost too much. The billonaire was on the verge of losing his mind. Fucking Steve was his wildest dream, but he was sure that Steve would never bottom for anyone. On the other hand he was also sure that Steve didn't swing that way. And then he looked at the younger man's flushed face and naive trusting eyes and it clicked. Of course, Steve was a virgin... He may be good at leading in the battlefield but in the intimacy he didn't feel experienced enough... So Tony didn't say anything more. He just unbuttoned Steve's shirt and kissed his torso. He teased the perky nipples with his teeth loving the hissing sounds escaping the captain's mouth.

He would make it as good as it can be.

Steve trembled and writhed in his arms, repeating his name. He was like a dream come true. A dream...

"Steve... Are you sure?"

"Damn you, Tony, don't dare to stop now. Of course I'm sure."

"I can get you back in time."


"That thing..." Tony moved away. Maybe Steve was looking for some sort of consolation in his arms, but it was only because he didn't know that he can come back.

"It's a time machine. For you."

Steve propped himself up on his elbows and looked at Stark like he grew a second head.

"You... Are you serious?"

Tony forced his body to move again. He needed to distance himself from the soldier. With his flushed cheeks and ruffled hair he looked much too fuckable.

"Yea, I guess... I still need to test it, but generally... the thing they pulled out of my arm is an amazing core for the arc reactor. It produces enough energy to bring you back to 1943. Or to power quite a few interesting weapons , but..."

He glanced up at the Cap. The man was looking at him with his jaw dropped and eyes widened. "You were dreaming about it, right? That time you almost drowned."

"Yes. I dreamed about going back in time. You weren't there and I almost lost my mind. It was the worst nightmare I've ever had. I was there for weeks. Meggy was there and your father and I... couldn't stop talking only about you. I broke down. I couldn't stand it there... I just wanted to come back home... here... to see you."

"You're kidding, right?"

Tony was blinking stupidly at him and his hair was ruffled and lips slightly swollen. Steve wanted to own him. He wanted to keep him for himself entirely. He wanted Tony to want him, and only him. Now after he tasted this perfect, brilliant man he couldn't even think about anything else.

"Tony... Just... please, say you want me too."

"I... I think I may be dreaming now..."

Steve chuckled nervously and kissed his obsession.

Having Tony in him was amazing. It was slightly uncomfortable but he didn't feel violated or invaded. It felt surprisingly good. He didn't expect that. Initially he just wanted to pleasure Tony but it turned out that it was Tony pleasuring him.

First he had been carefully prepared by the nimble fingers, but he somehow couldn't relax during those slow ministrations. It just made him more anxious and worried about what was going to come next, so he impatiently rushed the billionaire claiming that he was not going to break.

And he stayed true to his words. Tony told him to lay on his stomach so he did, trusting the other man completely. He wanted to be able to watch Tony's face but when the man said that it would be easier and better for the first time, Steve didn't argue. After all Tony knew what he was talking about and Steve didn't.

Tony was smaller than him but he couldn't find it in himself to regret it. What was in him already was more than enough. It reached and rubbed pleasantly all the right places and with Tony's hot breath on his neck Steve wasn't able to hold back for long and came all too soon, like the virgin that he was. Tony didn't mind. Just turned Steve around and came onto his chest, letting the Captain drink the view of his handsome face contorted by the peak of his pleasure.

Steve after sex smelled like something pure, something good, nice and warm, and so sweet in made your gums bleed. His super serum improved senses were very sensitive so he preferred to use cosmetics that had no smell at all. He had no idea that it made his own smell more prominent, more irresistible and overwhelming. For Tony that was how freedom smelled. It was the smell of sunshine, happiness, stupid smiles and lo-... um…. Home.

…something that never was his to have. He hardly even managed to start thinking again when... the first explosion shook the building.

"What the fuck?"

Steve was instantly on his feet. "Ouch…"

Tony did his best to pick up their clothes.

"We're under attack!"

"Great... JARVIS!"

"Sir, it's Victor Van Doom and more of the same robots that attacked you the last time. It may be an opportunity to obtain more parasites."

Tony took Steve's outstretched hand and got up from the bed. They were running through the corridors to Tony's new lab when another explosion happened, followed by the two more. Soon they were all suited up and Tony was ripping through the air.

"Sir, director Fury of SHIELD is on the line. I'm putting him through."


"I know. Robots. I'm on it!"

"Forget the robots and look up!"

Tony did and froze. The giant wormhole was there once again, but the thing that opened it was not on top of the Stark Tower this time.

"Just... don't fucking send the nuke this time, you hear me, Fury?!"

"Then tell me, Stark, what do you have for us?"

Steve's voice answered the question. "Tony, why don't you try out one of those new weapons you've told me about."

"No way, Cap. I have only one core and we need it to send you home."

"I AM HOME, Tony!"

"No, you don't know what you're talking about, Steve."

"No, it's you who doesn't know. But I'll show you. Home is where the heart is, Tony. And you know where's mine. You know I don't need this machine!"


"It's too late Tony. I'm in your lab. Dum-e helped me to remove the core. What do I do now?"

"NOTHING! What was that sound?"

"Too late. I think I just cut your machine in two with my shield."

"WHAT?! JARVIS! Report!"

"Sir, I'm afraid that Captain Rogers has just disabled your secret project."

"I can't fucking believe it! Cap, I swear you're in so much trouble!"

"I'll think of something to compensate to you, Tony. Now come here and deal with whatever is about to come out of that worm hole so we could just... go back to what we were doing."

Tony didn't need that to be told twice.


(Sorry for this ending but this story sucks and I don't know why so many people read it... It started as an interesting idea and then... well... I ruined it. You wanted me to end it, so here you have it. Maybe I'll think of some epilogue but for now... that's it.)