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The Caster Class of the Holy Grail Wars was generally the one most prone to summonings being bizarre, from accidental summoning by a murderous psychopath in one universe's Fourth Grail War, to a woman who switched loyalties in the same universe's Fifth.

All this may have been due to the corruption caused to the Grail in the Third War, at least in the universes where Angra Mainyu was summoned – which were quite a few. In some of them, the Grail and the Forces That Be did not react to this, and wars came and went; in one, though, the Forces That Be decided that they would require a champion who would guide the Masters in the war, guide them to succeed in a quest to rid the Grail – and by extension the world, such as it were – of its greatest evil.

And who better for the Grail to select for the Fourth War's Caster than a man (if he could truly be called that) who had been in a very similar situation before?

The first time Waver Velvet saw Caster was after Rider, Iskandar the Great's open challenge to all the Servants. He saw an old man with flowing white hair and beard, leaning gently against his staff and dressed in dull gray, walk carelessly out of the woods to approach him and Rider, as if he didn't consider the threatening Rider any danger. He looked to be disregarding the fact that the Servants were meant to fight and slay each other.

Rider had eyed him warily at first, upon learning he was a Caster – who knew what manner of tricks a wizard had? But the man had disarmed their suspicion, offering to lay down his staff and telling Rider he knew that an old man such as himself would be no match for a powerful warrior like Rider was. Indeed, Caster had continued, his very presence comforting, perhaps Rider would not mind listening to him? Rider had complied, and Caster had then posed him a rather enigmatic question – "if someone who has told you everything is wrong, how will you know it to be so?"

Smiling to himself, the mysterious Caster had then disappeared in a burst of flame, leaving Rider in an unusually pensive mood for the rest of the day. Iskandar may have been a brash King, but he was a King, the man who had cut the Gordian Knot, educated by the great philosophers – he knew a wise man when he saw one.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Caster had talked individually to all the Masters and their Servants with the same question.

"It was the Grail all along!" roared Rider, as he stood in the middle of a large field staring down the abomination, many-tentacled and gargantuan, that was supposedly the body of the holiest object to exist.

"Indeed, Rider." said Saber. "Perhaps Caster was right after all. My Master had his suspicions about the Grail himself."

Lancer said nothing, opting to stare at the Grail instead.

DO NOT BELIEVE THE FOOL CASTER, said a booming voice that echoed everywhere and nowhere at once, its tones reverberating in the minds of the Servants and their Masters. I CAN GIVE YOU YOUR HEART'S DESIRE. ISKANDAR, WANT YOU NOT TO RIDE WITH YOUR ARMY ONCE MORE? OR FIGHT TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT, LANCER? OR PERHAPS, ARTURIA, SAVE THE KINGDOM THAT YOU DOOMED?

Involuntarily, Saber flinched, taking a step towards the Grail. "Save…my Kingdom?" she said softly.

IT CAN BE SO, said the voice, reassuring, A CHANCE TO GET BACK WHAT YOU DESTROYED.

Saber moved another step closer to the Grail, her hands reaching for it. "Britain…"

FOOL! cackled the voice, as a tentacle shot toward Saber, intent on seizing her and amalgamating her into its power, forcing the rebirth of All the World's Evil onto unsuspecting Gaia.

Saber was helpless, her heart warring with her mind. This was the second time Waver Velvet saw Caster.

It was a sudden explosion, much like a firework only magnified a thousandfold, but where there had been no one there was now Caster, his back erect and staff held fiercely in front of him, eyes blazing with mystical energies. His very presence seemed to emit a warming comfort that filled Saber's heart with resolve again, washing away her fears and guilt.

"My…apologies," she stuttered, "I lost control of myself."

"It was nothing, milady." replied Caster, his eyes fixed firmly on the Grail, which was now swelling with dark power. Its heart was bulging dreadfully, as Angra Mainyu burst forth, a beast of fire and shadow, a demonic being who was curse personified. His presence blackened the soil around him, and with a wave of his hand, whips of pitch darkness shot forth, grasping, reaching for the Servants, who were still surprised and overwhelmed.


"Heed my words, foul creature," said Caster, his voice slowly rising in intensity and volume, a palpable glow of white surrounding him. His voice began echoing in nearly the exact same manner that Angra Manyu's was, "YOU CANNOT PASS! I AM A SERVANT OF THE SECRET FIRE, A WIELDER OF THE FLAME OF ANOR! YOUR CURSES WILL NOT AVAIL YOU, MISTAKE OF MANKIND! I AM GANDALF! GO BACK TO YOUR SHADOW. YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS!"

There was a blinding explosion of light, and heat, comforting flame warring with deathly shadow, and after a moment that felt an eon to the three helplessly watching Servants, the light dimmed, and they saw a weakened, confused Angra Mainyu staggering about the scorched ground, his shadows flickering, and Caster…was nowhere to be found.

Rider was the first to respond, removing his helmet. "Foul beast, you asked if I wished to ride with my army again? I can do so NOW! I will not let the wise one's sacrifice be in vain. IONOI HETAROI!"

The ground warped, and shuddered, as the rules of Gaia were overwritten, and Angra Mainyu found himself facing a mighty army – the army that conquered the world in its day. Lancer had acted as well, his twin spears out, Gae Dearg and Buidhe already flying in an arc, seeking blood.

Angra Mainyu turned, perhaps to run, perhaps to find space to regroup. He never found it.


Waver Velvet is not sure to this day if he saw Caster twice, or three times. A few days after the climactic struggle that cleansed the Grail, he was sure he saw Caster out of the corner of his eye, smiling at him from one of the woods – only he seemed to be dressed all in white.

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Class: Caster

Master: Eru, The Creator (and by extension the Untainted Grail)

True Name: Gandalf

Titles: Olórin, Mithrandir, Stormcrow

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: Exact details unknown

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: C

Endurance: C

Agility: D

Mana: EX

Luck: B

Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills-

Independent Action – B

The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the prana supply from the Master.

A rather rare skill for the Caster class, Caster does not truly wield the usual skills – Item/Area Construction – that Casters do. Instead, he was more of a wandering wise man, a guide who descended where he saw fit and changed things than one who stood in one place and did his work. He can stay in the world for a few weeks without an established contract with the world.

Riding – C

The capacity to ride animals and vehicles.

Another rare skill for a Caster, he was perhaps the only one who could truly ride the King of Horses in his world. This allows him to ride any mortal mount or vehicle, and a few magical ones as well.

Personal Skills-

Animal Dialogue – C

A communication with animals that don't speak a language of words.

Caster not only had a unique and deep bond with the King of Horses, he also could communicate with the King of Eagles and his kin. He can speak to most animals telepathically.

Discernment of the Wise – A

The ability to see into the hearts and souls of men and objects, and identify evil if it lurks within.

Caster could see through the troubles people faced, identifying and rectifying them. He could also identify where evil lurked, be it in a person's heart or in an object.

High Speed Divine Words – A

The power to activate Thaumaturgy without the use of Magic Circuits. The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is power long lost by modern magi.

Caster is one of the most powerful wizards, capable of summoning blinding light, flames, thunder as well as counter-spells to weaken an enemy's as the situation demands without use of magic circuits.

Noble Phantasms-

Flame of Anor "The Sacred Flame, Comforter of Life" : A

Caster wields a sacred flame known as the Flame of Anor, which he can infuse into his weapons or his magic. It is a searing flame that is specially effective against beings of shadow and darkness, or those who serve evil. Even otherwise, it is capable of destroying an entire legion in one blow if focused in a furious blast upon them. Being the wielder of the Flame of Anor gives Caster the innate 'ability' to be 'reborn' after his 'death', coming back to life as Gandalf the White with greater control and power over the flames.