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Anyway, this time let's try a different Grail War – that on the Moon Cell!

The Servants summoned in the Holy Grail were empowered by the legends that they created. They were not a true representation of the person as they lived; they were the best qualities of the person, boosted beyond their normal abilities by the beliefs they had inspired. Indeed, sometimes the myths surrounding a person often became an integral part of the Servant himself. And if that Servant was one who had fearsome reputation even when alive…

The Moon Cell War was different. It was structured. It was well-organised. It was clear. And it was no less deadly for it. Dying here meant dying in reality as well. But then, to be a magus was to walk with death, and Rin Tohsaka, scion of her family, knew this well. She waited for the virtual Arena to initialize. Her opponent was the pride of the Matou family; Shinji himself, and his Rider; and he was someone she would love to crush.

As the Arena shimmered into existence, code flashing before her eyes, she threw a glance at her Archer. He was nothing she had expected. Dressed in a trenchcoat and a hat that obscured his face, his eyes further hidden behind black glasses, he looked almost 'modern'. He was perpetually smiling, but what drew her attention the most was the fierce looking wolf – she refused to call it a dog – that accompanied him.

"I hope you're ready, Archer." she said, as Shinji faced off against her. "You are a Servant of the Tohsaka family and –" she stopped, blushing, as her Servant grinned and ruffled her hair with one hand.

"Give up, Tohsaka!" screamed Shinji Matou, his voice loud but the annoying whine he always spoke in never leaving it. "Rider will crush you and your pathetic dog-loving Servant."

Tohsaka made no response except to sneer back at him.

"Your wretched Servant," he continued, "is nothing against the might of the most famous privateer ever to sail the seas!"

As he said this, Rin's servant scowled. She was surprised at this, but more surprised that Shinji was so stupid as to reveal his Servant's identity before the battle started.

"You don't mean…" she said, trying to make him say something more.

"Yes!" gloated Shinji, "Feel the wrath of Sir Francis Drake!"

The busty woman next to him sighed, and Rin was surprised that the famous pirate (for the only difference between a privateer and a pirate was the former was sanctioned by the Crown) was a woman. Still, if Arthur was Arturia, then…

"My stupid Master," cut in Rider, "has revealed me to you-" Shinji winced, realising his stupidity "-so don't you think you should return the favour, handsome?"

"Stay here, Rex." said Archer to his wolf, walking forward. Even as he did, his clothes changed. The trenchcoat and hat disappeared, melting into a dark purple-black bodysuit that covered him fully except for his face. His black glasses become a mask that covered his eyes, revealing nothing but blank whiteness if you looked into them. A belt with guns holstered to his sides appeared, but what drew Rin's attention were the two rings that he wore, one on each hand.

She was surprised to see Rider's reaction. "N-no," stuttered Rider, "It can't be! The enemy of pirates everywhere-"

Archer smirked wickedly, lifting his right hand and making a fist so the ring pointed at Rider, and she could clearly see the skull etched onto it.

"What?" shouted Shinji, impatiently. "Who is he?"

Rider did not respond, and instantly called forth her Noble Phantasm. "Come on, you rascals!" she shouted, her voice slightly hoarse, as the Golden Hind responded to her command and showered the area with cannonfire, clouding it in smoke. Indeed, Rin could see one of the cannon catch Archer through the chest, ripping a hole into his body and she froze as his blood spattered over the arena. She didn't speak, stunned, disbelieving – was it all over? Finished with? Her role in this war conclu-she saw something, and smiled again. Of course. Why had she underestimated him? He was her Servant, after all.

"You see, Tohsaka," said Shinji, trying to regain his composure after the sudden reaction of his Servant, "the man was no match for –eh?"

Shinji paused as fog enveloped the Arena, and he could make out the purple-black figure advancing towards them, seemingly uninjured.

"No, that's impossible! I saw Rider get you through the chest with her cannon! No man can survive-"

"He is no man." said Rider, her voice eerily solemn. "He is the sworn enemy of pirates everywhere…the Ghost-who-Walks, the Man who Cannot Die…the Phantom."

Drawing her pistols, Rider aimed at the figure, ready to shoot-

The Phantom moves faster than the lightning flash –Old Jungle saying

-only to cry in pain, as bullets struck her guns before she could even aim them, the impact jarring her hands and making her drop them. Stunned at the accuracy of her opponent, she did not even bother going for the guns again. He could have killed her there if he wished – and he had spared her life…for the moment.

The fog covered them once more, and Shinji trembled in fear.

"Pirate, you will not escape the law."

You never find the Phantom, he finds you. – Old Jungle saying

And suddenly, the fog cleared, and Shinji and Rider found themselves staring into the white mask of the Phantom, his rage still clearly palpable, and Shinji, never brave at the best of times, found that he had soiled himself. Rider herself was not unaffected, even the woman who had faced down the mighty Spanish and plundered them even when outnumbered unable to think, move, or even breathe in the inhuman presence of Archer.

When the Phantom is angry, even the lion trembles – Old Jungle saying

It took one blow, and the battle was ended. One strike, its impact like the charge of a thundering bull elephant. It's simplicity beautiful in its execution. A single right cross to the face of Rider while she was still confronting the primal fear that pirates faced when they saw this boogeyman, and she was knocked out instantly. The skull mark that was found on the Phantom's ring was now visible on Rider's face where he had punched her – and Rin knew, even as she watched, that the mark would live with Rider for all the rest of her multiple existences.

He said nothing, but he didn't have to – and as Shinji underwent the painful process of being deleted, he still found himself deliriously happy that he had not been a pirate in his life.

Pirates to Phantom, like red flag to bull – Old Jungle saying.

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So a new war this time, the Moon Cell War. Why this? Because the Phantom needs a pirate to beat the shit out of, that's why. And the only one with a pirate was Francis Drake. Yes, I know Tohsaka doesn't face him in the war, but artistic license, you know?

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The Phantom, created by Lee Falk, is a comic strip hero from ages ago. Still, he was very popular in my country when I was growing up, even with bad English translations of his strips, so when I had the suggestion – why not?

The series might seem very corny nowadays, but it's still ages of fun and nostalgia for me.

Class: Archer

Master: Rin Tohsaka

True Name: Kit Walker

Titles: The Phantom | Ghost-who-Walks | Man-who-cannot-Die

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: Exact details unknown.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: B

Endurance: A

Agility: B

Mana: C

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills-

Riding- B

The expertise to ride animals and vehicles.

Archer could actually have been summoned as Rider, with his stallion Hero. He can ride most, if not all, things that can be described as 'mounts', although he is supremely talented on horseback.

Independent Action- B

The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the prana supply from the Master.

Archer is very independent, and may live for two days without an established contract. He is also capable of remaining 'alive' for a short period after sustaining damage to his core.

Personal Skills-

Collector- B

The 'talent' to collect high quality goods - a 'luck' that draws rare items into the possession of the Servant.

Archer has a large collection of the most valuable items in his lair when he lived, including huge diamonds, Napoleon's artifacts and more. He regularly used to be gifted valuables by people when he saved them.

Eye of the Mind (True)- A

The possession of heightened insight refined through experience.

Archer is a veteran of countless battles, capable of reading battle situations in a split-second and reacting to them in the same time.

Pirate Slayer- A

The position of being one whose entire existence is devoted to fighting against pirates. Grants bonuses when fighting them.

Archer, and the very legend he embodies, were created to fight piracy. He has grown to be the boogeyman for pirates in every era, across the world. Whenever he fights a pirate, he gains on rank in all parameters and his opponent loses one rank.

Noble Phantasms-

Legend of the Phantom "Unending Legacy of the Ghost who Walks" : B

There has never been only one Phantom, unlike common belief. The Phantom is actually a line of sons taking over from their father – all called Kit Walker. They have become so indistinguishable in skill and strength that people believed that there is only one Phantom, and that as he survived through the ages, and seemingly 'survived' fatal wounds, that the Phantom is unkillable. Popular legend calls him the Ghost who Walks. As such, the Phantom, if summoned, will have 22 lives over the duration of the Grail War, one for each of the Phantoms that have existed thus far. Moreover, the legends and myths that the Phantom caused become true, and he actually possesses the power ascribed to him.

The Phantom's Marks "Skull and Cross" : D

A Noble Phantasm of the two rings the Phantom wears. Anyone he strikes with his right hand has the skull-mark imprinted onto them, that cannot be removed – a permanent reminder of their villainy, and a warning to not resort to it once more. Anyone he gently touches with his left has the 'cross' mark on them, one that shows the world that the person is under the Phantom's protection. No pirate, or jungle warrior will strike at anything bearing the Phantom's mark, for fear of the legend himself.