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Many people can be good at something. Fewer still can claim to excel. A tiny fraction of those can claim to be masters at it. An absolute handful can claim to be legends. But by definition – by the inexorable law of the universe – there can only be one person who is the very best. The pinnacle of his art. The gold standard by which all others, be they week-old journeyman or experienced master, can be judged – and found sadly wanting.

There is only one person who can ever be the best at something. So, to reach there requires a special kind of person as well. Someone hard-headed; cunning; determined; talented; and perhaps a bit lucky. But more than that – no, more than that – requires someone who would give his life for his profession – because they are one and the same to him. Without it, he is nothing. Without him, it is nothing.

When Waver Velvet stole the relic from Kayneth – a red, hemispherical thing made of some material he hadn't seen before, seemingly only half of something much greater, the aged circuitry visible to him through it baffling, he summoned a person who had achieved that.

A person who, in a world where every single person strove for the goal-

When the entire ecosystem was built around masters and legends, who overshadowed people like him-

Faced with dangerous criminals, arrogant beasts and a privileged rival-

Was quite simply-


The very best.

However, that did little to comfort the lowborn Magus, as he beheld his Servant. Looking like nothing more than an ordinary youth, dressed in what even seemed to be modern clothing in red-and-white, with a baseball cap as well.

The only thing, perhaps, that was remarkable about him, was his gaze. Steely brown-black eyes, firm, secure and supremely confident, looked back at his diffident Master.

"Servant! What class are you?" squeaked Waver, a combination of wanting to appear in charge and nervousness lending his voice an unfortunate tone.


Silence. The man seemed uninterested in responding to Waver. He stared at him, with those piercing eyes, and waited.

"What class are you?!"



"…" With a huff, the Servant turned away, clearly disappointed, and moved towards the exit.

Something struck Waver. Was he perhaps mute? That would be just perfect, considering he summoned a handicapped Servant. Although the number of Heroic Spirits who were mute – that ought to make it easy to narrow his identity down, or so the thinking went.

Waver sighed to himself. If the Servant were as handicapped on the field of battle as he was in the social sphere, he would find himself quickly out of contention.

Only the thought that Lord El-Melloi must have had a reason to have this relic kept him slightly hopeful.

"So, Waver Velvet," spoke the cruel tones of the man he had once called his teacher. "This is where you have run off too, like a good little mongrel, with the relic that should have been mine and the Servant with it."

In a blur, El-Melloi's Servant – and it was clearly a Lancer, with the twin lances he was holding attesting proudly to that – appeared in front of him and his Servant.

In burning shame, he realized he still didn't know his class, and the hope died.

His Servant calmly walked forward, until the two Heroic Spirits were facing each other across the empty clearing.

"I am Servant Lancer! Who do I have the honour of fighting?"

"…" Waver's Servant made no reply, although he touched the brim of his hat, perhaps in a gesture of respect or greeting.

"Very well." frowned the other man. "I shall make you tell me."

In a flash, he darted forward, his lance aimed straight at his foe's neck.

Waver's Servant smiled, grabbed something from his waist – a small part of Waver's mind noted the resemblance to his relic – and tossed it on the ground.

There was a flash of light-

And a mighty roar.

What blocked Lancer's path, and currently had his lance in grasp-

Was an orange dragon. Standing at perhaps ten feet in height, wings spread proudly from tip to tip, muscled hands ending in claws grappling with a surprised Lancer, and roaring in triumph – was what could perhaps understandably be described as a dragon.

And Waver's Servant smiled. He touched the brim of his hat again, and pointed forward. And Waver heard him speak, even without hearing his voice at all-


The dragon roared, and the surprised Lancer, who was stuck in close quarters with the beast – couldn't entirely react with his usual finesse as it opened its mouth and released a superheated barrage of flame at him.

Waver smiled. Perhaps things were looking up?

Of course, he thought to himself as he stared stupidly at the scene before him, I knew things won't look up for me ever.

They had forced Lancer to retreat, but soon had found themselves running into another, more fearsome Servant, the Golden King, King of Heroes, Gilgamesh himself.

To Waver, when the two men looked at each other, it was as if there was some instant tension between them.

Two men who were the singular best in their lifetimes. Instinctively, their aggression had risen to the forefront, their desire to prove their superiority causing an unavoidable confrontation.

Waver's Servant had spoken-but-not-spoken one word, "Blue.", smirked and joined the battle.

Marvellous beast after beast fought the King. From the roaring orange dragon (still injured from the previous fight), to superfast falcon-like beasts, even butterflies – and many in more exotic shapes.

It had been tough. It had been bloody. But the exhausted King of Heroes was now smirking at the edge of the field, Chains of Heaven held in his hand as they wrapped around the other Servant, the unconscious and wounded beasts kept out of the fray.

"You fought well."

Such praise from the King was a rarity in itself.

"Tell me your name, before I end you."

Waver's Servant smiled – grimaced – painfully, and spoke-but-not-spoke. "Red."

The King's eyebrow raised. "A fitting name for a mongrel." With that pronouncement, a sword appeared before him, pointed at Red's throat.

"One more thing." said Red, and this was the first time Waver had heard him speak on his own. "Pikachu."

A small, shimmering distortion appeared on Red's shoulder, barely two feet in height. Waver felt his heart leap- but then it revealed itself to merely be a small, yellow ratlike creature. Nothing as impressive, as ferocious as his past summons. The battle was clearly lost.

The mouse quirked its head, staring at the chains that led from Red's body to Gilgamesh's hands, and smiled.

"Pika pika?"

"You got it. PIKACHU-"

And then, for a second, another image overlaid Red, a younger boy, with innocent eyes and different clothes, but the same glint of determination in them, as the mouse emitted sparks from its cheeks and grabbed the chains in its hands-


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So...it's Red. I mean, surely I don't need to explain who Red is? If you need to know. oh boy, oh boy, your childhood must have been dull. This was inspired by a PM from zapdosloverz, and the fact that I recently saw a trailer for Sun and Moon - and you can fight Red in it. Blue too.

Class: Rider

Master: Waver Velvet

True Name: Red

Titles: The Champion

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: Exact details unknown

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: D

Endurance: C

Agility: D

Mana: D

Luck: A

Noble Phantasm: EX

Class Skills-

Riding - EX

The ability to ride mounts.

Rider, in his life, has ridden everything that could be classified as Phantasmal Beasts, Dragon-kind, and even Divine Beasts. Anything can be ridden.

Personal Skills-

Animal Dialogue- EX

The communication with animals that do not speak a 'language of words'

Although Rider's companions cannot be described as simple animals, particularly given they have a language and comprehend the human tongue, his unparalleled bond with his friends allows this skill to be the closest to what other people can understand it to be.

Collector- EX

The talent to collect 'high-quality goods'.

Again, Rider's skills are mislabeled to be close to his true exploits. Rider did not collect 'goods' – he would inform you that he was gathering 'companions'. However, he is in legend in his world for his skill at the same.

Noble Phantasms-

Pokemon Master "The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was": A

A Noble Phantasm of Rider's accomplishment in life. He was the unquestioned best in his world. It allows him access to all the Pokemon [equivalent to Phantasmal Beasts, and in some cases even Divine Beasts] that he captured over the course of his journey. They range in power and strength, and wield differing abilities and skills. All are fiercely loyal to Rider and will obey his every command.

Pikachu "True Companion from Journey's Beginning": EX

Although Pikachu is also a Pokemon, the bond between Red and his Pikachu goes far beyond mere friendship. Due to his care and talent, the Pokemon has grown strong enough to challenge and defeat even Legendaries of his world, and is the sole force for many of his memorable victories. It is, without question, his strongest companion, and staunchest as well. This qualifies it as a separate Noble Phantasm.