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Matou Kariya gasped for breath. Summoning Berserker had taken a lot out of him; Zouken – that old bastard – had smiled and said this meant he was a powerful Servant and for once Kariya hoped he was right. He had a daughter to save from a cruel fate.

Certainly, Berserker looked imposing. Completely garbed in dull green, modern-looking armour, his face obscured by a visor and towering over everyone, the man – well, he assumed it was a man – was certainly intimidating.

But more than his presence, it was how eerily silent he was that disturbed Kariya. He understood that most Berserkers tended to lose the ability to form coherent speech, but they at least made roaring noises, or bellowed their rage to the heavens. But this Servant was absolutely quiet, completely silent.

And yet, Kariya could tell, from the way he walked and clenched his fist as he observed Zouken: the rage bubbled in his Servant as well. It was there, seething and boiling beneath that veneer of absolute quiet. It merely waited, as if holding out for the perfect enemy to arrive, before the floodgates would burst.

He just hoped it wasn't indiscriminate when it did. Having a Berserker he could control relatively easily was a blessing he hadn't expected.

The rage didn't bubble out even when they met their first opponent, Kariya noticed. The Lancer that the pair had run into while seeking out Tokiomi's hero had brought the silent Berserker into fighting violently, but there was still that veneer that seemed to hold; that same feeling of a vast tide being restrained with difficulty.

Of course, none of this stopped Berserker from overwhelming Lancer.

To give credit where it was due, Kariya would admit that the Lancer was fast. For every shot that Berserker took – and by shot, he meant gunshot, because Berserker was apparently wielding modern weaponry he hadn't seen before – Lancer managed to dodge barely and attempt to strike back with this weapons.

He had seemed surprised that his weapon did not cut easily through Berserker's armour, which seemed to imply to Kariya that the armour was completely non-magical in its nature. He found that interesting.

However, sooner or later the Lancer would miss his dodge, and the wide sweeping bullets – or energy bolts, even – that Berserker fired would land. At first, it would only graze him, but eventually it could well cause serious injuries.

The master of Lancer had seemed to realize this as well, and his Servant soon withdrew; Kariya also had no interest in committing too heavily to find him, what with Tokiomi's Servant still in play, and they decided to allow him to retreat.

Through all this, Berserker simply punched a tree after Lancer left, shattering it completely – and then wordlessly followed Kariya without argument.

Kariya smiled wearily, as the pair finally ran into the mad Caster's lair after some searching. The Caster's indiscriminate murders had set the war to pause while he was dealt with, and Kariya meant to get this over with as quickly as possible before setting out to find Gilgamesh once more.

The mad caster grinned psychotically, screaming to the world that they would not take Jeanne away from him – and who, Kariya wondered, was Jeanne? - and summoned a spellbook to his hands.

Berserker watched, and waited.

Caster channeled his prana, opened the book – and Kariya visibly flinched, his feet unconsciously taking him a few steps back as what he could only describe as demons poured out of the book. They brought with them a permeating sense of wrongness, an aura that disgusted and weakened anyone who was in their presence -

And yet -

And yet Kariya found himself struggling to breathe under the effects of a completely different aura, one of BLOODLUST AND PAIN AND DEATH AND RAGE.

The gates had broken.

Berserker took a few steps forward, his rage an almost physical force that battered at his surroundings.

The demons screeched among themselves and – Kariya noticed with awe – started backing away.

Berserker took another step forward.

The demons paused, unsure and unwilling to fight a figure who gave their leaders nightmares.

Their hesitation was cut short, as Berserker – all guns abandoned – leapt straight into the swarm of demons.

They fought back as best they could, putting scratches and dents in the armour through sheer weight of numbers, even as more of them fell to the knives and fists of the killing machine among them.

For a brief second, the demons might have felt hope. Some of them were dying, but they had lives to spare and would seek a victory through attrition.

The hope died when Berserker thrust his hand through a demon's torso, ripped out its heart and crushed it in front of its eyes – and then, a red energy flowed from the corpse into Berserker, mending his armour and healing him.

The demons broke and ran.

They dissipated as best they could, running back to the depths the spellbook summoned them from, even as Berserker roared his disappointment.

Caster, pale and desperate, called upon the strongest demon he could.

It was a massive beast, easily the size of a towering skyscraper, furious and powerful, covered in a thick armor plated exoskeleton that left Kariya wondering how his Berserker would be able to damage it. The demon roared its defiance of the closest thing its kind had to a boogeyman.

Berserker's hands glowed. When the light dissipated, in his hands was the largest gun that Kariya had ever seen. Along its side were the letters: BFG 9000.

Kariya knew what it stood for as soon as he read it. How could he not? It was certainly a Big. F-king. Gun.

Berserker fired.

An explosive ball of green plasma detonated against the demon, tearing apart its exoskeleton and exposing its flesh to the world.

Berserker threw the gun aside. With bare hands and fiery rage, he rushed straight at the wounded and struggling beast.

And through all this, Kariya could hear one phrase, one endlessly repeating phrase, somehow sounding in his head: RIP AND TEAR.

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Class: Berserker

Master: Matou Kariya

True Name: Unknown


Sex: Male

Height/Weight: Exact details unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: A

Endurance: A

Agility: B

Mana: C

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills-

Mad Enhancement - EX

Raises parameters in exchange for mental capacities.

Berserker is a man fueled completely by the seething rage and hate he has for demonkind, and his desire to prevent any similar fate from befalling humanity. His Mad Enhancement will not activate unless facing someone or something that can be called 'demonic', and in that case will completely turn him into an unstoppable force, raising all basic stats by two ranks.

Personal Skills-

Absolute Right of Murder Over Demons- EX

The quality of being an existence which is completely honed to be the apex predator and executioner for a certain species. Similar to Primate Murder to humans.

Berserker is the most feared and unstoppable existence to anything demonic. His efficiency in dispatching them is unparalleled. Makes him nearly undefeatable against demonic attribute, and nearly invulnerable to any demonic attacks or magic.

Noble Phantasms-

Glory Kill "Baptism through Blood and Gore": C

If Berserker kills an enemy in melee combat or with a melee weapon, in a particularly bloody or cruel fashion, it heals him for an amount depending on the strength of the foe.

Night Sentinel "Watcher, Betrayer, Slayer": A

Grants Berserker access to the armour powered by Argent Energy, as well as all the weapons that he wielded during his one-man rampages through hell. These range from powerful chainsaws, to shotguns, to the BFG 9000, the strongest weapon of them all, capable of one-hit evaporating most targets.