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North reached Jack's room first and quickly flung the door open. They were greeted with the sight of Jack backed up in the corner, eyes glazed over with fever. He had a hand out in front of himself to stop Phil getting any closer, who looked at North pleadingly, his eyes begging that he fix Jack. Jack's cheeks were tinged with red and he coughed a little and trembled slightly, seemingly unsteady on his feet. When Tooth and Bunny arrived his eyes swivelled to the door before losing focus and rolling up towards his head. Phil made to grab him before he fell but Jack managed to lean against the wall and glare at Phil angrily. Baby Tooth was twittering worriedly behind Phil.

"D-don't touch me!" he snarled. Phil backed away with his hands in the air and looked at North again.

"Jack?" Tooth called from the doorway. "What's wrong honey? It's just us." She told him, slowly fluttering forward.

"Stay away from me!" he shrieked and pressed himself further into the wall. Tooth stopped her advance in surprise.

"What's wrong Jack?" Bunnymund asked worriedly. The poor boy looked frightened out of his wits and his eyes darted to each of their faces.

"W-who a-are you people? W-where am I?" he asked shakily.

"Jack, it's us? Tooth, remember? And that's Bunnymund remember?" Tooth said pointed to herself and the rabbit at her feet.

"And I'm North, son. You no remember us?" North scratched at his beard thoughtfully for a moment. "Maybe Pitch did something to his memories…"

"Pitch?!" Jack squeaked fearfully. "Do you know him? Is he here?" Jack asked frantically, eyes darting from the door to the window.

"It's ok. You're safe. Pitch can't get you here." North said assuredly. Jack seemed to relax a little, tense shoulders dropping a fraction, but the hostility didn't leave his eyes straight away. He noted how the small bird creature looked at him sharply and twittered at Tooth.

"Who are you people?" he repeated.

"We are your friends Jack. We are Guardians; we protect the children of the world. You are a Guardian also, the sp-

"Spirit of Winter, yeah I know. I just can't remember you guys."

"It's weird that you still remember Pitch though…" Tooth paused for a moment. "We are your friends and you are safe with us." She said firmly. He nodded slowly and dropped his hand.

"But why can't I remember you?" he asked in a small voice.

"We don't know mate. It must've been something that Pitch did to you. Speaking of which, why do you remember Pitch? What do you remember?"

Jack sat down onto the bed gingerly but all present knew better than to attempt to go near him at the moment. The hostility may have dissipated but they would have to work on the trust.

"The last thing I remember…was Pitch holding my staff. Speaking of which, where is it?" Jack asked worriedly.

"Oh crap…" Bunnymund mumbled to himself. "Ah mate. We left it on the sleigh. But you mustn't freak out when you see it." He told the young boy.

"We promise you we will fix it." Tooth added assuredly. Jack looked at her in surprise.

"I-It's broken?" he squeaked out in a tiny voice. His eyes widened in shock and he swallowed to keep from throwing up. His staff…it was everything to him. And now…it was broken. No wonder his stomach was throbbing so much. He absentmindedly rubbed at it before glancing up at North.

"Can I have it? Please?" he pleaded. North nodded and called to Phil and told him to get it from the sleigh.

"While Phil goes to get staff, tell us what you remember." North said. Jack nodded an indicated they could come inside. He had an overwhelming feeling that he could trust these…people, that he was safe here. The strange tiny bird thing flew towards Jack and fluttered by his face. He smiled at her gently and reached a hand to touch her. The small creature nuzzled his hand before settling on his shoulder and snuggling against his neck.

"Pitch was trying to get me to join him...and I gave him my staff for something…but I can't remember what for…" Suddenly Baby Tooth was in his face, twittering happily.

"What's she saying?" Bunnymund asked Tooth.

"She says that Jack swapped his staff for her. Oh Jack…" Tooth reached out towards him but managed to control herself in time. Baby Tooth carried on and Tooth turned her attention back to Baby Tooth for a moment before indicating to Jack.

"Baby Tooth says your memories are in…your pocket. If I may?" she gestured to his pocket and he reached in. His eyebrows raised when he felt something inside and he gently pulled the object out. It was a golden cylinder but he had no idea what it was so he passed it over into Tooth's outstretched hand. She gazed at it for a moment and turned it over in her hand.

"Is that….blood?" Bunnymund suddenly asked motioning to the golden memory keeper. Tooth gasped at the blood staining the object and her hand before lifting her eyes back to Jack in shock. He looked down at his stomach before pulling up his hoodie and revealing his stomach, blood oozing from under his bellybutton. He placed a trembling hand on his abdomen as if he could push the blood back into his body and looked up at North with fearful eyes before his world seemed to blur and his eyes rolled up into his head.

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