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Warning: L/Matsuda boy smut! Yay!

L dragged Matsuda through dozens of hallways. "Wh-where are we going, Ryuzaki?" He was struck by a sudden, horrible thought. "You're not going to through me off the balcony! That sounds terrifying, I don't want to do that!" L said nothing though, and continued to drag him. He led him to a large bedroom, where he shoved Matsuda inside and locked the door behind him.

Matsuda yelped as L stared at him. "Matsuda, you deserve to be punished." he pushed Matsuda onto the bed, where he scrambled into a fetal position. L, surprisignly gentle, pulled Matsuda's shoulders back and nudged his head to the side. He then leant over extreamly close, till his nosed brushed against Matsuda's neck. Matsuda blushed furiously, while his stomach went nuts because of L's closeness.

L then began to nuzzle Matsuda's neck. "Uh, Ryuzaki? What are you doing?" L quickly shushed him, before lightly kissing along his neck. Back and forth, back and forth the kisses went. Matsuda quickly forgot about his confusion amd leant back into L. L gently maneuvered them both so that Matsuda was almost sitting in his lap, but he could his back into L's chest as easy as he could whilst they were sitting.

As he was butterfly kissing Matsuda, L began to trace his fingers along Matsuda's shoulder and nipped along his collar bone instead, causing Matsuda to moan slightly. Liking this, L nipped harder, causing a louder moan. He nipped even harder and this time he tasted blood, but only slightly. L kissed and lightly ran his tongue over the mark he had left, as if in apology.

Matsuda wriggled and squirmed. He did his best, but he couldn't keep still as L assaulted his senses. He loved the feel of L's sugar stained lips running all over his neck, he wanted more. He leaned into L even further in an effort for more touch. L chuckled (for manly men also chuckle) and wrapped his arms around Matsuda's waist. His hands travelled along Matsuda's chest, pinching and squeezing some places, then trailing further down before gripping his hips and continuing with the drawing circles.

Matsuda shuddered and twisted so he could face L. Expecting a calm expression, he was shocked to see L's face flushed pink and swollen lips. Swollen lips that were just begging for Matsuda to kiss them. Matsuda leaned forward and pressed his lips forcefully to L's. He was right, they were sugar stained and tasted sweet. He ran his tongue over them, soaking up their taste. L was more than obliged and returned the favour, spreading his left hand through Matsuda's dark hair, gripping it tight. His other hand strokes Matsuda's back, from his neck down until his hand grabbed Matsuda's arse instead.

Pulling back, Matsuda said breathlessly. "So, uh, every time I mess up, this is going to be my 'punishment', right?"

"Yes," L murmered from Matsuda's shoulder, where he had resumed kissing. "But, this doesn't have to be a punishment. This can also be a...reward."

"A reward? For what?"

L looked him directly in the eye. "For being so beautiful. For being so funny. For being so helpful. For being so caring. For"

Matsuda looked at L's eyes for a little while. There were no lies in there, only the truth and utter adoration. He caught L by surprise when he wrapped his arms tightly around him and began to cry.

"Matsuda? What's wrong? I'm sorry, what did I do?"

"Thank you." he choked out.

"For what."

"For wanting me. No one's ever wanted me before. I'm always 'Stupid Matsuda' or 'Annoying Matsuda' or 'Good For Nothing Matsuda'."

L cupped Matsuda's face with both hands. "Matsuda, I will always want you. I promise."

"Thank you." Matsuda said, smiling through his tears. "I believe you."

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