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The last thing I saw before I went under was terra's face covered in a grin. I attempted to say something but ended up inhaling the mud. From there everything was just a large blank. I honestly think I died.

The next thing I was fully aware of was a pain in my chest. It didn't last and it came in counts of three. In between these sharp pains my lungs were forced to expand. My eyes wouldn't open, they were dried shut from the mud, and I couldn't breathe.

After a few more pains they started to spread out and I smiled in my bliss. Calm and free to float away.

A pain hit my chest so hard it made me vomit. I turned to my right as my eyes cracked open and I took in a ragged breath. I hacked and coughed just trying to get my throat clear enough to take in a full breath. Something was on my back but I ignored it. I managed to clear my lungs of the vile sludge and I laid they're taking in long deep breaths.

Suddenly something started dripping onto my neck. How could it only be raining in one place? I was so confused. I rolled over flat and the light pressure on my back disappeared.

Beast boy was there and he was crying. Thats were the rain was coming from. I tried to find my voice. 'Beast Boy?' I croaked. 'Whats wrong?'

I reached up to wipe a tear from his cheek. He smiled at me and chuckled without humor.
'You almost die and you ask me whats wrong?'

Without the strength to hold it up my hand fell back to the ground. I felt my face contort with confusion. 'I almost died?'

He looked at me shell-shocked. 'You don't remember?'

I shook my head no.

He took a deep breath. 'Terra betrayed us, I found you here covered in mud and not breathing.'

A couple images flashed over my memory; A floating grin, stone hands, and darkness.'

I tried to lean up but didn't have the strength and fell back. He caught me and placed a hand on the small of my back to hold me up. I put a hand to my head.

'I remember now I had just beaten overload and terra showed up, we fought, she got me angry, I lost control, and she dragged me under.'

Beast boy whimpered beside me and I turned to see him fully. He was covered in scratches and bruises and a fine layer of dirt covered his skin like dust. 'Im sorry Rae'

'For what?'

'You almost died and its all my fault!'

He cried again and I brought him to me. His arms wrapped themselves around my waist and he buried his head into my neck. I rubbed his back soothingly as he sobbed and whispered into his ear.

'Its ok beast boy, im alright. Well find the others and well make her pay for this.'

And I kept my word. When he calmed down we went in search of the others.

I grinned to myself as beast boy and I searched the tunnel for our friends don't worry terra, ill show you angry youve seen nothing yet

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