Pre-story A/N: Writing this mostly for my friend. Going to finish by her birthday, hopefully :D

Sorry if I butchered their personalities, but if you've read my previous KHR one, you'll know that I've never watched the anime or read the manga; I got most of the personality info from research and friends who have watched it.

This happens in a high school setting.

Taming the Dragon

Prologue: Cavalleria

The sun slanted into the bedroom, falling on the bodies of the two underneath the thick, warm blanket. Limbs entangled with each other, you can guess how the couple ended up in the night. If one drew the blankets back, you would be surprised to find not a male and a female, but two young teens of the male gender, curled up around each other.

As the light fell onto them, the dark haired male shifted in the bed, his form rolling underneath the wavy undulations of the messy blanket. He found his hand entangled in the golden hair of his companion and he looked down upon the other's sleeping features.

Why had he done this?

He didn't know, to be honest. As if on cue, the blonde teen awoke, opening his dark eyes to look up.

"So, Hibari, do I have to leave before your parents come home at noon?" he asked impudently, a slight grin on his face. Dino reached over to wrap his arm around Hibari's chest, pressing him close against his own.

"Stay awhile until then," Hibari muttered, turning his face away to hide a blush that crept up his cheek. His mind was still in a quandary: how had he, with his studious and quiet personality, gone off to spend a night with the most notorious womanizer in the entire school?

However, he couldn't help but smile as he felt Dino's soft breath on the back of his neck. Hibari turned so that he was facing the other teen and pressed his face into Dino's chest, smiling into the warmth and comfort of his embrace.

The universe was perfect for that moment.