The Secretive Valentine: Story 2 In The Jenny Series
By Jessie

Chapter 1: The War of The Boxes

Jimmy sat impatiently in his seat in Ms. Fowl's class, waiting for her to finish the end of the day announcements so he could go home and work on his inventions.
Today had been a very competitive day against Cindy Vortex for Jimmy. When Ms. Fowl had assigned everyone to bring in something to decorate so they could put their valentines in for tomorrow, most kids had brought in the usual brown bag, a few brought in a shoebox, Jimmy and Cindy went a little different.
Cindy's box was tin and beautifully decorated with perfectly drawn and cut hearts, real flowers that smelled as sweet as French vanilla ("Did you sneak into the boys' locker room and scout for old gym socks Cindy?" Jimmy comments, since boys don't really like the smell of vanilla.) there was glowing glitter all over the box, and to top it off, Cindy had managed to do a little inventing and add an automatic candy giver for anyone who put a valentine into her box.
"Oh, so this year your going into bribing to get valentines, eh Vortex?" Jimmy snickered.
Cindy, and the rest of the girls in the room glared at Jimmy.
"I think that's the coolest valentines day box I've ever seen Cindy!" Libby commented.
Cindy smiled again, "Why thank you Libby," Cindy turned her head to Jimmy and said, "I'd like to see you have anything better Neutron!"
Jimmy smiled, "Well, in fact, I have two inventions that whip the floor of your silly girly box." Cindy's snorted slightly in a girlish way and crossed her arms, as if daring him to be better than her.
Jimmy took out a remote control, and jingled his fingers a bit and pressed a button, only a second later, a little box that was on Jimmy's desk popped open, it was medal with red and white lights surrounding it, and a sign popped up saying 'Happy Valentines Day' and saying a few comments to anyone who faced it.
Jimmy faced in front of it, and the machine said, "Hey there Mr. Genius! Looking fine today!" Jimmy grinned at Cindy, her jaw had almost fallen, but she controlled herself and turned it into a smarty remark, "Oh, I get it, invented something that will say nice stuff about you, well, at least something was able to say it, although I'm shocked anything could really say you look fine." The girls laughed at this remark, and Jimmy ignored her, and pressed a different button on his remote, revealing the second box on his desk turning into a robot.
"This is Val, he will be delivering my valentines tomorrow while I talk to my friends. He has memorize everyone's seating order and gives valentines in an alphabetical order." Jimmy turned to see Cindy's reply, but she simply rolled her eyes, finding no mean remark to say to him for once, like Jimmy was really going to giver her a valentine.
"Well, I expect this 'Val' to not come any where near my desk, I'm afraid candy is only available for people who personally deliver their valentines the old fashioned way." Cindy turned back in her seat in a huff with her arms crossed and nose in the air.
Jimmy rolled his eyes and turned back forward in his seat.
Carl whispered to Jimmy, "That's really cool Jim. The robot thingy and box, and I think you have another one ahead on Cindy."
Jimmy turned his head slightly over to Cindy and shrugged, then, with out another word, pressed a button on his remote and the robot and box instantly turned into normal medal cubes again on his desk. Jimmy stuffed them to the side in his backpack.

The rest of the day wasn't as bad, and Jimmy and Cindy hadn't talked to each other, let alone annoy each other for the rest of the day, even though everyone complimented each of them on their boxes and Jimmy's robot every ten minutes.
As soon as Ms. Fowl dismissed them, Jimmy realized he still had a few cards left to write. Lets see, the last card he wrote was to Tommy Voldemort (inside joke for Harry Potter fans there), lets see, next was Cindy Vortex. Did he really want to waste his time writing a valentine that would eventually be thrown away, probably at first glance on who sent it. Jimmy shrugged, this was to be decided at home, not yet now.