Just a fun small fic. I was going to put this in with Ready set play but it seemed like such a better idea to have it as a stand-alone story. Only going to be a short fic about 3-5 chapters. Enjoy!

Letty's POV

I scowled as I watched Dom flirt with the chasers surrounding him. Lately it had been getting worse and I was getting anxious. A feeling I wasn't used to feeling when it came to our relationship.

"It's disgusting. I mean I know he's not the brightest crayon in the box but surely even he can see that it upsets you." I turned to Mia and smiled slightly.

"You'd think." I said simply holding back my emotions.

"I know he's my brother and I love him I do but right now I want to strangle him." I gave a small laugh and patted Mia's arm.

"Join the club." I muttered quietly as I walked towards my car waiting for Mia to join me. The races were over. It was one of those rare nights that the police didn't interrupt.

"Are you at least going to say something to him?" She asked getting into the car as we cast a look in Dom's direction. He was watching us as we got in the car and he in his. Mia gave him a wave and he nodded as we all started to pull out and head back to the fort.

"What's the use Mia? In all honesty this is him, nothing I say is going to change that."

"Boys suck." She voiced simply causing us both to giggle about it.

"Boys do suck. You know just once I wish I could behave like a boy you know? Go out whenever I want to, not answer messages, not ring back… the list is endless." I muttered and Mia giggled once more making me smile.

"It would be interesting."

"Yes it would." I said before I frowned noticing Dom and the boys honk and then turn in a completely different direction to the house.

"Where the hell are they going?" I asked out loud as I continued home.

"I think we just got ditched." Mia mumbled and I tensed my jaw feeling annoyed with Dom.

"Letty what are you doing?" She asked as I searched my pockets for my phone. Finding it I held it up as I flipped it open and speed dialed Dom's mobile. Holding it to my ear I continued to drive but I growled in anger when it went rang out.

"He is driving." Mia explained weakly as I threw my phone onto her lap. I scowled and gave her a look.

"When has that ever stopped him? He's just ignoring me." I muttered and Mia sighed sadly.

"I say we drown our sorrows with a girly night." She said with no room for discussion. I held back my groan but then I thought about it and agreed. As long as I was drinking I didn't care what else Mia had in store for me.

"Still no luck?" Mia asked sadly as I slammed my phone closed yet again for what seem like the hundredth time in the past hour. No one was answering my calls and I was growing more furious as the minutes ticked by.

"No." I snapped as I tossed the phone onto the bed.

I was in my room where I had gone not long after arriving home. Mia had stayed downstairs doing something while I had spent the last hour ringing number after number, time and time again but I got nothing. I swear I had easily filled Dom's inbox with voice messages and even more in normal texts.

"I don't think he'd ever cheat Let." Mia said softly and I sighed heavily.

"Neither do I but I just get so…. frustrated when he does this. I had plans for tonight." I said moodily as I glanced at the clock. It was well after midnight and I knew he wouldn't be returning home until the early hours of the morning.

"You know what you need?" She asked me as she turned her head to the side looking me over.

"What?" I asked grumpily not in the mood for games.

"Come." I groaned grabbing my phone but followed the younger Toretto out of the room and into her's.

"Sit I'll be back."

"Mia." I groaned as I feel back on her bed.

"Relax, I'll be two minutes. Now stay." She warned as she walked out of the room. I could hear her footsteps on the stairs and then her looking through the kitchen but I tuned it out as I sat up. With one glance at my phone I pushed it aside and grabbed the next nearest thing. Mia's girly magazines. I made a face but flipped it open as I skimmed the pages looking for something to hold my attention but it came up empty.

"Shots!" Mia announced excitedly as she walked back into the room. I was still sitting on her bed flipping uninterestedly through the magazines but I smiled welcoming the idea of alcohol. Tossing the magazine to the side I held my hand out for the shot glass.

"I hope you brought more than that. Cos it ain't going to last long." I said eyeing the bottle in her hand.

"There's another couple downstairs. Don't worry we have plenty." She said grinning as she poured out our shots.

"To us." I laughed at her cheesy toast but clinked my glass with hers before downing the shot.

"Hit me again Mia, we're in for a long night." I said and she grinned pouring out another shot then another.

"Music time it is then." She said laughing as she flicked on her stereo.

"Okay so I've been thinking…" Mia said and I looked at her interestedly.

"Oh?" I asked looking at her. We were far from drunk but we had a nice happy buzz going on. It numbed some of the pain I was feeling seeing as Dom still had to call back or message e as to where he was.

"Well a song that was on before kinda gave me the idea. You know how you said you wished you could behave like a boy?" I nodded slowly wondering where she was going with this.

"Mmmm… Where are you going with this?" I asked.

"Well we both agree Dom needs to realize what's in front of him right?"

"Right." I agreed quietly still trying to understand what her plan might involve.

"Well I may just have an idea on how to do that and even more a few willing friends that could help out." I calculated her for a moment before downing a shot. Placing the shot glass on the floor beside me I looked back at her thoughtfully as she sat waiting for my answer. Mia had a knack for putting evil plans together and they almost always worked out.

"Okay you have me intrigued… I'm listening. What is it?" I asked wondering what it was exactly she had in store. She smirked and immediately I knew this was going to be interesting.

"Let's reverse the roles shall we?"


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