Letty's POV

It had been a week since I had spent the whole night out and Dom was still pretty sore about it. Especially since Mia and I kept talking about our night out but clamed up every time someone asked us who our friend was. Wandering off at the races every Friday and Saturday wasn't helping either. I smirked to myself as I remembered the events that happened after I woke up.

I blinked groggily trying to remember where I was but being pulled closer to a certain body made me remember. I looked up carefully at Dom knowing he was still going to be mad but he could live with it.

"Hi." He said softly as he ran a hand through my hair.

"Hi. How long have we been asleep?" I asked as I shifted onto my other side so I could face him. His hands travelled up my shirt and rested on the small of my back pulling me closer so there was no space left between us. I threw my leg over Dom's hip and he ran a hand over it lightly.

"A while… How's your head?"

"Fine now."

"Good cos you owe me." He said as he looked fully at me and my breath caught in my throat as he pulled me to him roughly. I groaned as his body covered mine and I moaned as I eagerly kissed him back.

"Do I just?" I mumbled as we pulled away slightly and he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Yes. Damn it Let you promised an early night." He said annoyed.

"I just lost track of time. I did tell you not to wait up."

"Letty I couldn't sleep, I wasn't going to sleep until you were home safe. You should've called me… at least tell me that you weren't going to make it home. I would've come and got you." He stressed and I sighed looking at him properly.

"Dom you're over reacting."

"I'm over reacting? My girlfriend has spent the entire night out with some guy she won't tell me anything about and stayed the night at his place and I'm just supposed to be okay with that? No I'm not fucking over reacting Letty and I'm definitely not fucking okay with it either." He snapped before he got up walking into the bathroom slamming the door behind him. I couldn't help it as I rolled onto my stomach and laughed as quietly as I could into my pillow. I heard the door open and someone jump on the bed. I looked up and Mia wore a huge smile on her face as we both started to laugh again.

"Shhhh he'll hear." She tried but it wasn't any use we were both too far gone listening as the shower flicked on.

"We are going to get hell for this when the truth comes out." I said smiling and she nodded happily.

"But you got to admit this is SO worth it."

"Oh yeah." I said grinning.

"Why are you looking so happy?" Mia asked as she walked up to me. I was working on the furthest car in the garage so there was no one around to eaves drop.

"Thinking about the other day after we stayed out all night." I said smiling and she smirked back.

"That went perfectly… and the races he's getting so worked up." She smiled glancing at Dom who was in the office as we spoke. He was pointedly ignoring us both and had been for the last day or so. Our latest night out as a family had really gotten on his nerves.

"Where are you going?" Dom demanded as I finished getting ready. I gave him a smile and turned to him.

"Out with Mia."

"Not by yourselves you're not." He snapped and I sighed but thought of an idea at the last minute.

"Okay well come with us then." I said suggestively as I pulled him closer using his belt loops. He looked down at me amused but clearly still ticked off.


"Just to the local club." I said fingering his belt as I looked up at him.

"And if I say no?" I let his belt go and took a step back but he grabbed me halting my movement.

"Then we'll just go by ourselves." I said and he shook his head stubbornly.

"I'll come… we'll go out as a family."

"Fine by me." I said placing my hands back on his jeans.

"If you're going to hold out stop teasing." He growled and I smiled up at him.

"Behave tonight and I'll stop holding out." I whispered into his ear as his hands gripped my arse.

"That a promise?"

"Uhuh." I said smiling as he pulled me into a kiss. I kissed him back eagerly and let out a squeak as he pushed me against the nearest wall.

"Maybe I don't want to behave tonight. Maybe I don't even want to wait." he whispered as he looked down at me hotly and I mewed almost silently but his grin let me know he heard.

"We've got a little while before have to leave… I might be able to do something." I said breathlessly.

"No… I'll wait. Come tonight you better be ready." He growled nipping me ear gently before continuing down to my neck.

"Believe me I'm ready." I sighed quietly listening to him chuckle as he pulled away.

"Tonight." He stated and I nodded as he kissed me passionately one last time before moving away from me for good. I smiled slightly as I leant heavily against the wall.

'Don't get distracted Letty.' I thought as I pushed away and continued to get ready.

"Wow check out the women." Leon whistled.

"No thanks." I snorted making Mia and Dom laugh.

"Want a drink baby?" Dom asked. Since leaving the car his body was tightly wrapped around mine and I shared a smirk with Mia.

"Sounds good." I said smiling up at him as he lead me to the bar ordering two coronas. Across the bar I spotted three certain girls who all sent me a wink before looking away and I shared another grin with Mia. Evil little minx she was.

"Here you go baby." He said passing me one and I took it with a smile. As a group we sat by the bar for a little while before Leon, Jess and Vince parted ways off to find a girl for the night.

"Back in a second okay?" Mia said over the music and I nodded watching as she made a bee line for the bathroom but at the last minute she changed routes and met up with the girls.

"Alone at last… wanna dance?" He purred into my ear while his hand skimmed up my thigh.

"Maybe." I stated grinning and he glare playfully as he leant further into me before we were interrupted by the bar tender.

"These are for you and the pretty brunette. He said to say thanks for the other night and he'll catch up with you next time he's in town." I thanked the bar tender and looked at the two cocktails in front of me.

'Oh Mia you devil.' I thought as I subtly met Lacey's eye across the bar.

"Back… what did I miss?" Mia asked and I pushed a cocktail her way while she acted surprised.

"Who?" I just gave her a look and she grinned before casting a look at Dom. Glancing at Dom for the first time since the interruption I saw his darkened look and gave him a small smile.

"Dom it's nothing." I said and he glared at me.

"What the hell was that meant to mean?" He demanded quietly and I sighed.

"Come on Dom don't wreck this. So a friend bought us a drink so what? Come on I'll share it with you…" I sang and he scowled pushing the drink away from us.

"Thanks but no thanks. Mia tell the bar tender to take it back, we're going to dance." He said as he pulled me up and across the room. I sent a backwards wink to Mia and she was laughing silently as she looked towards Lacey, Kim and Steph.

"Why are you so uptight?" I asked but gasped as he pulled me to him suddenly.

"You know why. Who the fuck does this friend of yours think he is?" He growled as we swayed to the music.

"Dom you really are reading too much into this." I said over the music and he growled again turning me around so my back was to his front.

"Really?" He said and I gasped as he ground into me from behind.

"Really." I said weakly.

"If I ever find out who he is…. He's a dead man." He warned before he and I really started dancing.

It took only a couple of minutes in before Dom's anger and our need got too much to bear and I turned around clinging to him.

"Take me home." I begged quietly and he said nothing only took my hand and led me to the exit. I saw him nod to Vince in Mia's direction and he nodded in understanding before Dom pulled me outside. The walk from the front of the club to his car seem so long but once we were there I got in waiting for him to do the same before we started driving. I felt the tension in the car and I wondered if we were even going to make it home but he answered that question when he suddenly pulled over in a secluded spot and stopped the engine. I had barely any time to think let alone open my mouth before he had me out of my seat belt and in his lap.

"I can't wait that long." He muttered before his lips were on mine. We lurched backwards suddenly taking me by surprise as he lowered the seat but I pushed it out of my mind as we continued. All I could think was thank god I had chosen to wear a skirt.

"Soooo you changed the pass code on your phone right?" She asked pulling me from my wayward thoughts.

"Yep did it last night while he was in the shower." I said quietly.

"And you changed the girls contacts to a random guys names?"

"Yep. So far Shawn, Luke and Kyle have called me three times a day every day for the past week." I grinned and she giggled.

"Right well where is it?"

"It's in the office with Dom." I said smiling.

"This is going to be fun."

"This is going to make him lose it completely." I said and she nodded.

"Hello ladies can I help you?" Vince asked smoothly and I looked up sending a smile to the girls as they walked in.

"We're here to see Letty and Mia."

"Oh well just go straight through then." He said dejectedly.

"Hey Let, Mia."


"Wow talk about explosive the other night…" Kim giggled to me quietly and I smirked as I caught Vince's watchful eye.

"Yeah I know. Worked like a charm wouldn't you say?" I whispered and they laughed.

"So we good to go?" Lacey said loudly to Mia and she nodded. They all sent me a secret smile as I said goodbye to them.

I went back to work listening carefully for the storm to hit. I heard my phone go off once and then stop letting me know it was just a text.

"Let you pho-" I hid my smile as I heard his yell cut off having no doubt looked at my phone.

"It's probably just my mum Dom, leave it I'll get it later." I called back and I was met with silence at first before he spoke again.

"Yeah… it's just her." He said slowly and I knew he was reading what he could see of the message.

I listened carefully as I worked my smile growing with each message that came in throughout the day. I heard the muttering start and the slamming of a draw and knew the end was starting.

"Hey Dom we good to break for lunch? Vince has just gone to grab it." I asked as I walked to the office. The look he sent me was one of fury but he gave me a sharp nod so I walked in and grabbed my phone. I unlocked my phone and had to bite my tongue as to not laugh at these messages.

Shawn received 8:43 am-

Hey still good for tonight? Meet at the usual place?

Kyle received 9:15 am-

Hey baby how's work?

Luke received 10:02 am-

Baby any chance you could have another look at my car tomorrow night? It needs a bit of a helping hand again.

Shawn received 12:36 am-

Let any chance we could meet earlier?

I replied to them all playing along with their little game aware that Dom was watching me and hadn't yet moved.

"What's wrong?" I asked him as I locked my phone again and sat it on the desk as I sat on the edge.

"Who were the rest from?" He asked and I just smiled at him.

"Just mum, worrying about her little girl… you know how she is." I lied giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll go see if Vince is back with lunch yet." I said as I stood and walked out almost running into said person.

"Was just coming to find you." I said and he smiled handing me mine and Dom's lunch.

"Beat you to it." He taunted playfully while I stuck my tongue out at him and walked back to Dom who was staring murderously at the desk where my phone sat.

"You sure you're okay?" I asked handing him his lunch.

"Fine." He said stiffly.

Another two message came through while we sat having lunch Dom not even looking in my direction just glanced at the phone and turned away again. I coughed to cover my laugh and he spared me a sideways glance as I read the messages.

"I'm going back to work. Do you need any help?" I asked throwing all my rubbish in the bin.

"No. I'm good." I nodded and left going back to work as I watched out of the corner of my eye him sit there completely still. I laughed silently to myself finding this so funny despite the fact I knew he was going to kill me once this was over.

"Letty." I looked up at Vince and nodded.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Dom said your phone's ringing."

"Oh um… just let it ring out." I said playing nervous.

"Righto…" He said giving me a confused look before going in to relay my message to Dom.

Dom's POV

"What's wrong…you look pissed."

"Her phone's been going off all day and it's been sitting right next to me. I can see the names and part of the messages and she keeps lying and says they're from her mum. They're from three different guys." I growled and Vince frowned.

"Dom it's probably nothing."

"Then why lie? She's hiding something." I muttered as her phone went off yet again and I looked up at Vince as he looked at the name flashing across the screen.

"Answer it."

"What?" I asked.

"Answer it. She won't know." I paused before picking it up as I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked looking at Vince and all I heard was a quiet 'fuck' on the other end before it went dead. I held the phone away from my ear as I looked at before looking at Vince and he frowned now angry as well.

"Check her messages… you know her code." He said and I sat forward in the chair as I punched in the code only to be denied access.

"What the fuck?" I muttered as I tried again thinking I might have hit a wrong number but it again told me it was wrong.

"What?" Vince asked as I looked at him.

"I can't get in. She's changed it." I said in disbelief and he frowned taking it off me as he tried twice.

"So what are you going to do?" He asked and I turned to glare at Letty through the small office window.

"Dom… think carefully man." He warned but I was too furious to think as I got up and stormed out the door.

"Letty." I shouted as I walked out and I saw her look up surprised at my outburst.

"What? What's wrong?" She asked looking around.

"This is what's wrong." I hissed holding up her phone and she frowned.


"Why the fuck have you changed your code? And while we're at it who the fucking hell are Shawn and Luke and whatever the fuck the other guys name is? They've been texting you all fucking day and you keep lying about it even though your phone is fucking sitting next to me. Tell me what the fuck is going on NOW because I am through with this shit!" I thundered and everything was silent for a moment before she started laughing.

I watched her furiously as she laughed and I heard Vince mutter 'what the hell?'

"Are you serious? You're laughing. Letty this isn't a joke, I want an answer and I want it now. Tell me what the fuck is going on…. Are you cheating on me?" I demanded as she calmed down and she sent me an amused look.

"Actually I think it's pretty funny." She said walking towards me but she ignored my question.

"Well I'm glad you think it is because I don't. Now answer me… are you?" I yelled hurt and anger shining through in my voice.

"Before I answer that, can I ask you something first?" She said seriously and glared.

"Letty stop fucking me around okay? I just want a fucking answer."

"And you'll get one… just answer me this."

"Fine what?" I demanded.

"This is familiar isn't it?" She asked.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I snapped.

"This conversation… we've had it before. Does it ring any bells?" She asked standing her ground as she smirked at me and right now I wanted nothing more than to wipe it off her face but I wouldn't ever hit her or a woman for that matter.

"Letty I'm not going to play games with you." I shouted as I hit the car next to me.

"Answer the question Dominic." I sighed and thought back. Yes it sounded familiar. A couple of months ago she had accused me of the same thing after I changed my code because I had found out a chaser knew it.

"Yes but-"

"And the all night partying… you do it all the time. Well you used to until just recently." She stated and I frowned wondering where she was going with this.

"Yes but I-"

"And the random girls at the bar buying you drinks and trying to get you to dance with them…"

"Letty I-"

"And what about the races? You're always surrounded by girls, they give you their numbers and they flirt and feel you up and you don't do much about it." She stated and I frowned as things started clicking into place.

"Okay…yes. Where are you going with this?" I asked quietly and she grinned.

"You do all that while I sit at home and wonder who you're with… where you are… when are you coming home…" I watched her as she stared at me and I knew. She had played me.

"You mean to tell me for the past three- four weeks you've planned this whole thing watching me get angry and jealous just to prove a point?" I demanded and she sent me a smile.

"Yep." She said simply and I sighed shaking my head at her.

"And you my dear brother fell for it hook, line and sinker. How did you like a taste of what you dish out?" I turned to Mia as she and her three friends from earlier came back in and I put everything together.

"Dom meet Shane, Kyle and Luke." Letty said quietly as she hugged me from behind.

"Otherwise known as Steph, Kim and Lacey." Mia said laughing and I listened as everyone else joined in looking at me waiting for my reaction.

"You lot are evil." I muttered still annoyed but now understanding. It felt pretty shitty to be on the receiving end so I now I knew how Letty felt every time I went out and came home in the early hours of the morning. Not to mention everything else.

"We got you good." Kim said laughing.

"Dom man they played that well." Vince said and I sighed turning my head downwards to Letty.

"So in answer to your question no I'm not cheating." She laughed and I glared at her making her smile drop.

"You better start running because when I've dealt with these four I'm coming for you." I said deathly quiet and she gulped letting me go quickly.

"You got admit it was funny." Mia tried as I stormed towards her and her friends as they backed away.

"Not yet I don't. Do you have any idea how worried I've been for weeks?" I demanded as I charged at Mia making her squeal along with all her friends as they bolted from the shop and into the back.

"VINCE HELP!" I heard Vince laughing along with the rest. The other three girls fleeing onto the street as I advanced on Mia.

"Oh no, no one is helping you now." Vince yelled back as I caught Mia and threw her over my shoulder.

"No Dom don't. You wouldn't hurt your little sister."

"I wouldn't if she was sweet but she's evil so yeah I would.' I said smirking as I dropped her in the large tray of paint we had sitting in the workshop. Vince and Leon were howling with laughter and Jess went to Mia's aid to help her stand.

"Dom you've ruined my clothes!" She yelled at me and I turned to find Letty after I was done and she stopped laughing at Mia seeing me advancing on her.

"Dom… Dom baby come on. We're even." She tried as she ran from me but I shook my head and cornered her.

"Even… I don't think so." I said as I managed to grab her and walk towards the paint now that Mia was out with the help of Jesse.

"Dom don't you dare you put me down right this minute." Letty laughed and I paused above it.

"Down you say… I think I can do that." I said as I let her go. I smirked down at her while everyone else laughed as Letty glared at me from her spot in the paint.

"Now help me out." She snapped and I offered her my hand which she took but I should have seen the warning glint she had her eyes as she yanked me down with her and I landed in the paint as well.

"Okay now we're even." I laughed as I looked at her. I wiped paint away from her face and she did the same with me as I pulled her closer.

"I'm sorry." I whispered looking at her honestly while we ignored the laughs from everyone else as they helped Mia clean up.

"I'm sorry too… but it was fun." She grinned and I shook my head smiling.

"Never again Let… you know I never meant to hurt you."

"I know, I'm sorry for hurting you but you just fell for it so easily. It really was fun."

"I know something that's even more fun." I hinted quietly as I leaned towards her and she smiled claiming my lips immediately. My hands found her body and I pulled her closer as we kissed. Both of us fighting for dominance not willing to let the other win.

"Guys get a room."

"Leave them, I'm going home to get changed." Mia muttered and I felt Letty grin like me but we continued kissing one another as we sat in the paint not caring as we heard them all close up and leave.

"Now that we're alone let's get you in the shower so I can dirty you up a little more before we get cleaned." I whispered as the roar of the teams cars faded.

"Sounds like a plan." She joked and I laughed as I stood and helped her up as we quickly ran to the bathroom in the shop leaving blue footprints everywhere.

"Now where were we?" I asked as I shut the door and looked at her hungrily.

"Let me remind you." she purred.



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