Title: A Tale Of An Eevee & Two Trainers Re:ReMake
By: Sissy

Disclaimer: Pokémon belongs to Game Freak and companies. All I own here are three characters.
A/N: Re-written in order to fix all the little mistakes from way back when. I hope everyone enjoys it nonetheless. I just saw, but this is apparently from '00 (SO OLD!)(It says '02 but that's when I passed it to the computer.). Ah, how young and naïve I was back then.

Prologue: The Discovery

Along the path to Ice Cave walks a young trainer. His adventure has not finished, it's only getting started. By his side is his most trusted companion; an Eevee. From afar he sees a group of people, looking militarily organized. They get closer, ever silently, to see what's happening. This is another part of being on an adventure, the boy thinks.

"Listen up you grunts! Our leaders may be gone, our history may be tarnished but we, as Team Rocket members, will never give up! Remember our failures from five years ago! Remember our mistakes from two years ago! Don't forget! We WILL make our comeback! We WILL take our revenge!" He hears a man addressing the group.

Frightened by these words, the young trainer knows that these are not people he could confront on his own. Proper backup must be called; and by that, he means the authorities.

"Let's get out of here Eevee! Before they notice us!" He addresses his companion, who nods in agreement. It knew as well that they were watching something sinister.

Turning around, the trainer came face to face with a member of the group he had been watching. He yelped in surprised and tried to escape but the enemy in front of him was faster. With quick thinking, the trainer ordered his Eevee to escape and although it did not want to, it followed his instructions.

"What do you want us to do with him, boss?" The Rocket member asked their current leader.

"Take him to one of the cells. He'll be with us a while." The leader answered with a grin.

"And his Eevee? It escaped."

"Leave it. Without its master, there's nothing one Eevee can do to us."

With those words, the trainer was taken away and locked up. But the boy did not lose hope. Soon enough, his companion found him. That was because the two shared a trusted bond.

"You weren't seen, were you?" He asked the Eevee and it shook its head, very proud of itself. At this, the trainer couldn't help but smile. He really trusted his companion. "I want you to listen carefully Eevee. You're going to have a tough journey on your own to get help, alright?"

Attentively, the Eevee listened to his commands on what route to take back and where to hand the message he was writing. Once he wrote on the piece of paper he got from his backpack, the boy tied it to his Eevee's collar and smiled.

"Good luck and be careful, alright? I trust you." He pet his companion's head with a care and watched it run out of the cell. Now he could only pray it got to the right hands.

"Boss! It's that brat's Eevee!" The screamed caused a small alarm to ring out.

"Capture it! Don't let it get away!" The trainer knew they had seen the message around the collar and waited for good news.

And it soon arrived when the Rocket members arrived at his cell with an angry look in their eyes. They would have their revenge on the boy but he would not lose hope. His companion had gotten away. And it would run and run until the message was delivered to the right hands.

Because he had their trusted bond between them.

To Be Continued…