The Stroke of Midnight

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Present Day

10:30 pm

I can't believe this atomsphere right now. I can't believe that I am standing here in Times Square on New Year's Eve. I had heard people in London talk about how much fun it is to come and watch the ball fall. So why not check it out myself. I had to admit the site was fun and full of life. The sounds were awesome, and the lights were okay. I mean Fred and George could have done an even better job then this. Here I am standing in a crowd of people watching The Neon Trees sing and loving it. I look around and notice that all the people around me were in a festive mood full of excitement and love. The only problem here is that I wasn't one of these people. I am here trying to nurse a broken heart. I wanted to forget him. I wanted to forget Draco. That is why I am here in New York to start the New Year with a fresh outlook.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and noticed that it was a message from Draco.

Love please let me explain. At least tell me that you are okay?

I shook my head and placed my phone back in my pocket. I just couldn't deal with him right now. There was a part of me didn't want to forget him, but the other part did. I would love to forget the last couple of months. Wait let me back it up to the last six months.

Six months ago

The war had been over for over a year and we all decided to go back to Hogwarts for our last year. We had graduated earlier in the day so now we were all in the common's room of the Heads suites celebrating.

"I can't believe," Harry said standing up and raising his glass to make somewhat of a toast. "That this will be the last time that we will all together."

"Love," Ginny said standing up beside of him. "It's not like we are never going to see each other again. We just won't see each other every day."

"She's right," I said putting my glass down. "It's not like I'm dead. I'm just going to the unviersity."

"Yeah," Ron said taking long enough from snogging Lavender to speak. That's right shortly after the war ended Ron and I decided that it would be best that we just remain friends.

"Potter," I heard someone say coming into the common's room. At one time that voice did nothing but send chills down my spine. Now it sends butterflies to my stomach.

"Draco," Harry said shaking his hand. Harry and Draco become friends after the war escpecially since Harry stood up for him and his mother at the trails. Draco was different and I got to know the real him. I mean he was Head Boy and I was Head Girl so we spent a lot of time together. "Join us for a drink."

"Okay," he said grabbing a cup and started to talk with Harry.

It wasn't long before everyone left for night to finish packing there stuff. After telling everyone goodbye I headed to the window to look at the view once more.

"I'm going to miss this," he said coming up behind me.

"I know," I replied and shievered just a little.

"Here," he said taking off his light jacket and wrapping it around my shoulders. "Put this on while I start the fire."

"Thanks," I manged to get he starting the fire I cleaned up everyones glasses. I couldn't help but watch him. Damn he looked good standing there by the fireplace. Once it got warm enough I took the jacket off. "Here you go."

"I want you," he said refusing to take the jacket. Did he want me like I wanted him. "I want you to keep it. I want you to have something to remember me by. I want you to remember this year and not all the bad things about me."

"I will," I answered him smiling. Then it hit me since he gave me something. I wanted to give him something in return. "Wait right here."

"Ok," he said giving me a confused look. I ran up to my room and over to a stack of books that I hadn't packed yet. Grabbing the one in the middle I headed back down the stairs to the common's room.

"Here," I said handing him the book. "I want you to keep this to remember me by."

"I can't," he said when he noticed what book it was. "Hermoine this is favorite book."

"I know," I told him resting my hand on his arm. I looked up into those silver eyes of his and wanted to get lost forever. "It is true that Wuthering Heights is my favorite book of all time. I want you to have it."

"Thank you," he said pulling me towards him and hugging me. I couldn't help but wish that this moment would never end. When we eventually pulled apart he leaned over and kissed my cheek. "I'll never forget you."

Before I could say anything else he walked off to his room. When I heard his door shut I went on to bed myself. The next morning when I got up he was already gone. I was upset because I didn't get to say goodbye. I also believe that there was a reason why. I just don't know the reason yet.

Present Day


"One hour until midnight," the guy on stage said. The crowd was getting louder with each passing minute. I have spent many New Year's Eve in London watching the clock strick midnight at Big Ben. This was a whole new adventure for me. If you told me that over a million people come to this one location for this one night I would have laughed. After coming here and seeing it for myself. I would agree with anyone who said this. Before coming here I watched videos of some of the performers and they were good. To actually see them in person is a whole lot better. As the next band was setting up on stage I felt my phone vibrate again. Pulling it out and looking at it I noticed that it was another text from Draco. When will he give it a rest.

Please love she didn't mean anything to me. You are the one that I love.

Just as I was about to put it back into my pocket it went off again. This time it was a text from Ginny.

Hope that you are having fun. Love ya! Miss ya!

Thanks I will. Love and miss ya too

After I sent her text I put my phone back into my pocket. The next band was ready to perform and I was ready to enjoy more music.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the guy on stage said. "I give you Train."

They started to sing Imagine and it made me think of Draco once again. This time it was when he surprised me at the university.

Two months ago

I was leaving freshman potions with my lab partner Danny one day about our report. He was tall, dark, and handsome from what my roommate would say. To me he was nothing but a complete ass who needed to be brought down a couple of pegs.

"We'll meet at three in the library," I said to him.

"Why," he said trying to take my hand. "Let's head back to my dorm."

"No," I said trying to walk away.

"Oh no," he said grabbing my arm. "I am so sick of your little games."

"Let go," I said trying to pull away.

"I believe," I heard a voice say. When I heard the voice I took a deep breath. I thought that I would never hear that voice again. "I believe that the lady said no."

"Who are you," Danny said turning around and eyeing Draco. "Your nothing so bug off."

"Malfoy," I said a little louder as Danny was pulling me along. Once I spoke his name Danny stopped cold in his spot.

"Malfoy," Danny said taking a deep breath. "As in the Malfoy's who were death eaters?"

"Yes," Draco responded with his evil smirk. With just that answer Danny let me go and he went running in the opposite direction. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," I answered him somewhat in shock. "I can't believe that you are here."

"I am," he said as we started walking. "Can we go somewhere and talk?"

"Sure," I said as we made it to the front of my dorm. "Here we go?"

"Figures," he said with a small laugh. "Leave it to you to get the closest dorms to your classes."

"Very funny," I said as I unlocked the door. I looked over at Draco and noticed that he had a worried look on his face. "Don't worry my roomate class until late tonight."

"Ok," he said as I set my bag down. "I made a mistake that last night at Hogswart. I."

"Oh," I said realizing that he never meant for me to keep his jacket. I bent down to my bag and pulled the jacket from it. "Here's your jacket back."

"No," he said quickly not taking the jacket. "That's not what I meant. I read your book and came to a conclusion that I was very much like Heathcliff."

"You're not," I said confused.

"Yes," he said coming a little closer to me. "I ran away before I could tell you my feelings. Hermione I have fallen in love with you. I don't know how or when. All I know is that I love you. Please tell me that I am not to late."

"Draco," I said as a tear fell down my cheek. He was comparing himself to Heathcliff for no reason. I know that Heathcliff left Cathy before she realized that she was in love with him. That wasn't our story because ours was still being written. "You are not late."

"Good," he said before attacking my lips. He took me by surprise at first but I melted into to him. Wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him with as much fever in return. After a couple of minutes we both came up for air. "I love you Hermione."

"I love you too," I told him.

Present Day


"Ladies and gentlemen," the guy on stage said. "Taylor Swift."

I had to admit to myself that I loved her songs. There was something in just about all of them that could relate to everyone's life. The one that she was singing now was the perfect example of mine. I should have known that Draco would be trouble. I did deck the shit out of him during our third year.

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in," we all sang out loud. I couldn't help but sing and dance along. I was having fun but then the real reason of why I was here started to creep back up. This was supposed to be a romantic getaway for us, but instead I was here alone. My heart break was still fresh from the other day as the scene came back into my mind.

Christmas Eve

"Hermione," Ginny said looking at Draco's Christmas gift. "He is going to love this."

"Sure," I said taking the folder back.

"Of course," she said looking over at Harry. "I would freak if I was getting a romantic getaway to New York for New Year's Eve."

"Well," I said standing up and grabbing the folder. "I better go on over to his place. We're exchanging gifts tonight so that we can go to his parents tomorrow."

"Happy Christmas," she said hugging me. I walked over to the floo and was ready to leave when I heard Ginny. "Let me know what he thinks."

"Ok," I said before giving Draco's address.

Walking away from the floo I noticed a bunch of clothes laying on the floor. One set was his, but the other were not his and not mine. My heart started to pick up just a little trying not to believe the site in the floor.

"Ah Draco," I heard a female voice moan from the bedroom. Walking over towards the bedroom I noticed that it was cracked open and I could hear the bed squeaking. "I'm so close."

"Ah," I heard Draco moan. Placing my hand on the door knob I could feel my heart drop to the bottom of my stomach. Opening the door I saw Draco laying on the bed with some long black hair bitch riding him. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying not to cry.

"Draco," I said loud enough that it made the bitch jump. To my surprise it was that bitch Pansy from Hogswart. She used to follow him around like a lost little puppy who couldn't find there master. When he realised that I was standing at the doorway he turned pale white. "You said that you once compared yourself to Heathcliff. Guess what he broke Cathy's heart and that it exactly what you have just done to me."

"Hermione," he said sitting up.

"Draco," Pansy said before he could say anything else and wrapping herself around him. "Go on and tell her that you want me and not her."

"You leave," he told her before turning his attention back to me. I wasn't going to have any of it and started back to the floo. "Hermione."

"No," I said standing at the floo. "Grimwald's Place I said still trying hard not to cry."

Once I was back to Harry and Ginny's I fell to the floor and started to cry. I could no longer hold it in. How could he? How could he hurt me like that?

"Hermione," Harry said coming back into the living room. He kneeled down beside and placed his hand on my back. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Ginny come quick."

"Yes," she said coming into the living room. "Hermione what's wrong? Do I need to call Draco?"

"No," I said trying to stop crying. "I caught him with Pansy."

"That bastard," Ginny said helping me up. "I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have to go through this."

"Here," I said trying to catch my breath and handing them the folder. "You guys go and have fun."

"No," Harry said speaking up.

"Harry's right," Ginny said placing the folder back in my lap. "You should still go."

"Gee," I said with such fake fun. Just then my phone started to ring and I know who it was. It was Draco, and I wasn't in the mood. He knew better then to follow me because I would hex his ass into the next century. "A fun romantic trip to New York as a single gal."

"It will be good for you," Ginny said handing me a tissue. "If you go you can clear your head. You won't have to worry about seeing him. You won't have to worry about people talking."

"Plus," Harry said speaking up this time. "You can't get pissed when we kick his ass and you are gone."

"He's not worth it," I said trying to laugh but couldn't. Maybe Ginny was right and I needed to go and clear my head. "I'll go to New York."

"Good," Ginny said standing up and helping me up. "Let's go get you in bed. You need to be well rested for your trip."

Present Day


The year is almost over as I wiped the last tears off of my face. I was not going to shed anymore tears over this heart break. Things were really starting to crazy here as the time got closer to midnight. Once again I felt my phone vibrate. So help me if that is Draco again I will hex his ass when I got home. Looking down at my phone it was from Harry.

I know you don't believe Draco. It was all Pansy she used a polyjuice potion to trick him.

Are you sure? Who told you?

I didn't know what to believe. Yet again Harry and I have been through so much. He would never lie to me. Before I could process anymore another message came through.

Astoria stopped by looking for you. She told us everything. Pansy always knew that you were the one he loved and hated you for that.

I let all the information sink in before I could reply back. I couldn't believe this. I guess I always knew deep in my heart that Draco would never hurt me like that. Now there was another problem. I never let him explain himself. Now that I know the truth am I too late.

Thanks Harry. Just one problem now. I may be to late.

Call him

I looked down at my phone just thinking about what to do. I don't know how long I was looking at my phone. The next thing that I know there are only five minutes until midnight. If he compared himself to Heathcliff then I was Cathy. That could never be true, because their story had already been written. When it came to our story it wasn't set in stone, because it was being written everyday. So I took a deep breath and started texting. I knew that if I called him then I would start crying.

Harry told me everything. I'm sorry for not letting you explain. I love you. Please tell me I'm not to late.

Now all I could do was wait to see if he would respond. A minute goes by then another minute passes.

"Everyone get ready," they announce on stage and they push the button on the ball so that it can start down. "60,59,..."

I couldn't look away from my phone and still no answer. I looked up towards the ball and it was at ten. At that point everyone started to count down.


The smell of his jacket when he put it around my shoulders at Hogswart


Our first kiss


Telling him I love him for the first time


Still no answer


His silver eyes that I could get lost in


Nothing yet


Here alone


"I guess I am to late," I said out loud to admit defeat.


"Hermione," I heard someone say turning me around to face them.

"Draco," I said in shock with fresh tears running down my face.


"You're not to late," he said grabbing me and holding me tight.


Happy New Year!

When the clock struck midnight I kissed him with as much passion as I could. To say that he was surprised would be an understatement. He kissed me with just as much force. I was finally home the place where I belonged. When the night first started I was alone and heart broken. Now I know that everything will be alright because I am with the one I love.

"I'm sorry," I said looking into his eyes after we needed some air.

"It's okay," he said smiling. "All that matters is that you are here with me now. Just stinks that my Christmas present is almost over."

"Who," I said surprised as to who would ruin the surprise, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that he was here with me now. "I can always add a few extra days."

"Really," he said excited.

"Yes," I said laughing before giving him a quick kiss. "Happy New Year Draco."

"Happy New Year love," he said before holding me close to him.

Thanks to everyone for reading this one-shot. I know that there are probably a few errors and will get them fixed. I have been thinking about writing another part of this story from Draco's point of view. Let me know what you all think. Thanks again!