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Chapter One

Kohonagakure no Sato.

One of the more beautiful hidden villages in the entire world during the day but when the moon is high in the sky, that is where the true beauty of Konoha managed to shine but it was on this night, where the veteran shinobi were walking out of the local pub, laughing in their drunken stupor that an ecstatic orange flash passed by, a happy laugh following in its wake, leaving the drunken shinobi staggering with confusion.

The orange flash that had passed them was known as Uzumaki Naruto and he had done something that no one else could ever accomplish. He had stolen the forbidden scroll and knocked out the Hokage by using his Oiroke no Jutsu.

With his grin growing by each second, Naruto continued his way deeper into the forest, happily avoiding all of the branches that could've hurt him had he been just a little bit taller until he finally came across the old shed Mizuki had told him to meet him at. He tried to slide to a halt but he managed to trip on a small pebble and with a yell, he crashed face first onto the ground. He stayed on the ground for two whole minutes before his embarrassment subsided before getting up onto his feet, walking over to the scroll and sitting himself down on the ground in front of it.

"Operation: Scroll grab has been completed but now to open the scroll" Naruto told himself with a happy tone as he picked up the scroll and tried to open it but found out a few moments later that opening it was a lot harder than it sounded. "Ok…Maybe I didn't think this thing through" Naruto stared at the scroll for a few minutes with a pout before he stood up and began to stomp on it, seeing if it would bust open but when that failed, Naruto went for throwing it against a nearby tree but to his shock, the scroll had embedded itself into the tree.

After a few minutes of pulling at it, the scroll finally was released from the tree's death grip and decided as a last resort to take a fallen tree branch and tried to pry the scroll open found himself not being able to open it so Naruto kept trying, putting all of his strength into it before his hands slide down the branch painfully, causing him to yelp as his palms were cut forcefully, causing them to bleed.

"AH!" Naruto screamed out in anger, tossing the branch to the side as stalked away from the scroll, his hands in a clawing position as blood dripped off of them. But that was when Naruto turned around and ran to the scroll and picked it up in his hands and tossed it away near the shed with an enraged yet desperate yell but when Naruto's bloodied hand touched the spiral, it began to glow a dull blue.

Naruto fell to his knees and banged his hands upon the ground as tears slowly formed on his face as he sobbed out "Why…Why can't I ever catch a break…All I wanted was to become a shinobi…To become Hokage and hopefully earn the right to be her friend again" He slammed his fist into the ground once more then lowered his head forward.

"Maybe she was right…Maybe I am a failure…" What Naruto didn't notice as he was lamenting to himself was that the scroll had started to shine brightly until it slowly filed that area and when Naruto caught the radiant blue out of the corner of his eye, Naruto turned himself around so he was sitting on his butt and let out an awed "Whoa…" before covering his eyes when it became bright enough that it began to blind him.


Iruka Umino was angry. No, scratch that. Iruka Umino was absolutely livid as he searched the entire city for his blond hairded student. He was on his way home from the academy from working overtime (as he always did) until he along with his friend Mizuki was being summoned to the Hokage's tower were he heard Naruto had stolen the Forbidden scroll.

He didn't know what in the hell possessed his admittedly favorite student to commit such a treasonous crime but he also was confused at how Naruto managed to knock out the Hokage, who kept the scroll in his safe under his desk and another thing that concerned him was how Naruto knew the code to the safe in the first place.

"Don't worry Iruka-kun" Mizuki said with a sugary sweet smiled that dripped with cheerfulness but had Iruka known why he had this smile and talked with so much cheerfulness, he would have become suspicious but he merely smiled at his long time companion and gave him his thanks before the two separated but He didn't get far because a certain snake mistress that was shadowing him suddenly appeared and hugged the chūnin from behind.

"Iruka-kun…Be careful" The snake mistress told him, her strong voice never betraying her nervousness. Iruka merely smiled at this and turned around with the intent to kiss her which she gladly took the opportunity to do so but when the two pulled away, Iruka noticed that Anko was looking at something. When he asked what was wrong, she merely grinned and pointed behind him, saying "I think that's caused by your boy"

Iruka was confused by her statement but when he turned around, he saw a bright light coming from the middle of the forest which amazed him because it was so far away. With one last parting kiss, Iruka dashed his way to the forest at a high speed, inwardly thinking 'Please Kami, don't let anyone else find him'


When the light finally died down, Naruto opened his eyes and noticed the scroll was wide open. Naruto smiled as he scrolled his eyes up and down the list of jutsu until his eyes spotted the perfect Jutsu which was followed by similar jutsus under it. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu? That seems pretty interesting. Let's see if I can learn this" After half an hour of working on this jutsu, Naruto let a small smile appear on his face before exhaling softly. He had managed to learn the Kage Bushin jutsu.

'I proved everyone wrong…I proved her wrong! I do have what it takes to be a shinobi and soon…I'll prove them wrong again when I become Hokage. Believe it!' Naruto thought to himself as his eyes found another Jutsu he could learn. "Hm, Bunshin Bakuha and Bushin Bakuha: Eikoudan (Exploding clone Technique: Flash bomb) that honestly sounds pretty damn cool" Naruto said to himself before his ears perked up. Someone one was coming quickly so as fast as he could, Naruto took out a small piece of paper and wrote down the hand seals for the "Bushin Bakuha" and its sub-jutsu "Bushin Bakuha: Eikoudan" and quickly closed the scroll to practice them later, only to hear someone behind him, breathing slowly and angrily.

Naruto seemed to pale as he slowly turned around to face the angry chūnin known as Umino Iruka only to feel said chūnin's fist impacting the top of his head. "Ouch! Damn it Iruka-sensei! that hurt!" Naruto told him as Iruka rubbed his knuckle with a frown on his face.

"Naruto, you're lucky that's all you're getting for stealing the forbidden scroll!" Iruka yelled back before saying softly "You're lucky I got here before anyone else. Otherwise, you would have gotten so much worse…"

Naruto looked down at the ground, pondering his sensei's words. He always knew the villagers shunned him but he never understood why exactly the reason they did this to him but all he knew was that they did and next to the Sandaime, Iruka was one of the few that helped and protected him.

Even now, Iruka had searched for god knows how long to find him because Iruka cared for him and no matter how much Iruka got on his nerves at times for busting up his pranks and making him clean up his messes, Naruto was glad someone cared for him... But then Naruto remembed the reason he had stolen the scroll in the first place.

"I have a reason for taking, not stealing but taking the scroll you know!" Naruto exclaimed while rapidly moving his arms up and down in a fast motion, his eyes clenched shut and a pout on his face, momentarily making Iruka chuckle before confusion appeared on his face.

"Oh really now?" Iruka asked with a raise of his right brow.

"Yeah, Mizuki-sensei told me that I had to take it then learn a jutsu from it in order to become a true shinobi otherwise I wouldn't have taken it in the first place. The good news though is that I maneged to learn one or two moves from it" As Naruto told him this, Iruka's face morphed from anger to shock. He couldn't even deny that he was proud of the young blond for learning a few jutsu from the forbidden scroll despite this situation but then his shocked look had slowly changed into a look of suspicion.

Now, if he were to take Naruto at his word then that would mean that Mizuki had purposely fooled this young child unto stealing one of the village's most sacred treasures, which was treasonous which was punishable by death which Mizuki knew…Unless…

"Naruto…Are you sure Mizuki told you this?"

Naruto nodded to confirm this which caused Iruka's being to be filled with dread. Iruka couldn't possibly fathom that Mizuki, the man he'd grown up with, the man he had shed blood, sweat and tears with during many a mission, the man he had consoled when his girlfriend was forced to leave the village would betray Konoha and frame a small child under the guise of getting to become a shinobi?

But when Iruka heard a familiar whistle in the air, he leapt forward and tackled the now standing Naruto to the ground, saving the boy from being beheaded by the large shuriken that sunk into the tree a few feet away from them.

"I should've known you'd be here Iruka"

Iruka moved himself from Naruto's form as he simultaneously turned around to face Mizuki, who was standing on a tree branch with a large Shuriken placed on his back, a sneer on the silver haired man's face.

"I just don't understand why you would come for this thing" Mizuki continued before throwing a few smaller shurikens towards the two. Iruka saw the shurikens coming and managed to grab Naruto and leap into the air to avoid the shurikens. "What the hell is going on Mizuki?" Iruka shouted out to his friend as he held Naruto close, only to jump to another branch to avoid more kunai that was aimed to kill him and his student.

"What do you think, you idiot? I'm getting what belongs to me" Mizuki told his long time friend with a smug expression as pulled his large shuriken from his back and he leapt towards Iruka with his weapon high in the air, fully intent of killing both him and Naruto but Iruka rolled off of the branch and landed on the ground and tossed a few kunai towards the soaring Mizuki but the nuke-nin used his overly large weapon to stop the projectiles from piercing his body.

"I don't understand!" Iruka shouted with anger as his gaze stayed solely on Mizuki's, who had landed on a tree branch that was closer to the ground. "Why betray our village? Why try and set up Naruto for your heinous plot Mizuki? Answer me!" Mizuki let a frown form on his face at his former friend's stupid questions before jumping to a higher tree branch, tossing kunai at the two only to grow angrier as Iruka avoided them but then he managed to land a hit to Iruka's leg, making the man land on the tree branch to hold his leg in pain, letting go of Naruto in the process.

"Iruka-sensei, are you ok?" Naruto asked in a panic as he watched his sensei wince while tearing the lone kunai out of his wounded leg. "I'm fine Naruto, don't you fret about me" Iruka told him in a soothing voice as he stood up on the branch shakily, keeping himself steady against the tree. "I have to admit" Mizuki started as he landed on the branch across from the two Konoha inhabitants with an impressed grin on his face. "I'm significantly impressed that you're still trying Iruka, despite the wound and all" the impressed look Mizuki had on his face changed. letting a smirk grace his features before shouting "But let's see how far you can truly go!"

Iruka held the kunai that had pierced his leg and scowled before he and his opponent leapt towards each other and disappeared. Naruto didn't see the two chūnin but he could hear metal clashing against each other as well as various grunts and groans from both men and felt his heart rate speed up. As the clash of steel got closer and closer until Iruka's form suddenly appeared before him along with Mizuki's form, both of their respective weapons were locked in a clash.

"Iruka, I just don't get you." Mizuki said as he leaned close to Iruka's face with a sneer while Iruka matched the facial expression, keeping his weapon firmly locked against Mizuki's much larger one.

"You know he's the cause of your parent's death and yet you still protect him? I'm sure Ruki-san and Kato-san are rolling around in their graves right now" With a blazing look in his eyes, Iruka pushed Mizuki away from him with a boost of chakra then when he saw his former ally land on another branch, the chūnin launched himself towards Mizuki and landed a hard right to the man's face and as Mizuki stumbled backwards, Iruka grabbed his head and slammed it hard into the tree, effectively sending Mizuki's entire body through the tree and sending him flying through the forest until his back slammed into another tree.

"Don't you dare mention them traitor!" Iruka roared out before jumping towards where Mizuki was but the silver haired shinobi smirked at this and quickly performed the hand seals quickly before tossing his giant shuriken and shouting "Kage Shuriken no Jutsu!" Seeing the large Shuriken coming, Iruka managed to dodge the first one but when he saw the second shuriken appear from the shadow of the first, Iruka landed on the tree branch below him and ducked to avoid it and while he avoided losing his head, his right shoulder was hit.

Iruka instinctively grabbed his now wounded shoulder and felt blood underneath his palm and inwardly swore in anger but then he looked up to see Mizuki above him with his large shuriken in the air, ready to strike him down so Iruka flipped off the branch mere moments before he was to be killed and landed on the ground before falling onto his right knee due to the wound in his leg.

"But it is true Iruka, you defend the demon without hesitation! The very same being that nearly razed this village to the ground!" Mizuki exclaimed with unrelenting glee as he placed his shuriken on his back only to pull out a kunai to point it at Iruka and continued on with "My plan was simple, I get the forbidden scroll and give it my true leader while setting up that blond haired monster then kill it, becoming the grand hero of this worthless village until Orochimaru-sama burned this to the ground but you…You decided to interfere with my brilliant plan"

"Demon? Monster? What are you talking about?" Naruto asked the silver haired traitor with a look of confusion on his face, causing the already smug nuke-nin to smirk wider. "Oh yeah…I forgot that you didn't know about this village's grand secret about you" Now despite the dangerous situation Naruto was currently in the middle of, his curiosity had gotten the better of him and from the look Mizuki saw in Naruto's eyes, the nuke-nin knew he had gotten the boy's attention.

"Secret?" Naruto questioned to the man, who was now smirking widely.

"Oh yes little Naruto, a secret, all about yo-" Seeing the opportune moment to strike, Iruka dashed towards Mizuki and slammed his right elbow into the man's face then followed up with a knee to his stomach before grabbing the man's head and ramming it against the tree but Mizuki grabbed the wound on Iruka's leg, making the man yell out in pain which was quickly silenced by his fist slamming into Iruka's face which he then followed with a kunai stab into Iruka's chest but with an annoyed growl, Iruka's body was replaced with a log which was split in half due to the immense force he had behind his thrusting hand.

Iruka appeared next to Naruto and fell onto one knee but forced himself to his feet, grabbed the scroll and handed it to Naruto, saying "Naruto, get the scroll and get out of here quickly. Don't ask any questions, just go!"

"Where you going Naruto? I thought you wanted to hear the big secret that's all about you" Mizuki shouted just as Naruto was reaching out to grab the scroll from Iruka, making the young boy pause. Once again, Naruto's curiosity had gotten the best of him but at the sound of Iruka's panicked voice saying "No, Naruto, don't listen to him, take the scroll and get out of here" had caused him to nod, take the scroll and start to run towards the path that led him here but stopped when Mizuki shouted "You're just doing what he wants Naruto!"

The boy paused mid-step then slowly looked back to Mizuki, causing Iruka to growl in frustration at Mizuki, "Naruto! Get out of here! Mizuki's just trying to trick you!" He shouts out as he forced himself back to his feet.

"Oh, I'm trying to trick you Naruto? Iruka's been playing you from the start, trying to gain your trust and do you want to know why? Because he plans to take revenge on you just like everyone else wants to in this village!" Naruto stared at Mizuki then back at the slowly advancing Iruka, the feeling of dread was spreading around him but the boy turned back to Mizuki to ask "What are you talking about?"

"Do you know why everyone hates you including your beloved Iruka-sensei?" Mizuki asked the boy with a grin as he leaped away to avoid the oncoming rain of Kunai from Mizuki. "Naruto, get out of here now!" Iruka yelled while Mizuki tossed his last large Shuriken at Naruto. Mizuki smiled manically as he shouted "Because you are the Kyūbi no Kitsune!" Naruto stood there, tears flowing from out of his eyes. He wasn't even aware that the large shuriken was coming at him.

"You are the creature that invaded Konoha twelve years ago and not only killed many shinobi and civilian alike, you killed you sensei's parents and nearly crushed this village. You're the reason why the most "Beloved" Hokage sacrificed himself to save this horrible place. You're the reason this all has happened and now, you'll be the reason why I'll be hailed as the Hero that killed the mighty beast itself!" With that manic yell, Mizuki tossed multiple shuriken towards the horrified Naruto, who had fallen to his knees in despair.

'I…I'm the Kyūbi no Kitsune? It...It can't be' He thought to himself as the shuriken was wizzing closer to him by the second. Iruka ran and threw himself in front of Naruto and took the group of shuriken in his back which caused him to groan out in pain as he fell upon his student, sending them both to the ground in a heap but then he , the wounded chūnin grabbed the now struggling and crying Naruto as well as the scroll and ran deep into the forest.

Mizuki scowled at their escape but then he gave a tiger like smirk. He knew that Iruka was on his last leg and wouldn't be able to get far so he let the weakened chūnin run….but he wouldn't get far.


"Damn it Naruto, stop struggling!" Iruka shouted out as Naruto's squirming became more of an issue than before due to his small fists hitting the wound on Iruka's leg as well as the boy's heel smashing against the edge of his newly made wound from one of shuriken that was sticking out from his back.

"Why did you save me Sensei? I killed your parents...I killed so many people…Why?" Naruto asked in a defeated tone as his body finally stopped its movements. Gone was his shining blue eyes and his foxy grin. Now the only thing that was left was dead faded blue eyes and the bitterest frown he'd ever seen on his student. "Because...You aren't the Kyūbi" Iruka said as he finally fell on his knees, dropping Naruto and the scroll on the ground before falling face first onto the ground.

"Sensei…That's not true…Mizuki said-"

"Naruto…Listen very carefully because I'll only say this once." Iruka interjected quickly before the boy could start on the road of guilt for something he couldn't fully understand. Iruka dragged himself to a nearby tree and leaned on it, careful not to press the multiple shuriken deeper into his back but he did manage to get one of the shuriken to sink deeper into his back, causing Iruka to groan as the intense pain caused his vision waver but he forced his vision to steady to smile lightly at Naruto, who's tears were still flowing from his eyes.

" …There was a time where I had thought about befriending you only to have my revenge against you for the death of my parents as Mizuki had said but at the same time, I also felt guilty for thinking that so I went to the Hokage to talk to him about it and I will never forget what he asked me i-in regards to you being its jailer…"Just because you live in a house, does that mean that you are the house itself?" At first…I didn't know what he meant but h-he decided to give me a mission…"To spend time with you" and I accepted that mission at first to understand who you were but as I watched you grow, As I sat through your laughter, your tears, your frowns, your smiles….I realized what he meant…."

Iruka paused for a moment in order to cough hard, splattering blood on his hand which worried Naruto greatly but Iruka was determained to finish because he honestly felt that this would be his last chance to do so.

"You weren't the Kyūbi; you were merely its host and even to this day, I fell so ashamed by treating you the way I did back then. I treated you as the monster that killed thousands instead of you… You...You're not the Kyūbi no Kitsune…You're Uzumaki Naruto…The most hyperactive, loud mouthed, kind hearted trickster that I've grown to know and love as a-a son….and humbly apologize to you for all that I have done and felt about you before that day…Please…will you forgive this fool for his past transgressions?"

Naruto didn't know what to say to that.

When Iruka first admitted that what Mizuki had said was true made him want to run away but then as Iruka continued, Naruto could see the tears falling from his sensei's eyes and soon, his tears resurfaced then grew tenfold as Iruka, the man he saw as a father asked for forgiveness for his past mistakes had really touched the blond in his heart. How could he refuse something as heartfelt like that? "S-Sensei…Of course I forgive you…Was there any doubt?"

Iruka smiled at the boy, mentally happy this Naruto's blue eyes were slowly regaining their natural shine but then that all too familiar whistle was heard and it was getting closer by the second but it wasn't coming from behind him nor above him so where was it coming from? Iruka then received his answer as a large shuriken flew from out of the darkness from the side but it wasn't heading to him…It was heading for Naruto's form.

Summoning all the energy he could, Iruka leaned forward and tackled Naruto to the ground but the Shuriken found its mark, hitting the side of Iruka's neck. sinking into the chūnin deep enough where it would nearly decapitate him but not enough to fully take his head off but it had done its job.

And at the moment, Naruto felt his entire life shatter like a broken glass…

Umino Iruka was no more…

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