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Reaper's Blood: Reincarnation

Chapter Thirty-Six

Hinata was highly annoyed.

Not the annoyed she would claim when Kiba would do something stupid but purely annoyed by the sight before her. Being the good friend she used to be, Hyūga Hinata had snuck into Naruto's room at the crack of dawn to wake him up to start the day but to her annoyance and jealousy, Hinata found Anko sleeping very comfortably with Naruto, who was also looking very comfy with his head rest between Anko's nearly bare breasts.

But as much as she wanted to lay claim to the blond sleeping on the bed, she had to dial back her anger. She had just gotten her best friend and crush back into her life successfully after all the shit she pulled since gaining the caged bird seal. She was not going to risk it all just because she was angry.

So taking a deep breath to calm herself, Hinata limped towards the sleeping genin and started to shake him awake softly, causing him to groan and move away from her hands, snuggling his head closer in between his sensei's breasts, causing said sensei to let out a tiny moan of approval, causing Hinata to nearly face palm.

Taking another breath, Hinata shook Naruto a little harder but what she didn't expect was Anko to say "If you keep shaking him so close to me like that, things will get awkward for all of us." Startled, Hinata looked up to see Anko giving her a small smirk.

"Ah…Gomen Anko-san," Hinata murmured with the fakest tone of respect she could ever give.

Unfortunately for her, Anko could sense bullshit a mile away.

"Look, I understand you and the Gaki have some unfinished thing but don't come at me with that fake ass shit Hyūga. If there is one thing I hate more than Orochimaru, its fake people so come at me with who you really are," Anko told her with narrowed eyes.

Listening to the older shinobi, Hinata's eyes narrowed faintly as she told Anko with a diplomatic tone "I don't know why you're sleeping with Naruto-kun but I do highly suggest you don't anymore...Naruto-kun means a lot to me and I do not want you to get him in trouble due to this inappropriate incident. You are his sensei, you are to teach him, not sleep by his side like his….Lover."

Anko was not surprised by Hinata's attitude. She knew a few good Hyūga and she knew they had a jealous streak a mile wide but the dual kunai on this girl was amazing. "Wow, I guess that took no time at all for you to say. I'm Impressed," Anko said as she lifted herself up off the bed to get a better look at the young kunoichi.

Due to her injuries from her battle with Haku, Hinata was leaning quite heavily on a pair of crutches that was given to her by the hospital and she looked as if she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, pouting like a sad kitten. It almost made Anko smile at how grumpy-cute she looked but this possessive attitude she had with her student, she had to nip that in the bud now before it caused some issues.

"Look genin, this sleeping Gaki is my student. I don't know what problem you have with a sensei and a student sharing a bed because trust me, in missions, there will be times when a teammate or sensei will have to bunk close to you. This was one of those times. If you have a problem with that, direct it to someone who cares because I really don't. Now, I don't know your relationship with Naruto and I'm willing to let this little pissing contest pass because he's fond of you but Hyūga or not, I will not have you disrespect your Jōnin superior just because of your friendship with him. If your attitude persist after this conversation, I will make sure I will you two will never speak again. Do I make myself clear?"

The thing with Anko was that whenever she made a threat, no one would know if she was serious or not due to her eccentric nature but Hinata could see she was completely serious when she made this promise. Hinata didn't want to lose her friend or cause friction between them because she didn't like the fact that Anko was laying by his side and not by hers so with a sigh, she swallowed her pride.

"I came at you the wrong way Anko-san and I do apologize…." Hinata said as politely as she could, bowing as much as the crutches will allow her but Anko waved it off, telling her to "Forgive and Forget," But as Hinata left the room, she looked back to see Anko lying her body back on the bed next to Naruto and felt her eyes narrow angrily.

She already had to deal with Ino but after seeing this, She now knew that she had another threat when it came to Naruto's affections but the difference between Ino and Anko was that Anko was a much bigger threat. 'I need to do something about this without hurting Naruto…but how?'

Once the door to the room was shut, Anko glanced down at the teen and let Hinata's words swirl in her mind. "You are his sensei, you are to teach him, not sleep by his side like his….Lover." The girl did have a good point, when she had woken up, she and Naruto were in a lovers embrace but as Anko continued to think it over, she found herself not caring whether or not it looked like that.

And that…Was honestly a problem.

She was honestly surprised at herself by her lack of caring whether or not she was caught sleeping with her student. The very same student that was the cause of her fiancé's death. Why did she not care? Did he grow on her that much in the time they've been together?

Sure he had earned her respect due to his actions since she's known him but was that enough to forgive him for playing a huge part in Iruka's death? "Feels like I'm on a fucking merry-go-round," Anko murmured to herself with a grumble as she stared down at Naruto's slumbering form, a small smile plastered on his face, causing her to smile as well but then she frowned.

"What do I do with you Gaki? Should I let it all go or hold on to my bitterness?" Anko asked out loud as she let her index fingertip trace his top whisker mark, causing him to let out a small whimper filled with pleasure, causing her to give a large smile.

"Whatever the case, I'll figure it out soon…."

Three hours later


Ever since we took this assignment, I felt that this would be THAT mission. The mission I had always talked to you about. The mission that would be my last and after the battle with the Gaki and his team, I can feel that feeling grow stronger as each hour melds into the next.

I…I still have so much to do, so much to say…So much to find. I've always dreamed that my death to be glorious. A vicious battle to the end between me and my opponent and after fighting the Gaki, I may have found that opponent.

Understandably, he is not the strongest or the fastest opponent I have faced but there is something I saw in him during his battle…Something I had not seen in a long time from any opponent I have faced before. Something that was familiar to me in every single way. Something, the reminded me of someone I had lost long ago.

She called it "Unyielding spirit"

Do you remember how I talked to you about this Haku? Do you remember how I wanted you to gain this kind of spirit. The spirit to never give up and never give in, to always give it your all and protect all that is dear to you, even if it meant sacrificing everything you had and not regret a damn thing you did to protect those you love?

In time, I have seen you gain this spirit during our many years together and first and foremost, I want to say that I'm proud of you.

You are everything I could ever ask for in a student, a companion and a daughter and I thank you for all that you have done for me during our years together.

Those years are something I would never regret or never trade for anything in my life. Now, onto the reason of this scroll. There was something else I had noticed in my battle with the gaki other than that special spirit and that is his bloodline, the Kioigan as well as something else….

I know that if you're reading this now then that means I did meet my end by the Gaki or some outside means but I know full damn well that I went out in a blaze of glory and if not…Then I might as well travel to hell and fight a real demon to get that glorious battle.

Regardless of which end I met head on, I cannot tell him myself what I'm about to tell you but not in this scroll but the one that's hidden in our room in that Gato bastard's hideout…

In that scroll, you will find out about my deepest secret along with a final mission of sorts from me to you but the trick is, the Gaki, Naruto will be the one to open this scroll with his blood….If he cannot, then I fear my final wish will never happen…." Naruto read out loud with confusion growing in his voice before lowering the scroll to glance at the ice shinobi.

Naruto really didn't know what the hell Zabuza knew about him but he knew Zabuza, as fearsome as he was, was a good guy and didn't seem like the guy to set up a trap for him. It was a strange thing regardless of the intentions and Naruto's curious button had been pressed.

"Well…If Zabuza has something for me…Then let's go get it," Naruto said with excitement in his voice and that familiar gleam in his eye that made Hinata, Haku and Anko smile but when Hinata noticed Anko smiling, her smile melted into a frown but neither Naruto or Anko caught it.

But Haku did.

But she wouldn't comment on it for now. She had a mission to handle. Her friendship with the Hyūga could wait a few hours. "Well then Naruto-kun…We need to hurry to Gato's base if you're willing to go," Haku told the blond shinobi with a small but eager smile.

Naruto lifted himself off the chair and nodded before saying "Let's get going," but as he said these words, his eyes caught Tsunami walking into the room and almost immediately, he bolted out of the door, yelling "Come on, let go!" Haku and Anko traded a glance before Haku started to move after him but as Anko moved out, she could see Hinata grabbing her crutches and immediately stopped.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Anko asked with a tilt of her head and an eyebrow raised. Hinata took a small breath and moved passed Anko towards the door.

"Why, I'm going with you, Haku-chan and Naruto-kun. Wounded or not," Hinata told the older woman as she moved closer to the door but then she heard a small laugh from Anko, causing her to stop and narrow her eyes in annoyance. She was not going to do what she thought she was going to do, was she?

Hinata's concerns were realized when Anko asked with a hint of humor "You think you're going into a possible dangerous situation like that? With a bum leg. Hyūga-san, you really need to go back with your team and heal." Gritting her teeth, Hinata slowly turned around to face the adult and took a breath.

There was no way she was going to sit on the sidelines while Naruto and Haku went into a dangerous situation, despite having a strong Jōnin with them. "There is no way I'm staying here while my friends are going into a possible dangerous situation."

"Which is why I'm here Hyūga-san," Anko responded with a small grin, enjoying herself far too much in messing with the child but she didn't care. Hinata had truly annoyed her earlier that day and now she was doing it again.

"Hyūga-san, You are a mere genin. A wounded genin as well. At this point, you would be nothing more than baggage," Anko told her as she walked past the wounded Hyūga, adding a small pat on her left shoulder, causing Hinata to narrow her eyes angrily.

"Just stay here and heal for now and if we need you, we'll come get you…So till that time…See ya," With those words, Anko shut the door, leaving Hinata stewing and without warning, she launched one of her crutches at the door as hard as she could, breaking the crutch in half before she clenched her fist in anger.

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