Voyaging through the Sea of Time s2: "In a Dream with You"

"I told you. Never turn your back on me," his deep voice rang into my ear.

"Aya-chan, I'm right here," he took my hand, his sweet tone sounded very familiar.

Those voices…

Day 1: The Guests

I turned to look and I saw the most unexpected people to be in front of me, Souji and Kazama-sama, they've arrived in this world. Questions about their appearance was inevitable, but I'll save it for later. Joy and relief was seen all over my face.

Souji kissed my hand and lured me to his face, "Souji, what are you doing?" Kazama-sama growled and took my other hand and tried to pull me, but Souji wouldn't let me go, "Hey! Stop it!" I felt like I was getting torn apart.

"Kazama, let go of my girlfriend!" he smiled, but his eyes weren't.

"A mongrel like you don't deserve my bride-to-be," they both kept on pulling.

"Bride-to-be?! Will you please stop killing me?!"

What kind of reunion is this?

"In your dreams!" Souji countered.

I couldn't take it; I shoved both of their hands, "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!"

I don't really have neighbors, so I guess it was okay to yell. Several crows flew away from the woods, disturbed by my scream. The two stopped bickering and glared at me.

"Who is this bastard you speak of?" Kazama-sama narrowed his eyes.

"A boyfriend? If it's not me, I'm bound to get mad at you," his smile got creepy.

"Look, a lot of things happened after getting back to this world…" I opened the gate, "Let's get inside first."

Their arguing didn't stop, the mansion was very big and inhabited by only me and a bunch of attack dogs, so they can be heard all over the place. I turned to look at them while I look for the guest room where they can stay. Where did they get those clothes?

"Are we there yet?" Souji whined.


"Uhmmm… where did you guys get your clothes?" they were wearing modern day clothes, specifically the uniforms of my school, but for people from the past, I had to ask.

"We beat up some guys along the way."

"It's not nice to be selfish over something trivial such as clothing." You're one to talk!

"Look... don't steal, I'll just buy some outfits for you," I opened their new room, I assumed that they were homeless, "There are two beds in there, so make yourself feel at home."

Souji hugged me tight from behind and whined again, "No way~ I want to sleep with Aya-chan!"

"Then this room is mine," said Kazama-sama.

"No, no! I'm in a relationship… with someone else…" they glared at me and crowded my personal space, "What…?" my voice shook.

"Fine, I understand Aya-chan…"

"Very well…"

"I'm so sorry… Souji and Kazama-sama…"

"It's okay, thanks for taking us in." it was hard for him to accept that I was in love with someone else at the moment.

"Why do you call him like that?" Kazama-sama asked.


Kazama-sama raised his voice at me, "His first name!"

"... Uhmmm..."

Souji grinned and poked his shoulder to annoy him, "Jealous?"

"Damn you…!"


Stress nearly struck me, I had to restrict myself from it, so I won't return to the hospital again. Their bed was a double-decker, Souji took the ones below while Kazama took the top. Wait there are more rooms here… oh well… maybe they'll get along.

Day 2: The Doorknob and Kei

I woke up quite refreshed, but the morning was just great enough to put me back to sleep. Kei will be here tonight… I hope the two doesn't embarrass me… I yawned sleepily and took a few more minutes to doze off. I shifted to my side, I sensed someone breathing on my face and on my neck. I opened my eyes.

"What are you two doing on my bed?!" I jumped away.

Souji rubbed his eyes, "Good morning…"

Kazama kicked Souji out of the bed; he chuckled, "A pleasurable morning indeed," they were both just wearing pants.

"What the hell was that for?!" Souji threw his pillow at Kazama's face.

"I don't like sleeping on the same bed with a mongrel like you," he snickered.

"Don't you two ignore me! Why were you sleeping here?" I massaged my forehead.

They looked at each other as if they were communicating through eye contact. Souji stood up and put on his tops while Kazama looked at the window, ignoring me. My brow was twitching, that's why I went on with a simple breathing exercise to calm myself.

"Anyway it was hard breaking into your room though," said Souji.


"The mongrel and I broke the seal of your door, be thankful," Kazama said proudly.

"Seal? I think it was a talisman though..." Souji added, "You worthless blonde."

I peaked slowly at the door. I just had the feeling... "You wrecked the doorknob!" I saw the trail of its parts lying on the floor and a big hole on the door and through it; I saw my dad's golf clubs warped into different shapes. "Listen… when you aren't familiar with something, then don't destroy it. You're not cavemen."

Souji and Kazama pointed at each other like naughty kids do whenever scolded, and then their bickering started again. The house had gotten livelier than ever with them around, so I guess I won't feel that lonely like before.


"Mom, the 80's music stink!" I stomped my feet while glaring at her, mom was listening to her oldies music again, and on max volume too.

"Be quiet! One day your daughter will say that to you too!"

The doorbell woke me up. I remembered around this time my mom would play her favorite 80's music and then I'd go argue with her to turn it off. I stood up from the couch where I dozed off for a few minutes and went to answer the door; it was probably Kei coming over for dinner.

"Aya, finally I get to taste your cooking," he joked.

"Don't be silly! You're the one doing the cooking."

"Okay! Now where's the kitchen? I'm not that familiar with your place yet."

"I'll take you there. Oof!" my face slammed into something, I rubbed my face and turned to look, "Kazama-"


"Chikage?" he was standing on the doorway all along and then Souji came too. Oh no… this is bad…

"Who are they Aya?" Kei asked.

"They're my… cousins… their house… got burned… oh! And they're brothers."

"We aren't-" I slammed my hand to Souji's mouth to keep him quiet.

"This-" my other hand shut Kazama up. Kei looked convinced.

"Oh! Relatives of yours, they should stay and eat with us!"

"No, they're sleepy," I tried to keep them out of trouble, but Kei-kun managed to have them stay.


The sweet aroma of Kei's cooking, made me starve and the two sitting on my side just couldn't let me sit beside him. I should teach them simple table manners first before Kei serves the food.

"Hey," I took the spoon first, since soup will be served tonight, it'll be easy. "This is called a spoon, you'll be using it to eat today," they listened carefully, "fill it with three-quarters full of soup and then sip it from the side. Easy?" they nodded.

Kei served the soup just in time, the two didn't seem interested with him as expected, "Bon appetite. Desert will be there soon." He made 'woodland wild mushroom soup' my favorite, "How rude of me. May I ask the names of your cousins?"


"Kazama Chikage."

"I'm Okita Souji." They shouldn't have mentioned their last names!


"They have some complications in regards to their family…"

"I see… well…"

"What is this?" Kazama stared in disgust at the food, he dropped the spoon on the bowl and refused to have another taste of the soup. "Ugh… do people really eat this?" Souji added, pushing away the soup bowl from him.

The two may not get along, but they were quite a handful when the both of them start the trouble. It was obvious that they were saying that because they don't approve of Kei from the start.

"I'll be in the kitchen if you need me…" and I didn't realize that he scored glares from Kazama and Souji. I sighed and ate. Which means I'll need to talk to Kei afterwards because it's a sign that he'll leave if I let him sulk by a corner.

I'll take the two for shopping tomorrow…

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