Day 3: Shopping Trouble

Breakfast was as dull as ever, everything was awkward between me and my guests, and especially the silence. I told them that I'd buy them some clothes, but they ignored me every time I talk to them. If it was the incident with Kei, then I'd understand, but I remember quite well that they accepted our relationship and now they're quibbling on their word.

Souji broke the silence, "I'll go read," he went to the living room, and read magazines and books to help him deal with the modern world he's in, he was determined to learn new things. Kazama on the other hand relied on my advice and tips at times, but I don't think he'll learn a lot because I'm not a man.

Kazama gazed at me as he ate; it made me feel uneasy, "What's the matter?" I asked, he sighed and looked away. Feeling helpless with the situation, I called my driver so we can go to the mall.


We arrived at the downtown mall, since it was a Sunday; people were on their shopping sprees. The two hid their curiosity with the new surroundings by just following me from behind quietly. I started off on the first department store I saw, "Maybe jeans first then some blazers would fit them," the idea of dressing them up like a doll made me more excited, "Accessories later…" they stared at me as I imagined them, "Get in there and start taking off your clothes," I pointed at the dressing room, "There's only one room because the others are full, Souji you go first."

"Okay," I slid the curtain closed and shoved inside a pair of dark blue jeans, a black blazer and lastly a white polo. Suddenly, one dressing room became unoccupied, "Kazama-"

"Chikage," he corrected.

"Chikage, here you go. If you need help wearing it, just call me," I gave him black pants, maroon jacket and black V-neck tee. After a few minutes, I heard Kazama complained, "Hey, do you need help?"

"Get in here."

"Make sure you're not naked in ther-" he grabbed my hand and forced me behind the curtain, "Kazam-"

"Chikage," he corrected once again.

"Chikage… it's cramped in here…" I focused my eyes on the newly-dressed man. The outfits suit him well, too well, "You look fine," I realized I shouldn't be with a guy inside room alone, "I'll get a belt for you."

He trapped me against the wall, pinning my hands above my head, "…" he looked serious, still the trouble I'll be was in my mind, "Where are you looking at?" he tilted my chin to face him.

Knowing what kind of man was in front of me, an idea came into me, "Uhmm… you look handsome… I meant…" he smirked then he forced me out. That was strange…

Souji was waiting outside, "What were you doing in there?" he asked impatiently. I was speechless with his transformation, he looked… gorgeous… "… Are you okay?" he waved his hand in front of me.

"I'm done," said Kazama.

The sight of two beautiful young men with me just took people's attention. The women passing by kept on comparing them both as if they were models.

"The blonde one looks mean, but totally hot!"

"No, the brunette is hotter! But he kinda looks playful in a way…" Souji noticed the woman and so he smirked at her, causing her to nearly faint, Kazama remained his glare at me and I kind of got used to the way he looked at me angrily.

I grabbed them out of the spotlight and went to another store for accessories, "Aya-chan, slow down a little."

"Just follow me!" I sounded mad for some reason.


"I'm hungry…" Souji whined at me as I placed an ear-cuff on his ear and hung a silver necklace with the letter 'S' around his neck, "Don't get carried away, people are staring at me," his voice shook a little from the attention he gained; he was perfectly seen from the glass window where people pass by from the entrance.

Kazama hid behind a mannequin impatiently, he never liked getting attention from women. And I already bought him a watch to go well with his outfit, so it was Souji's turn for the accessories. "Hurry up."

"Okay, okay. I'll just pay for these," I gave my credit card to the cashier and turned to look at them again. I have a feeling that they'll look great in any clothes...

I received a call from my aunt; she told me that I had to meet with her within an hour to talk about my parent's property and inheritance. The two guys with me were already hungry so I had no choice but to take them to the nearest fast-food chain, but burgers were the only easy-to-eat on the menu.



"Just eat it the way you eat bread." After they took a bite, Souji gave away the sandwich to a random person the moment I turned my back, and Kazama did the same, "Why did you do that?"

"We don't like it."

Geez…! Of all times, they just had to be picky with food.

Fortunately, I found a stall that sells traditional food after I looked up into the mall directory, "Here, I know you'd rather dangos than burgers. Eat and don't waste food. And Souji, eat your vegetables next time, you'll need it."


Day 4: Tuberculosis

"Come on, stop worrying and go to sleep," Souji pushed me off outside, refusing me to witness him in pain. He'd been coughing hardly with blood spurting out of him lately and worried me a lot.

I stood firmly at the doorway and faced him with piercing eyes, there was no way I'll let him endure the pain again, "We're going to the hospital. TODAY," I reached for my phone in my pocket then called my driver even if it was midnight. Souji wondered what hospitals are, but he focused on convincing me not to worry, he wiped the blood from his mouth and gave me a sad smile.

Sleeping soundly at the top of the bed was Kazama; he seemed to have just ignored Souji's howls at night. The two must've really hated each other for not caring for each other's pain. I… I'm sure they'll get along someday…

"It's quite late isn't it?"

"Yes, it is, but you are coming with me," he sighed in defeat, not willing for another round of argument. This was the perfect chance to get rid of his illness once and for all, "There's a cure for tuberculosis now, so no need for you to keep it to yourself."

"You sure have changed without me by your side," he chuckled and gave me a pat on the head, he was drenched in sweat.

"… What do you mean…?"

"Normally you'd go by my decision, but here you are not listening to me and ordering me around."

"Oh…" he was right and around this sort of situation, I'd hug him, but I can't anymore, "How did both of you got here…?" five minutes had passed; Souji seemed to had settled down from his coughs.

"After I was shot, everything went blank, then I realized I was falling…" his thoughts were a bit clouded, but he tried expressing it in any way he can, "I feel in this world, with Kazama. I think we were nude when we got here…" he shrugged. Was it because they have no body to return to here? Can fictional characters exist in real life...? I returned to my 2 year-older self. Is this... really real? How can all of this be possible…?

Souji's lips pressed into mine suddenly, which snapped me back to reality, after a few seconds he pulled away with a troublesome smile on his face, "Do you doubt reality again…? I'm real"

"Souji…!" I was stunned from his actions, I drew a few steps backward. He had done something unacceptable in my state.

His finger flew to my lips, "Shhhh… Kazama will wake up."

"Please… don't do that again…" he said nothing, it gave me a bad feeling whenever he replies with silence.


The doctor prescribed antibiotics that was needed to be taken for six to twelve months, "Come back again, if serious side effects occur, okay?" the doctor kept staring at Souji, she had eyes on Souji's uhh… collar bones or chest I think, and well his face do count.

"I understand," he put back his shirt on and held my hand, "She's my girlfriend," the doctor who was supposed to be drinking her coffee, widened her eyes and hid her disbelief with a forced smile. But deep down I was really glad I could help Souji.

"Souji! Uhmm… thank you… we will come back again for the next treatment," I grabbed his hand then dragged him to the parking lot.

"Why are you angry? You looked irritated back there, so I cheered you up a bit," I felt him smile behind my back.

"I already told you that I'm already in a relationship, so stop saying those things."

"Really? With whom?"

Here we go again…

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