A friend suggested this story. His exact words were "How would Sheldon react during a disaster if he didn't know where a friend was?" So, here is my take on it. I don't own the Big Bang Theory, the characters, or Pasadena. Much to my dismay.


It hit at exactly 1:42pm on a Tuesday. Sheldon was in his office when the earthquake sunk half of California and most of Oregon. In moments students and faculty were scrambling for the basement shelters. Not him, though. He hurried away from the university. It wasn't safe there. A hearty aftershock could bury them all alive. Four years of drills had trained Leonard, Raj and Howard to met him at the apartment. The building was damaged but still standing. They hurried up the weak steps to grab supplies and get out. It wasn't until they were leaving that Sheldon realized Penny was at work. Was she okay? Was she safe? He froze on the bottom landing as fear for her washed over him. No, Penny was strong. She could look after herself. He shook off the fear and exited the building. He allowed his training to take over as he lead the others through the rubble strewn streets. They had to get as far away as possible. There was no time for sentiment, he told himself. He ignored the hitch in his heart as he resolutely turned his back on California.

Two months later, they made contact with Penny's friend, Bernadette. She had managed to get out with a couple of other people. Howard asked her to join them in Texas. Sheldon listened from the other room as she told them her story. How she and Penny had tried to get to the university to find them. How Penny had been frantic about their safety. How Penny had insisted she would not leave until she found them. How she had been crushed when panicked crowds had knocked her down and trampled her.

Leonard watched Sheldon as he slowly headed outside. Sheldon had saved them, and in doing so, lost the only woman who had ever been able to break through his defenses.

I have a handful of disaster/creature stories. So rather than post individually, I put them all together here. Welcome to my sci-fi marathon. :)

Oh, and if anyone has an idea for a disaster or monster short story they would like to read, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

BTW, I should warn you now that some of these are not fluffy, with happy endings. A couple have very little Shenny interaction, and a few are a tiny bit smutty. Very tiny bit. But hopefully there's something here for everyone.