Fear and Pranking in Las Vegas? (No. That's cheesy). How To Lose A Prank in 10 Days? (Uggh! That's even worse!) Night Of The Living Prank! (Does Romero sue for copyright infringement?)

Okay, so I have no idea what to name this one.

:Penny and Sheldon:

Her parents had taught her to defend herself. A woman alone in the big city was a target. Better to always be prepared. Right? Right!

Penny sagged against the alley wall and looked at the form crumpled up at her feet. This SO wasn't her fault! She watched the left eye roll around until it located her accusingly. Fuck. She slipped the taser back into her purse and gingerly knelt beside his left hand.

"Sheldon?" she whispered, still hopeful that this was some sort of nightmare. "What the hell were you doing in an alley? You scared the hell out of me!" she yelled as she pushed the material of his hood off his forehead.

Sheldon's eyes promised retaliation but his body was still limp and twitchy. "Ba …bass ..sing ..ga," he managed to stammer.

Penny frowned as she repeated it to herself a couple of times. "Bass, sing, ga?" She gasped loudly. "BAZINGA?! You jerk! I should taser you again!"

Penny stood quickly and stomped toward the sidewalk. Sheldon whimpered and she stopped. Her head drooped forward and she sighed. After silently debate she turned and stormed back over to him. She grabbed a handful of the front of his hoodie and jerked him up to his feet. He fell against her chest in a tangle on twitchy limbs and Penny slipped his arm across her shoulders. She held on tight to his waist and maneuvered them out of the alley.

"Tha's a strike," he mumbled weakly.

Penny snorted. "Yeah, that's smart. Keep pushing my buttons, Moon Pie. I'll dump your ass in the middle of the street."

Leonard frowned as he headed across the apartment. It was 2 am. Who was pounding on his door this late? And why wasn't Sheldon mad? He opened the door as he slid his glasses onto his nose. His jaw dropped and he blinked several times. "Um, wanna catch me up?" he asked weakly.

Penny shoved Sheldon's floppy body at him and put her fists on her hips as Leonard accidentally dropped his roommate on his ass. "Next time he tries to play a trick on me, I'll hog tie him and leave him naked in the middle of Cal-Tech's parking lot." Then she spun around and stormed into her own apartment.

Leonard looked down at Sheldon, who was barely able to push himself up into a sitting position. Sheldon grinned goofily. "Scares 'er good," he mumbled before collapsing back onto the floor. "Taster-ded me. Twice."

Leonard shut and locked the door. He was too tired to deal with this. He stepped over Sheldon and went back to bed.

I had an idea to write a group of prank stories with friends picking the prankster and prank-e, unfortunately, my mind just couldn't come up with anything good, but this one. I blame Bernadette for not wanting to traumatize Leonard.