AN : Hi Guys, this is the first time I'm writing a story so as you can guess I'm still a rookie, but I have tried my level best to keep the standard of my story at least acceptable, so please bear with me. The story's timeline starts from a week before the Genin exams. This is NOT a godlike Naruto story, he will have to work hard to increase skills which will happen as the story progresses. I know that I will lose most of the readers at the start itself mostly because of my language but those for who read it till the end, I promise that my next chapters will be better as I'm trying to improve my writing skills. NOW, enough with my ramblings and lets go to the story.

Kami's court

A woman looking around the age of 18 could be seen standing in front of another two women who looked in their early to mid twenties and were sitting on two thrones so beautiful and exquisite that the two pieces of art could only be forged by gods. The two women sitting on the thrones could only be defined in a single word 'Goddesses', with their appearances so pristine and beautiful that even the most stoic men and gods would die by huge nosebleeds.

The two goddesses sitting on the thrones were Kami and Yami. The two Supreme Goddesses who had unmatched power and wisdom in all of the three realms.

In front of them was a huge hall with a wide walk way in the middle of it that ran from the huge double doors at the end of the hall to the steps in front of the two thrones. The whole hall was decorated with precious metals and stones far more valuable than the entire money in the whole Elemental nations. There were many more thrones alongside the walk way, which were also beautiful but lacked the same beauty as the first two.

On the many thrones sat many gods and goddesses-Tsukuyomi, Susano'o, Izangi, Izanami, Inari, Shinigami, and many other ones. All of them rarely had the same opinion on the many subjects discussed in the court but today was such a day where every single one of them had a serious expression on their face and all of them were looking towards a single figure standing in front the two Supreme Goddesses. The woman in question was tall up to 5'6 feet, had long waist length midnight black hair with an unearthly shine to it. She was wearing what appeared to be a very fine kimimo which was black in colour decorated with red rose petals. Her face matched the beauty of Kami and Yami with everything-lips,nose,ears,eyes in perfect places and perfect shapes, she had a light pink coloured lipstick on and a very light shade of mascara. The shape of her face looked to be a combination of Kami and Yami but was still unique. Her body was that of a goddesses with perfect shape and all necessary curves in right places.

The woman in question was none other than The Goddess of Sun, Amaterasu. She was currently looking straight into the eyes of both the goddesses sitting in front of her, a feat that could get any other god killed and erased from existence but not her, she was powerful than all others present except the two mentioned before and even then her power was slightly less than from the two sitting in front of her. The silence of the court was broken when Kami spoke up,

"Do you understand the consequences of what you are asking….Amaterasu", Kami asked with a slightly stern expression on her face and a calm voice. Besides her Yami also had a small frown on her face.

"Yes I do Kami-sama" replied Amaterasu with a determined and a clam expression on her face and an equally calm voice after a small pause. Yami's frown seemed increased slightly.

"Amaterasu…we understand how you feel, and knew all along that you had a soft spot for him, and you are not alone…. we also care about him, and I'm sure many among the ones sitting here currently do too, he is the Child of Prophesy after all, you know that, but going so far….." Yami trailed off from her speech after seeing the expression on the woman in question's face.

Amaterasu still had the same expression on her face but it had slowly started to change into a look of fury but the change had stopped once she (Yami) ended her dialogue, but she could still see it in her (Amaterasu) eyes.

Kami sighed in what seemed to be in resignation and spoke up,

"It seems her decision is final Yami-chan and besides she can make her own decisions we can only question them not judge or deny them" she again sighed and stood up, "I, Kami The Goddess of Life approve of the Goddess of Sun, Amaterasu's decision of making Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze as her life partner to whom she will be bound for all eternity and this change will be irreversible for all eternity"

Murmurs and gasps of surprise could be heard from everyone in the court except Amaterasu who had a small content and a happy smile on her face. Kami looked at Yami, who also sighed and stood up,

"I, Yami the Goddess of Death approve of the Goddess of Sun, Amaterasu's decision of making Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze as her life partner to whom she will be bound for all eternity and this change will be irreversible for all eternity" as soon as Yami finished her announcement, chaos broke in the court with many gods standing and shouting their disapproval, the goddesses looked surprised as well as baffled, soon everyone felt a spike of power from the two supreme goddesses and froze.

"I will not tolerate any form of misconduct in this court and our decision is final, anyone who does want to oppose it, keep standing and the rest will sit down quietly till I say so….Is it clear?", Kami spoke in a dangerous voice and narrowed eyes daring anyone to say otherwise but all the gods who were standing and scared shit wisely chose to sit down and keep their traps shut.

Kami sat down and sighed, looking over to the cause of all this trouble still standing in front of her, basking in happiness which showed in both, her smile and eyes, and then looked at the disgruntled looking gods sitting in the hall. She of course understood why they were acting in such a fashion, after all Amaterasu was the third most beautiful goddess after them(Kami and Yami) as well as third in power too, therefore due to combined effect of this, she was the most sought after goddess by all the gods for a life partnership. While such a thing mostly happened between lower gods and goddesses, which was mainly to increase their power and influence, it was not an uncommon knowledge that most gods hoped to bag one of the higher goddesses in which Amaterasu topped the list.

However, for all these millennia Amaterasu had turned down every single proposal and rarely showed any interest in such things, even when the Rikudo Sennin, with whom many goddesses were infatuated with, had defeated the mighty Ten Tails, she had raised only an eyebrow at that and had never spared more than a glance at him. But for some reason Amaterasu had been watching Naruto since the day he was born, spending more and more time in it and also skipping many sessions of the court just for it. It had been confusing at first but now all of it made sense. Kami briefly wondered what would be Naruto's reaction towards such an arrangement and hoped he doesn't end up hating her for it, though as far as she knew about him, he would never end up hating someone such as Amaterasu as she was her most favourite goddess after Yami (who could also be a bitch sometimes). Amaterasu's personality was very calm, collected, and reserved. She rarely ever got angry but when she did, it was never a good thing. She wondered what would be her (Amaterasu) next move and she did not have to wait for too long.

'Now that the major part is out of the way, time for the next move' Amaterasu thought with a smile.

"I thank you with all my heart for your approval Kami-sama, Yami-sama" Amaterasu thanked in a soft voice and bowed a little "however I still have some things to make clear and some more things to ask"

Kami and Yami both raised their single delicate eyebrows in a questioning manner and nodded her to continue, Amaterasu seeing this turned towards the remaining gods and goddesses,

"I'm sure many of you are disappointed with the turn of events, but I have made my decision and expect all of you to respect it" Amaterasu said in a clam tone however her eyes were narrowed "and take it as an advice for the future, that in any circumstances, if a single hair of my life partner is harmed due to the actions in which either one or more of you are directly or indirectly involved…"

Amaterasu's eyes turned red and a bright light erupted behind her as she released her power that impressed even Kami and Yami,

"I will personally erase the existence of the ones responsible for it in unimaginable ways and not even Kami-sama or Yami-sama will be able to stop me from doing it" the tone of Amaterasu's voice was so dangerous the even the two supreme goddesses felt a chill up their spine.

After finishing her advice/threat, Amaterasu turned normal and almost every other deities was frozen. Soon some of the more boastful gods regained their sense,

"Was that a threat, Amaterasu?" growled Susano'o, who never got along with his sister as she was far more powerful than him and that made him intensely jealous of her.

She looked at him.

"No, a mere advice to watch your steps from now on, dear brother" Amaterasu stated in what seemed to be a mixture of pleased and warning tone. Yami who saw that things were going out of hand soon intervened,

"I want you to take it as a threat Susano'o due to your history with your sister, and" Yami told Susano'o and turned towards the rest of them,"what Amaterasu said is to be taken as a fore warning by everyone here and we will fully support her actions should she be forced to carry out her warning on anyone here, is it clear?"

Many Gods paled at hearing it, getting a warning from Amaterasu was one thing but with Kami and Yami supporting her, it was a completely different territory which no one wanted to enter.

"Thank you, Yami-sama" Amaterasu smiled at Yami who smiled back," but I still have some things to ask" Amaterasu looked for their permission who nodded. She continued,

Amaterasu took a deep breath," As you must have guessed that I will be going to the Human world to talk to Naruto Uzumaki about my decision,but I'm also going to gift him some skill's that I see fit for which I want your permission to borrow some powers from Tsukuyomi and Susano'o as my compensation for their actions against me in the past which I still haven't forgiven" Amaterasu finished and looked at the two deities in front of her who looked to be contemplating about what she had said.

The whole court was in silence as no one wanted to interfere in the talk between higher ones, not after one of them had given a direct threat, however Tsukuyomi and Susano'o seemed to be barely holding it.

"I suppose that can be done easily as you had not received any form of compensation form either of them for their transgressions" Kami agreed and turned towards the two suspiciously purple faced gods, "Tsukuyomi and Susano'o, both of them under my order will give a part of their power to Amaterasu as a compensation for your past actions….. and don't be under the impression that you have a choice" Kami ordered in a final voice and motioned the two gods to come up in the front.

Tsukuyomi and Susano'o got up from their respective seats and walked towards the three goddesses stiffly as if they were having an internal fight with their own body against the motion. When they reached there, they walked behind Amaterasu and placed their hands just above her shoulders, as soon as they did this their hands were enveloped in blue fire and seemed to be burning which showed, as both the gods cringed slightly, after all getting ones power sapped out hurts a lot. After ritual ended, both gods could feel their powers drained out and were glaring at Amaterasu. After that both of them went back and sat at their respective places.

"Now that is out of the way….is there anything else you want Amaterasu" queried Kami,

"No, I have everything I want Kami-sama but thank you for asking…..but now I must take my leave, my job is still unfinished" replied Amaterasu with a smile as she bowed in gratitude and took some steps backward and was soon engulfed in black flames, and the flames extinguished to show that she had left.

Kami and Yami both released tired sighs; both mentally exhausted due to the recent events and dismissed the court. All gods left in their own fashion like Susano'o with wind and lightning rotating around him, with Tsukuyomi, he was enveloped in white light and faded away with it. When Kami and Yami saw that everyone has left, Yami turned towards Kami,

"Times are going to be interesting from now on, don't you agree with me sister?" Yami said with a mischievous smile on her face. Kami returned the smile with her own mischievous one,

"Indeed my dear sister", both of them giggled and soon a mirror like screen appeared in front of them showing that Amaterasu had just arrived in Naruto's apartment, who freaking out at her sudden appearance. Indeed the future had just become interesting.

Hidden leaf Village

It was night time in the Village Hidden in the Leaves or Hidden Leaf Village. The whole village looked peaceful with a full moon shining down on it and a light breeze flowing was through it. Most of the villagers were asleep while many shinobi could be seen patrolling the village. Only a couple of lights were ON while the whole village was bathed in moonlight. And one of the lights belonged to the apartment of none other than the village's resident Jinchuriki whose life was about to take an interesting turn.

With Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto was an orphan of average height for a 12 year old with sunny blond hair, fair complexion skin with light tan and bright blue eyes. However his most distinctive feature was the whisker marks on his face, 3 on each cheek. He was sitting on the floor of his apartment and was wearing a white t-shirt with an Uzumaki swirl on the back of it and black shorts. His hands were held in a Ram (hitsuji) hand seal and there was a book on his head and on top of it was a vase. His eyes were closed in concentration and beads of sweat could be seen on his face.

'Come on….I just have to concentrate for some more time and my chakra control will improve, then I will be able to do the clone technique….come on' thought Naruto in desperation as he continued to concentrate. This exercise was explained to them in the academy, it helped in chakra control as we have to focus chakra on the top of our head to keep the vase balanced. It would have worked for normal academy students who were in final year, but Naruto's chakra reserves were anything but normal. He already had more chakra than the Sandaime Hokage, not that he knew that.

It was mainly because of the Nine tailed demon fox sealed into him at his birth by the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, which was also a fact he did not know. The villagers and some shinobi of the village affectionately (note the sarcasm) called him Kyuubi or Kyuubi brat or demon or/and many other names that proved that he was a demon. Naruto was a prankster in the academy, continuously pranking many teachers, villagers who hated him, some shinobi, etc and therefore earned a the nickname 'Prankster king from hell'. He was hated by a majority of the village, some were neutral towards him while only a handful cared about him which included the Hokage and the Ichiraku father-daughter duo.

But currently, he cared about nothing else other than focusing on the task at hand…which was interrupted when suddenly, a mysterious breeze entered the room and started whirling in the centre of it.

Naruto hurriedly opened his eyes after feeling the wind pick up, thinking that he had forgotten to close his window and cursed himself. As soon as he opened his eyes he saw the wind whirling in the centre of his room, which confused him, which led to him losing his concentration and the vase fell from his head on the floor and broke into pieces, as soon as it happened the lights in his room went off.


Naruto had not moved from his spot from when the lights went off. Now Naruto might be hated by the whole village and was forced to grow up a bit faster than the other kids of his age but he was still a 12 year old, he was a shinobi academy student but still had the mind of a 12 year old. And any kid of his age would interpret sudden mysterious wind circling the centre of the room and lights going off in the middle of the night as only one thing. Ghosts.

As soon as Naruto's 12 year old mind reached the conclusion, he paled and broke in a cold sweat. Not daring to make a single move, he was able to stutter out a sentence,

"U-Uh, I-Is a-anybody t-there?"

"I don't think it is the wisest question you ask someone, especially to whom you perceive to be a ghost" a melodious female voice replied to Naruto's question after a pause of 3 seconds.

Naruto blinked after hearing such a beautiful voice in his room, his fear forgotten for a second, and then he blinked again when his mind figured out that he had just heard another voice in the room when he should have been alone. His reaction did not disappoint.

"KYAAAA-", Naruto's unmanly scream, which surely would have knocked him down many pegs on the manliness scale, was silenced by a soft hand covering his mouth. Naruto opened his eyes which he had closed when he had let out the scream and was gifted with a sight which no man or woman that has ever graced the Human World had ever seen. There was still darkness in his room however a dull light seemed to illuminate the room which strangely reminded him of moonlight, but all of his attention was captured by the goddess in front of him. She had long silky waist length shiny black hairs, her face the most beautiful thing he had ever come across, which was saying a lot since he had seen the likes of Kurenai Yuuhi. She had soft pink lips which were curved in a small smile and her eyes were coal black and seemed to dance with amusement. His eyes traveled down along her body which was covered in a black kimimo and had rose petals on it, not to mention it looked tad expensive. She looked to around the age of 18 or 19 but there was a different aura around her which he could not place, which was saying something as he could get a feel of any person he came across, it was a skill he had developed when he was small.

Naruto however came to his senses and was about to try and struggle in the grip when he saw an assuring smile on the woman's face,

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I'm not a ghost, I assure you but you have to promise me that you will not shout when I remove my hand, I just wanted to talk….please?" Amaterasu said in such a soft and assuring voice that Naruto could not help but give her a shaky nod.

Now he (Naruto) was not the most trusting person as he had been duped more than enough times but something about this woman in front of him told him to believe her, to place his trust in her and Naruto was not a person to betray his instincts.

After seeing Naruto nod albeit shakily, she removed her hand form his mouth and looked at him thoroughly taking in all of his features which took only a second as it was the first time she was seeing him in person.

Naruto saw her looking at him intently, though only for a second but it made him feel almost naked as if she was seeing right through his clothes. He shook his head and dismissed his thoughts and decided it was time he got his answers from the strange yet very beautiful woman.

"S-so, um….. w-who are you, as you said you are not a g-ghost?" Naruto asked nervously,

Amaterasu seemed to be thinking for a second and shrugged,

"I know that what I'm saying might sound very strange but….I'm a goddess" She replied with total seriousness,

Now Naruto knew that he might not be the sharpest kunai in the pouch but he wasn't stupid, he looked over at the woman in front of him and could honestly say that he was tempted to believe her but simple logic and common sense over ruled his thought process.

Amaterasu noticed that he looked skeptic over her claim to be a goddess and was not surprised; after all it was not every day that you appear in front of someone and claimed to be a deity.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her and felt as if he was being pranked by some shinobi who decided it was funny to mess with the 'prankster king from hell ',

'But I should atleast give her a chance to prove herself, as all shinobi know that the title of 'Prankster king form hell' is well earned by me ', Naruto thought,

"Ok….. I will give you a chance to prove yourself that you are a 'goddess' and that this is not a prank ", Naruto said, even though he was betting that this was a prank.

Amaterasu raised a delicate eyebrow at his statement and began to think of something that would convince him that she was telling the truth, as she was thinking; she saw the fullmoon through his window and remembered the powers she had taken from Tsukuyomi. She smirked.

She sat beside him and noticed that he was watching her like a hawk, again not surprising as she had observed him for his whole life and knew that he is usually cautious around strangers,

'It is going to take a lot of effort on my part to make things work' She thought,

"Do you see the full moon" She asked him while pointing towards the moon,

He nodded and wondered where she was going with this,

"I will make it disappear" with that she extended her hand towards the moon, made a waving motion and soon the moon disappeared right before Naruto's and all others who were watching, eyes.

Naruto looked baffled for a second and ran towards the window, after opening it he peered out to look at the moon, all of it had disappeared and only a faint white circular outline was present on its place, the village once bathed in the moonlight had gone completely dark, his enhanced eyes caught the sight of some shinobi having similar reaction to the unreal phenomenon, he looked towards the goddess and the remaining white ring in the sky many times, even going as far as trying to dispel a genjutsu but nothing changed,

'Holy Mother of Ramen, it's real! The woman just made the freaking moon disappear!' Naruto thought in awe and some amount of disbelief, 'Is she really a goddess?'

He slowly turned to look at Amaterasu who had an amused expression on her face, he gulped,

'But why would a freaking goddess appear in my room, I didn't do anything to face the wrath of one', he furiously worked his mind to come up with an explanation,

"I know you have many questions Naruto-kun and I would gladly answer them….that is if you are done freaking out and let me explain some things", Amaterasu said, still having an amused expression on her face,

Naruto after listening to what she said immediately sat down near the window, which was almost 10 feet away from her, with a nervous expression on his face and beads of sweat still rolling down his face but this time due to sheer nervousness. However in his nervousness he completely overlooked her usage of an affectionate suffix after his name.

Amaterasu frowned slightly at the distance he kept from her, it was kind expected but that didn't mean she has to be ok with it, he was her life partner after all,

"I guess I will start by telling you my name….my name is Amaterasu and if you are thinking that I came here to punish you or something like that, I assure you that is not the case" She explained and Naruto let out a sigh of relief.

She paused a bit and thought of how to tell him that he was bonded to her for the rest of eternity as she knew about his crush aka the pink haired human-banshee hybrid howler monkey , she also wanted to tell him why he was hated by the village so much,

She sighed deeply all amusement leaving her face and Naruto instantly had a sinking feeling in his stomach,

' Am I dying?, please I don't want to die yet, I haven't even passed the academy and then I have to win Sakura-chan's love and I have to become the Hokage too, please,please,please' He chanted in his mind,

"I want you to pay full attention to what I'm going to say" when she saw he was giving her his full attention, she continued,

"I have been watching over you since the day you were born Naruto-kun, I know you are not liked by the majority of the village and I know the reason why. I will tell you that in time but first you need to know that…" she slowly moved towards him all the time looking straight in his eyes," You are no demon, you are the purest soul that has ever graced the human world, you are a light which burns brightly even when it is surrounded by darkness from all sides and threaten to consume you" she reached up to him and held his face in both of hands which stopped Naruto, who was starting to lean back due to the close distance between them," you are a person who cherishes the people he loves , you have hatred but your unique power to forgive and bring the good out of others far surpasses it and…" She brought his face close to her, her lips nearing his, "that is the reason I feel in love with you" she finished and brought both their lips together in a chaste kiss, pouring all her feelings for him as well as a part of her power that she had wished to share with him.

The whole time Naruto sat there with eyes wide unbelieving eyes, unable to comprehend what was going on, this woman who proved herself to be a goddess had said that she had observed him from the time he was born, knew the reason he was hated, said that he was the purest soul, then confessed to him that she loved him, and was now kissing him, he idly wondered if he was having a night mare or his first wet dream as it was to surreal to be real. He soon felt her pull back and noticed that her eyes were closed in pure bliss, he tried to lean back but her hands soon went behind him and pulled him into a hug. They simply sat there with Naruto not being able to comprehend the situation and Amaterasu in happiness at being so close to her love.

They soon separated and Naruto asked the obvious question,

"W-what the hell is going on, is this a dream or is it for real? And did you just say that you love me?" Naruto asked perplexed, still not getting over his shock.

"No, this is not a dream I promise you and yes I just said that I loved you….is it so hard to believe?" she answered,

Naruto's jaw unhinged for a second,

'This is not a dream? Yeah of course it is not, dreams are not so… reallike, but…'he thought,

"But how is it possible?...I mean gods aren't suppose to fall in love with human, I have never heard of such a thing, I mean I heard your reasons but still… is very hard to believe such a thing" he replied still perplexed.

Amaterasu giggled and if Naruto was honest with himself it was one of the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard.

"I can imagine, but I'm not lying Naruto-kun, I took permission of kami-sama for it, and it is obviously not the first time it has happened that a deity has fallen in love with a human" she cleared his doubts about the situation,

"A-ah, I didn't know….sorry for doubting you Amaterasu-sama" he apologized and bowed,

"Ah ah ah, no Amaterasu- sama for you, it's either simply Amaterasu or Amaterasu-chan….or you can give me a nick name as long as I like it and no apologizing for things you did not know" she corrected him giving him a smile,

Naruto looked uncomfortable with the whole situation and simply looked away, after sometime he looked at her,

"It's just that I'm a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing and don't know what to say, a part of me is still saying that it is a delusion and I never even dreamed of this, I need time to think and clear my thoughts" he said apologetically,

"It's totally alright, I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable but there are still things that I need to tell you as I'm running low on time" she said, " I don't know if you have noticed but I have shared a part of my powers with you"

Naruto blinked and then realised that he had never felt so good in his entire life, he had not paid attention to it first but during the kiss he had felt another chakra entering his body, his chakra reserved were bigger and his chakra also felt stronger, his control had also increased exponentially. He felt a sense of awe and looked towards her and nodded in affirmative.

Amaterasu looked pleased that he had liked her gifts so much and began to explain them,

"As you have noticed, your chakra has grown stronger and has increased in quantity, your control on it has also increased but there is more to it," she paused and thought of how to explain him his extra powers, she came to the conclusion that she will have to explain him her own powers first, then he will understand his, "but first you have to understand that my powers lie in controlling all types of fire, and yes there many types of fire" she explained seeing he was about to ask about different types of fire " the most common is the fire you humans use which is a mixture orange and red colour, the next type is white in colour and has a higher temperature than common fire, next is the blue fire or foxfire which is hotter than white fire, the last and the most powerful is the black fire which is the hottest, cannot be extinguished even by water and burns till the target is dead or for seven days and seven nights. My powers also include genjutsu and physical manifestation of objects using chakra.

The powers I have granted you allow you to master all types of fire to a certain degree, imperviousness to genjutsu of up to... according to human ranking system say A-rank and ability of making chakra solid and using it for various purposes" , her eyes softened, "if it would have been possible then I would have given all of my powers to you to keep you safe and survive this world but alas ", she smiled sadly at him," I have some rules to follow, I cannot help you anymore...I-I'm sorry", she looked down and sniffed, "I'm really sorry that I cannot do more for you, that I could not help you for all these years, I'm sorry th-" her heartfelt apology was cut off when Naruto hugged her tightly to himself.

"Hey now, please don't cry, I-I understand, you don't have to say anymore", He said as he rubbed her back in a comforting way. He had been getting increasingly excited when she was explaining him his abilities and was thinking of some way he could express his gratitude and do something nice for her, but it all went down when she started to sniff and apologise, one thing he could not stand was a girl crying, be it a normal female or a goddess,

Sigh, 'She sounded that she really wanted to help me and cares for me', no one had ever cared for him other than the Hokage and Ichiraku's. But it barely filled the empty gap in his heart, the part of him that always longed for true love and care, the part that wanted someone to be there for him all the time, and here was a goddess who loved and cared for him all along, wanted to be there for him, giving him a heartfelt apology for not doings things for him that his parents should have done, it brought tears in his eyes that there was at least someone apologized for the pain he had to suffer every day from the day of his birth.

He was feeling it difficult to contain his own tears at the revelation.

Amaterasu was blushing slightly at the way he held her, and felt a need to never let go of him but sadly they were running out of time, she still had to tell him the reason he was hated by the village. Sighing sadly she let go of him and noticed that there were tears in his eyes too. Smiling sadly she wiped his tears with the back of her hand.

'It must be very touching for him to know that someone unknown loves him so much' she thought sadly.

"Naruto-kun, before I tell you what you had always wanted to know, I want you to know that you are not a demon or any of the things that the people have told you, you are a human like every single one of them alright, promise me that you will never thing otherwise"

He nodded with unshed tears in his eyes and in happiness that he was not a monster as the villagers had always claimed.

"As you know 12 years ago, Konoha was attacked by the Nine tailed demon fox and it was defeated as well as killed by Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage, who also died while doing the deed" she paused to look at him and saw him looking at her intently, it caused her to blush slightly, not that he noticed.

"The parts of the story like demon attacking the village and the Hokage dying are true, however the Kyuubi no Youko is still alive"

"WHAT? How is that possible? Iruka-sensei said it died when the Yondaime used a special jutsu that no one knows to kill it!" Naruto exclaimed in shock.

Amaterasu stared at him sadly thinking of how he would react to the truth and was almost tempted to avoid telling him the truth, but figured that he would come to know of it one day and might end up going in a depression or worse, which was the last thing she wanted for him.

Steeling her resolve, she decided to come out with it.

"Any jutsu, no matter how powerful it is, is incapable kill a biju, it was a cover up the Sandaime came up with to hide the truth from the younger generation. The older generation knows the truth but a law has been placed by the Hokage with a death penalty that prevents anyone from talking about it. The truth is that, the Yondaime was unable to kill the Kyuubi so he did the next best thing to protect the village..." Her face grew solemn," he sealed it into a new born child, similar to how you use a storage scroll, he made you the container of the Nine tailed demon fox" She finished and gazed at him.

Naruto was shocked at hearing the reason for the apparent hatred the village held towards him, he knew that the fox took many lives during its rampage, but still felt himself getting angry at all the people, they knew he was not the fox only a mere container for it but still...

'At least the shinobi understand the concepts of sealing but still treated me like a demon, but then why? ,why for all these years?' tears came to his eyes as the facts appeared in front of him,

'T-then did my parents abandon me... be-because they also thought of me as the Kyuubi?' silent tears were rolling down his whiskered cheeks,

After sometime he looked at her and asked the obvious question.

"Why me?" his voice was barely above a whisper but Amaterasu heard it clearly.

She knew the reason why,

She cupped his face tenderly and spoke,"Because he was a father who believed in his son"

He was snapped out of his stupor and look at her with wide unbelieving eyes.

"The Yondaime is my father?" he asked, shocked at the revelation.

She nodded.

'I am the Yondaime Hokage's son! But then why did he do this to me? And all these years jiji lied to me about not knowing who my parents were? He must have known! But why did he not tell me why I was hated for all these years? Was he hoping to keep it a secret forever thinking that I wouldn't find out? WHY ALL THESE LIES?' he was raging mentally at the Sandaime for keeping all these things from him, he deserved to know everything, especially with what he had to endure for all his life. He was broken out of his thoughts hearing Amaterasu's voice.

"I understand how you must be feeling at this point Naruto-kun but please don't hate your father because believe me when I say that he did not have a choice, the Kyuubi was running free, destroying everything in its path, and you were the closest available baby and even if there would have been another one, your father was too noble to ask another parent to give up their baby for the sealing as only a newborn can contain a biju, he loved you with all his heart and wished for the village to treat you as a hero who kept the Kyuubi at bay, and even though his wishes were not followed, he would have been proud of the way you have grown up. He believed in you like a parent should have." She said calming his inner conflicting feelings. She knew she had lied to him about a lot of things that happened on that dreadful night, the fact about his mother being the previous Jinchuriki of Kyuubi, the attack of the mysterious masked man, and many other things, but he wasn't ready for those things yet, he was already at the end of his line due to some many revelations. But she would tell him the whole truth one day, as he would be the one to avenge his parents. Her thoughts were broken when Naruto asked a question,

"Do you know who my mother is?"He asked in a hopeful voice.

"Yes, her name was Uzumaki Kushina but sadly she also died the day you were born, she was a rather unique character and if I'm right, you inherit your all your mannerisms from her right down to your verbal tic" she informed him ,

He blushed at the mention of his verbal tic and was very happy that he was so much like his mother but sad at the same time knowing she has passed away,

"Can you tell me more about my mother and father? Please? Please? Please?" He gave her his own patented puppy fox eyes no jutsu, a deadlier version of puppy dog eyes no jutsu.

Amaterasu after seeing how cute he looked killed her almost irresistible urge let out a squeal and hug him to death while on the outside she took deep breaths to calm herself,

'If he does it again I really might lose control of my female instincts, god that move of his is a lady killer' she thought,

"Yes of course I'd be happy to do that, but we can do it the next time as my time is almost over" she looked away from his face which still held the cute expression, "I have something for you"

"Huh? You want to give me something more?" he asked tilting his head a little and a bewildered expression on his face.

"Mmhmm, think of it as an early Happy birthday present" she said, after which a katana appeared from...somewhere in her hand which she handed to him.

It was easily the most beautiful katana he had ever seen (not that he had seen many); the sheath was black in colour with designs on it which were golden in colour, he unsheathed it to see its blade which was pitch black in colour with the sharper edge being slightly lighter in shade. The handle was double length for the usage of two hands and was also black with white designs on it. Its hilt was round in shape with a series of designs that seemed to be made out of precious stones which were liquefied and recrystallised in desired shapes. All in all the katana looked like it would cost a gold mine or more.

He looked at Amaterasu with comical happy tears in his eyes and started saying "Thank you" over and over again at the same time bowing repeatedly. She sweat dropped slightly at the sight in front of her as he started to hug the sword in the same way you would expect a small girl to hug her favourite plushy toy.

"AHEM" she gained his attention who blushed slightly at being caught doing something that was embarrassing. She smiled slightly at that.

"I would like to tell you something about the sword, the sword you are holding is one of the finest pieces crafted by a blacksmith who lived a very long time ago, it has been in my possession for centuries and now I would like you to have it as well as learn the art of kenjutsu, it is a very useful skill and also one of the very important"

Naruto looked down at that,

"B-but no one would teach me anything" he said dejectedly,

Amaterasu was quick to raise his spirits him as she continued to speak,

"Don't worry, I will provide you with the necessary scrolls and see over your training from time to time, I just wish I could spend all my time in this world with you while you are here" sigh "But it doesn't matter much I guess, nevertheless we will be together again when you finish your life here and come to afterlife where we can spend the rest of eternity with each other" she sighed wistfully and gave him a wink.

Naruto was looking her the entire time and saw how much she loved him, and while he was happy a part of him was slightly afraid too as had never been in this kind of situation, of course he tried to impress Sakura everyday and get a date with her but this was something different, something more deep,

'And she's way beautiful than Sakura-chan, and her voice is also melodious, not to mention her lips taste so sweet, better than ramen an- GAH get your mind out of gutter Naruto, you are not a pervert' he thought while blushing and shook his head, unfortunately Amaterasu saw it all,

"My, my, having of perverted thoughts about me Naruto-kun" she asked, deciding to have some fun with him as she already knew about his thoughts,

"N-no, I was thinking something different" he said fearfully,

"Hmph, does that mean I am not attractive enough for you?" she mock huffed, which Naruto did not catch on, downs of being a thickhead,

"Of course you are, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen" He replied sincerely,

Amaterasu blushed hearing the sincerity in his voice,

"T-thank you, and you don't have to worry about not knowing what to do, we will spend as much time together as possible from now on..."she leaned close to him"and I'm sure I will be able to make you fall in love with me before you can even say Sakura" finishing with a light peck on his lip she leaned back and was pleased to see his face resembling a tomato.

Naruto was a blushing mess due to her rather bold claim and vowed that he would also try and get to know her better, not to mention getting her back for making him embarrassed.

'No one gets away from me for getting embarrassed dattebyo!' he thought conspiringly.

Amaterasu felt a shiver going up her spine seeing the scheming look on his face. She put it at the back of her mind and got a feeling that her time with him was up (for now).

"My time is up Naruto-kun, but don't worry, I will visit again in some days hopefully before your Genin exams" She informed him as she prepared to leave and saw he was looking at her despondently" but before that, I want you to go up to your Hokage the next thing in the morning and ask him for another clone technique which you can use but don't ask him about what you have learned today...believe me, it will make things easier" her form started to disappear " and train hard for your exams, I sure you will pass with flying colours" She gave him one last loving smile" And remember that I will always be watching over you and I love you" with that she disappeared.

Naruto kept staring at where she was standing for a few seconds before closing his eyes and sighing tiredly, the last half an hour for him was the most emotionally draining time for him. He slowly moved towards his bed, keeping the katana in his hands in a standing position near his bed and moved under his covers, he idly wondered that if he slept now then will he be waking up tomorrow with or without the katana on its place, thus helping him figure out if it was all a dream or not. He hoped for the katana to be there when he woke up and with these thoughts in mind he let sleep overcome him.

Kami's court

Kami and Yami had just finished observing the interaction between Amaterasu and Naruto when black flames appeared in front of them which dissipated revealing Amaterasu. She had a pleased expression on her face showing how happy she was with her latest confession. The two in front of her looked amused at seeing the Mighty Amaterasu the Goddess of Sun going all fangirl for a Human boy.

"It seems that you have 'informed' Naruto-kun about your decision and seeing that look on your face it appears that everything worked out well, ne? Yami teased the sun goddess, whose eyebrow twitched slightly but soon deadpanned,

"I know you two have been spying on me and Naruto-kun from the moment I left, no need to fake innocence about it" she responded in a blank voice,

"Aww, you need to lighten up Amaterasu-chan, besides we have very less fun now a days, and you just provided the opportunity for it, no need to accuse us for spying" Kami replied the amused look still on her face.

Sigh, "Fine, I will just go and do my own things-""which includes peeping at Naruto-kun"" Good bye" Amaterasu gritted out, due to the interjecting statement by Yami.

As soon as she left both the sisters burst out laughing,

"Oh my...we are...g-going to have...s-so much fun from now" Kami spoke between her laughs and Yami could not help but agree.

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