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The Night before the Graduation Exams- Konoha

With Sarutobi Hiruzen-Hokage's Office

Sarutobi Hiruzen was sitting on his chair facing towards the window, the smoke pipe in his hand, and a pensive expression on his face.

The lights of the room were turned off and his figure was bathed in moonlight.

The Hokage's office is a busy place for most of the day; the duty of being the Sandaime Hokage left no free time for the aged Sarutobi Hiruzen, a man in his seventies, who even though was the strongest ninja in the village, was a man who enjoyed peace. That was the reason he strived, struggled, and shed blood for his precious village, for the people, but those people were growing corrupt as days passed by, during the times of war, the people of the village worked hard to earn money, to feed the ninja, to preserve the will of fire that the Shodaime and the Nindaime taught about, but now, in the times of peace, the same people as well as ninja were growing arrogant, arrogant of their power, arrogant their money, arrogant of the peace. He admitted that it was partly his fault, he loved his people too much, so much so that he let them get away for making a small child suffer, suffer for things that the child was not even aware of, suffer of things that the child had no control of, and it had cost him, it had cost all of them, the same child had grown up, the same child was growing strong, the child's eyes were no more bright pools of joy, they had become the eyes of a determined shinobi.

Sarutobi was one of the few people who knew Uzumaki Naruto's heritage, along with the elders, the clan heads, Kakashi Hatake, and Shimura Danzo, the boy's parents were some of the strongest shinobi ever born, most determined, compassionate and loving but absolutely ruthless to those who made this world a dire place. The combination of those genes would no doubt create a monster of a shinobi but still with his ideals and morals, he had lost the count of the number of times the old war-hawk (Danzo) had asked for Naruto's custody, to train him into a weapon but he had disagreed, he had faith in the child, that the child would rise above his sufferings, he would use his pain to make himself stronger, he would strive to gain acknowledgement of the village and achieve his dream to become the Hokage, but now, his hope looked bleak, he had seen the eyes of the child, they were different, the eyes which were once as easy to read as an open book had turned into fathomless oceans, the ANBU who was assigned to watch over the boy had given interesting reports, the boy was growing rapidly in strength, in a week's time his grandson figure had apparently come up with a very strange yet with the potential to become very powerful taijutsu style, and people said the boy was a dead last.

If he previously had any doubts about Naruto's potential, they had vanished without a trace in this week. He had used his crystal orb see Naruto train almost every day but only for as much time as his duties provided, the boys progress in weapons, stealth, taijutsu, chakra control had left even him, who had seen and observed prodigies like Sakumo Hatake, Orochimaru, Minato Namikaze, Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Tsunade Senju, Shisui Uchiha and many more, baffled. The boy, whose weapon accuracy had been average, for an Academy student, was now chunin level, he was sure that the strange taijutsu style, his grandson figure had come up with, had the potential to rival the Hyuga clan's Juken, the boy had already started to master the water walking exercise. He had to admit it was partly due to the smart use of the shadow clone technique, as he had told Naruto personally the secret behind it and why only he would be able to use it effectively, nevertheless the boy did not know that the technique was brought to Konoha by Mito Uzumaki from the Uzumaki clan. It also pained in his old heart to lie to the boy about him not knowing his (Naruto) parents and about the Kyuubi's secret, but he had done it, and for the sake of the child to have a normal childhood, he had created various laws with strict penalties but alas they did little to help the situation. He wished so much right now that he could go in back in time and slap his other self to do the right things.

While Naruto was still like his previous self, just a bit more serious, sarcastic, talented and physically different, there were only brief flashes of his prior mentality; although it was a good thing that he had decided to take his shinobi career seriously, the Sandaime still missed the orange jumpsuit wearing Naruto. Also he (Sandaime) had noticed that Naruto was containing a certain emotion during their last talk, he did not know what it was but it certainly spiked his curiosity.

Now Naruto had not expressed anger or hostility towards the village but he was still the village's jinchuriki, so anything concerning him was treated as a severe topic. He was certain most of the jinchuriki hated the people of the village they belong to, but he had hoped that Naruto would not turn out like the others, and he believed it till last week.

'I'm getting nowhere with this, there has to be some reason for the sudden change in Naruto, people don't change so fast, I know, but what could be the reason' Sandaime leaned back to look in the star filled night sky 'is Danzo responsible for this? There are no other elements in the village who would dare to influence Naruto under my watch, only Danzo would be so daring…but why wait for so many years then? And why would he be so obvious?...He would have made sure to not let me get any hints 'He took a deep wisp from the pipe and exhaled slowly in the cold night air, his lips slowly curved into a small hollow and knowing smile, 'Maybe, even he realized that there is not much time left for our generation to live' He pulled the Hokage hat down slightly, so that his eyes were shadowed partially, and with the small hollow smile, it looked a truly terrifying visage, 'What are you planning Danzo'

Underneath Konoha- Sewers

With Danzo

The said man, Danzo was sitting in a dimly lit room, behind a table and a shinobi with a blank white mask and shadowed clothing was kneeling in front of him.

Danzo had black shaggy hair, and his right eye was bandaged. He had had an x-shaped scar on his chin ever since his youth. He wore a white shirt, with a brown robe over top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder. A cane which he used to walk was leaning on the table,

He was currently reading a scroll with a frown on his face, it was clear that he was not happy with whatever was written in it. He finished reading and rolled it back up and placed it in a drawer.

"What are your orders Danzo-sama" the kneeling shinobi asked in a blank voice.

Danzo barely listened to his subordinate because his mind was currently trying to understand the current situation,

'This is very troubling, I had taken a huge risk and a lot of effort to sabotage and limit the development of the Kyuubi jinchuriki so that I could recruit him in the Root in the future, but this sudden increase in his skills as well as the use of Shadow clone technique for training can cause problems for my plans for him ….It is obvious that Sarutobi had to do something with it, as he is the only one who can give that boy the technique. And the boy's increase in skills in a single week is also troubling; I must take necessary steps to either stop that boy's growth or rush my plan for his recruitment. But I have no doubt that Sarutobi is keeping an eye on that boy, I need to have some patience'

Looking up at his subordinate,

"Do nothing for now, continue to monitor his development and I want special reports on the development of the strange taijutsu style that the boy is currently learning"

"Hai Danzo-sama" with that the white masked shinobi disappeared in a Shushin,

The strange taijutsu was another thing that had caught Danzo's interest, according to his subsidiary's report; the jinchuriki was in that process of learning a rather new and odd taijutsu style. Now he was a veteran shinobi, he knew of all taijutsu styles in Konoha and could recognize many from outside Konoha too, but the style the boy was practicing was a complete anomaly and it intrigued him.

He was not surprised by the boy's sudden growth in skills as he was one of the few people who knew about his true heritage not restricting to being the son of Namikaze Minato but also his legendary Uzumaki blood which will no doubt make the boy a monster on the battlefield. And it seemed that Sarutobi had finally recognized the boy's potential, but the timing had caused one of his long term plans to derail.

'No, my plan is not ruined, things are still salvageable, and I just need to make my next moves carefully' leaving the matter with those thoughts, he picked up another report that was lying in front of him, his eye gleamed slightly as he read the name of the person, which was of particular interest to him, maybe more than the Kyuubi jinchuriki,

'Uchiha Sasuke'

Naruto's apartment

With Naruto

Naruto was lying on his bed wearing his night-time clothes, which he had bought from Miko's shop. The lights of his room were turned off, and darkness with some faint light filled the room. Many people would have thought that the boy was asleep but his open blue eyes staring at the ceiling was a dead giveaway that he was far from asleep.

Naruto's mind was currently a whirlwind of thoughts, and unsurprisingly most of them revolved around Amaterasu. Well not exactly around her, but around the gift she had given him or rather sent to him, no it was not the beautiful katana he was talking about, it was a medium sized scroll which was lying beside his bed and next to the katana.

When he had arrived home from Miko's store , he had found the scroll lying next to the katana, when he opened it and looked inside he was surprised to find a small note from Amaterasu saying that it was another surprise present for him.

Only after going through some things written inside it, did he realize that whatever was written inside it was the beginner level material to learn a taijutsu style. His eyes had grown moist to the point that it would have taken only a single push in the right direction for him to start sprouting tears of joy not unlike some of the 'Youthful' guys.

The said taijutsu style was very odd he decided, not bad but odd, he had to revise his own katas taught to him in the academy to even start learning it. The style as far as he had practiced depended on various factors, mainly his flexibility, reaction speed, strength, body balance and many other things, that was no surprise in it though every taijutsu style depended on those factors, but the oddest thing was that it required very minimal to no chakra. Now as far as he had read about taijutsu in the library in the past week he knew that most ninja used chakra to increase speed and strength of the body especially during a taijutsu duel but the writings in the scroll strictly forbid him from doing this.

While practicing during the week's time he had wondered about the reason for this but ended up with a blank answer, maybe he will find the reason when he would advance more in it or maybe he could ask Amaterasu when she visits him again.

That brought up another matter of thought,

Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, had confessed her love for him a week ago.

Now that was one of the, if not the best thing that has happened to him for a long time, hell it was the best thing in his whole life so far, so what was his problem regarding that issue?

It was simple, he did not know what to make of it, of course if someone loved him, he would love the person back, but how was he supposed to do that when he had only met her once and as far as he could derive from their conversation, she could spend only limited amount of time in the land of living. Maybe after his death he would go to heaven and then they can spend the eternity together, but what was he supposed to do in his living years, of course, he had his dreams for the future, that was not the point, but the real point was, what about his love life? A man is supposed to love only a single woman romantically at a given time and if he was to return Amaterasu's love, he would have to remain single and unmarried among his peers for his whole life, and what if some girl fell for him in the mean time? He wasn't in a hurry to find her reaction to that. He shuddered slightly at the image of Amaterasu going all Sun Goddess on that supposed girl.

Naruto shifted his body to turn on one side; his face showed that there were many confliction thoughts going through his mind right now.

"I'll thing about it some other time" he murmured slightly as he observed the moon.

There were still things he needed to sort out before getting some sleep,

The Kyuubi and his mother, Uzumaki Kushina topped the list.

He still found it hard to believe that The Kyuubi no Youko, the mighty beast of destruction was sealed inside his gut. How was he supposed to react about it? Of course, he could freak out about it but Naruto Uzumaki was not that kind of a person, he knew that freaking out would not do him any good and besides, Amaterasu had assured him that he was not a monster, merely a container. However, that did not eliminate his anxiety fully.

The second thing that was bothering him was the lack of information about his mother. During the past week, he had been sending a dozen clones to the library to study various subjects like geography, science, history, politics, etc. Nevertheless, to his disappointment, his clones were not able to read and memorize as much as he had expected them to, but it was still enough to get him through his graduation exams safely. Among his dozen clones, he had appointed two of them to search up on the name Uzumaki, he had initially thought that if he was given his mother's last name then maybe there was a possibility that some time in the history there must be an Uzumaki family, it turned out that he was wrong. He had sent his clones to the part of the library where basic information about every single family to have existed in Konoha was stored, it was mainly created to help orphans to search information about their family, but to his surprise, there was no mention of Uzumaki name anywhere.

Then he thought that maybe he should look for his mother's name, and he dare say it was not easy. His clones had scanned though various history books and archives to find even a shred of clue for the rest of the week but came up with nothing.

It was very frustrating to say the least; there were a lot of thing about his father including the tales about his legendary Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying thunder god technique) and how he used it to win the war against Iwagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in Rocks). He was in awe and filled with pride but it came crashing down when he realized that he knew next to nothing about his mother, not even how she looked. After his clones finished studying in library today, he decided he would ask Amaterasu about his mother during their next meet. It only increased his excitement to see the Goddess once again.

He turned his head to look at the clock,

'It is late….I should get some sleep, after all tomorrow is a big day of my life' and with that last thought Naruto let sleep take over him.

Graduation Day-Shinobi Academy

With Naruto

Naruto was sitting on one of the last benches in his academy classroom with a bored look on his face, so far he was the only one sitting in the class and it was boring to say at least. He had woken up early in the morning and rushed to the academy in his excitement to finally become a ninja and had conveniently forgotten in the process that the academy was scheduled to start an hour later than on normal working days. He had spent a whole minute in the process of banging his head on his desk to compensate for it.

He was dressed in a dark red shirt with mesh visible underneath it, black shinobi pants, the ends were bandaged, and his feet covered with black shinobi sandals with a weapons pouch tied to his right leg to finish his look. Miko herself had insisted him to go with this look as she said it suited him and made him look cool. Now Naruto did not consider himself as a person who bothered himself a lot with his looks or showing off in front of others but even occasionally it was nice to look good, especially since none of his classmates had seen his changes, it will be fun to see them try to figure out just who this new personality was.

Almost half an hour had passed and Naruto was lying with his head down on his desk, after a few more minutes a few students started to trickle inside the class and soon the whole class was filled with chattering kids aspiring to become ninja. While most of the students were ignoring him as he was still lying with his head down, a few girls as well as boys did look in his direction with confused looks as if trying to figure out who he was.

When there were less than 15 min left for the academy to start, Naruto felt someone tap on his shoulder to get his attention, looking up he was not surprised to see Miko grinning at him but what surprised him was her choice of wardrobe.

She was dressed in a long sleeved black top and a light purple apron skirt, under which she was wearing black shorts along with a pair of ninja sandals and dark colored stockings that reached until her thighs (Rin's outfit). Overall, she looked very attractive and he could see through the corner of his eyes that many boys were giving her appreciative looks. Not that he could blame them; even he would have been unable to resist himself….

'Damn hormones!' Naruto thought as he blushed slightly and looked away for a second.

After composing himself he looked towards Miko and smiled,

"Nice look" he complimented,

Miko's face gained a slight pink tinge as he said that and shyly looked at him,

"Thanks, you don't look bad either," saying that she sat at the empty seat beside him.

They stayed silent for a few moments as both of them surveyed the class and noticed that they were attracting attention from some of their fellow classmates but chose to ignore it. Soon both of them heard a series of squeals from various girls and instantly knew that Sasuke had just entered the class, it was not surprising as it was an everyday routine for them. Sasuke came in their field of vision and took a seat near the window. Both of them could see all his fangirls hovering around him like hungry vultures looking ready to pounce.

"It's my last day in the Academy and even after six years of being in the same class as him I still don't understand what the other girls see in him…I mean he has that dark mysterious look going for him but other than that he is the biggest jerk in the whole class" Miko stated bluntly. Hearing that, Naruto turned to look at her with surprise and newfound respect.

Miko seeing his look just shrugged.

"Well I knew you are not like his fangirls but it is the first time a girl from our class must have said it so…so openly. Usually the teme's fangirls can pick up such a statement from a long distance and hunt down the poor guy who said it but it guess they don't expect a girl to say such a thing", Naruto replied as he kept an eye on the fangirls to see if they sensed a disturbance in their force, but they seemed to be lost in their own 'Sasuke-kun world'.

"Well I'm not like them, at least I hope you don't think I am" She smiled in a dangerous way, which immediately put him in alert. He had to placate her as he had seen over the past week that an angry Miko was a dangerous Miko.

He raised his hands in his defense and at the same time to calm her down,

"You know that I think you are better than them from our first meeting itself last week," He reasoned with her with a slightly nervous smile, which seemed to calm her down a bit.

"Hai, I at least know that much about you", her deadly smile faded and he sighed in relief.

'Close one' he thought, he did not want a repeat performance of their training from last week during which he had accidentally angered her enough to start beating him into pulp, how could such a pretty and harmless looking girl hold so much power her punches he'll never know. Nevertheless, he did know not to anger her ever again.

"You know, even if he is a big jerk you are forgetting that he is still the heir of the most powerful clan in the village and not to mention he is the last of the same clan. That might be enough for most of the girls to fawn over him", He replied to her previous question while pointedly looking in the Uchiha's direction.

Miko hearing his reply frowned slightly and thought about it, it did make sense when he put it that way, not to mention Sasuke would probably be the owner of the whole fortune, jutsu, etc of his clan. That was enough for most of the ignorant to fall at his feet, which sadly included many shinobi of the village.

"Yeah….I guess he does have that going for him" was her honest reply.

Just a second after that both of them heard a loud rumbling sound and looked towards the door as they both knew what was approaching. The door slid open-

"I was first, Shannaro!" screamed one of the two girls who had just entered the classroom, she had long pink hair, and a large forehead, wore a dark red dress and dark colored short leggings.

"Can it Forehead, I was here first" screamed the other girl in reply who had long blond hair, was wearing purple dress with exposed mid-rift,

"Here they go, Sakura and Ino," Naruto groaned as he watched the two girls rush past them to take seats beside Sasuke.

Miko looked at him with amusement on her face, she had just recently come to know about his special dislike towards Sakura and could not help but tease him about it,

"Why are you so annoyed, aren't you gonna try and get a date with your favorite girl in class" sarcasm flowed like a river from her statement.

Naruto gave her a deadpan look and simply banged his head on his desk.

"Please don't even joke about it" was his muffled reply.

Soon the whole class had assembled and the class Instructors walked in holding a huge stack of papers. Both of them stood in the center as Mizuki stacked all the papers on the table.

"Alright quite down everybody, today we will be conducting the final graduation exams and it will determine whether or not you are fit to be a Shinobi of the Leaf Village. I know everyone here is excited but I need you to focus as this day will be one of your most important days in life" Started Umino Iruka who was the Chunin Instructor, he was wearing standard chunin attire, his hairs were tied in a pony tail and had a scar going across his nose.

"The exam will be held in multiple parts, the first part will include the written test, in which everybody has to pass to become a Genin. The second part includes weapons accuracy test, the third is Taijutsu test in which one student will be pitted against another. Moreover, the last but not the least, the Ninjutsu exam where you will have to perform the basic three ninjutsu taught to you in the academy. Performing all the three is compulsory to get your headband."

Mizuki started distributing the papers row wise to everybody,

"The first test starts now, and cheating will lead to immediate disqualification. Good Luck" Finished Iruka with a smile.

Naruto and Miko were sitting side by side and soon Mizuki handed them their papers.

"All the best Naruto" Miko said with a smile.

"Same to you even though you don't need it" Naruto replied with a grin of his own.

The time allotted for the written test was one hour, which was more than enough for Naruto to complete the test and gain enough marks to clear it. He finished it with just 5 minutes to spare. After looking over the paper thoroughly to make sure he did not miss anything, he turned it over and put his pencil down. Smiling with satisfaction, he crossed his hands behind his head and leaned back to observe the rest of his classmates. Predictably, most of the students were done with their papers and simply looking around with a few exceptions like Sakura, Ino and the rest of the fangirls were looking at Sasuke. A few boys similarly were staring at Miko who was lost in her own world with a thoughtful look on her face. Moreover, the last exception being Hinata who was blushing and sneaking glances at him at the same time twiddling her fingers in front of her. Weird.

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