Title: Her Idea of Training
Pairings: Yohna
Genre: Romance/Humor
Warnings: none.
Rating: T
Chapters: 1/1
Status: complete
Word Count: 393

Disclaimer: I don't own Shaman King nor the characters.

Summary: The next Shaman King tournament is in less than 500 years, and Anna wants her descendant to win it. Will Yoh be happy with her solution? Yohna, Manga-based.

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Her Idea of Training


The sojo door opened forcefully revealing the sole personification of law and order, as the five heroes had named her.

"How long are you all going to laze around like that?" she asked frostily, her eyes cold like ice as she stared at them hard. "Our battle hasn't ended yet. Don't forget that the next Shaman Fight is only in 500 years time."

"Hahaha, what are you talking about, Anna? That is still so far in time that even Oh-Oni would laugh at you." Yoh laughed, not even getting up from his slouched position.

"Naïve" Anna hissed, a vein popping on her forehead, as her foot landed in Yoh's face.

"Probably you all has received one of this, too." She showed them the Shaman Fights in Tokyo 2000 Official Program.

Everyone shifted murmuring amongst themselves.

Yoh got up, tending to his sore cheek. "Where did it come from?"

"Doesn't matter! What matters is that, although the next fight may be five centuries away, I want one of the Asakura descendants to take the Shaman King crown!" She yelled. "Start reading it!" She gave Yoh an evil glare. "Or did you forget the promise you made to me?"

"Um." Yoh sweated under her hard stare then got up quickly getting the manual and hurrying after her.

They marched up to their room. Anna let Yoh inside than slammed the sojo door behind them. She turned toward her husband and slowly advanced. A particular gleam in her eyes.

"I want to win the Shaman Tournament." She told him fiercely. "And I want my descendants to win it!" she was so close to him, he could feel her hot and sweet breath on his face. "And you are going to help me!"

"Wha-?" escaped him mouth before she jumped on him, attacking his lips fiercely.

"A-anna?" He sputtered finally after the mind-blowing kiss ended, unsure what was happening. He tried not to think about her roaming hands, as they stroked his stomach. The way he liked.

"I want to win the Tournament." She repeated, this time softly, looking up through her eyelashes. "And the best way to do so is to ensure that we'll have enough descendants to compete."

She looked openly at him, then smiled. Seductively.

His eyes widened.

"And you are going to help!" she finished.

He didn't see any reason to complain. Really.

So they trained.




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