Chapter 4- Be careful what you ask for.

I'm not sure how long I spent down there, sobbing away into the silence. I didn't even know why I was crying anymore, maybe I never did. My sobs were cut short however, when I heard a piercing scream. A woman shrieked into the night, the sound hurting my ears. The scream came to sudden halt. Confused, I went frigid in fear, as another scream, this time a man's, cut away into the midnight. One after another, screams, shouting, and pure sounds of terror began to ring throughout the mansion above me. I was still with fear, should I help? Should I stay? What do I do? That's when I heard one voice scream louder than the rest. And she screamed the one word that brought all my senses back to life. One word that made me drop all fear, and sprint up the cool metal stairs, to what could have been an onslaught. Half of my mind was shouting at me, demanding that I go back down, and stay out the way before I get myself killed, I had to ignore it though, and I had to find out what was happening.

As I reached the top of the hallway the screams stopped, and the entire mansion was once again silent. Looking down the deserted corridor, it seemed almost endless, as the only source of light came from the bright moon outside. Not even a spider could be seen. I felt a strange force try to push me back, almost as if the hallway itself was telling me to turn away and run. Run for my life and never look back, But I couldn't, I had to find out what happened. That word, that one name the women screamed in her last moments.


Could it be? Was it really him? My mind spun, as I began to tip toe down the foreboding passage. With each step, the force telling me to run got stronger and stronger. What if I was too late? What if it was him and he left? I began to walk. Then that walk turned into a jog. The jog then turned into a full on sprint, as bits of shattered glass began to stick into the sole of my tattered shoes, narrowly avoiding my feet. How long was this corridor? Surely it had an end! I came to a sudden stop, as I almost went head first into an oncoming wall. My sub-conscious was now screaming for me to turn back. To go and go now.

Like an idiot I didn't listen. Instead, I turned my head to see down the corridor, and my heart almost stopped beating.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" My own scream flew into the air, as I scanned over the horrifying scene. The walls were splattered with blood, as the stench of rotting flesh hung in the dank air. Lying in a mess of decumbent limbs, upon a cherry coloured floor, were piles of dead bodies! Piled up on one another, each corpse had a look of shock and fear across their red painted faces. Eyes hollow like that of a madman. In front of me, I could see the large oak door that lead to the grandest room of all. It's fine wood now tarnished with crimson, as blood leaked round the beautiful rose pattern, dyeing the flowers to their natural colour.

While something still pushed me back, a new force came into play. One which was sly, tempting me in. My mind went numb, closing off all thoughts; I followed the sickening attraction, pulling me to the door. I stepped over each corpse, one by one, eyes locked on the tainted door. So close now, I could almost…touch! My hand rested on the freezing wood, as it sucked the heat happily from my hand. Resting my head on the door, I ignored the red, sticky liquid which was now trickling down the side of my face. I didn't make a sound, the only thing to be heard, was the thumping of my heart, which raced in my chest and echoed in my head. I don't know what I was waiting for. A sign? A sound? An invitation to open the door? Whatever it was, I knew it was never coming, so with the final ounce of my strength, I pushed against the old pieces of wood, and the doors creaked open.

The light came crashing towards me, almost blinding me under its dazzling blaze. Stumbling backwards, I closed my eyes as I waited for the onslaught to end. Slowly, cautiously, I began to open the lids of my eyes, and look into the great gold room. Not a single spot of blood could be seen on the walls, all ornament's untouched. Every candle was alit with a great bright flame, a death trap for any insect enticed by the fires raw beauty. This time I didn't scream, when in front of me I saw two corpses! Lord and Lady Kora laid there, eyes closed, clinging to each other. With no carpet to soak up the blood, it simply laid in great puddle around them, as they're fine robes of greens and blues turned a shade of dirty brown.

"Dmari." That voice! Could it really belong to! Finally things fitted into place, as I figured out why I had such a strong feeling of De Ja Vu earlier. I lifted my neck, to where two chairs stood, one for M'lady, whom was currently sleeping on the floor. And one for M'lord, where currently sat in his place, was him. My angel. Hair black as midnight, but skin as pale as the morning clouds. Onyx eyes that pierced the heart, and looked directly into your soul. Face emotionless, creating the illusion that the man sat before you was completely sane. He sat still, his face rested in his right hand, while his left was lent over the back of the chair. I could feel it, the force drawing me in closer. It was him!

"Sa-su-ke." My voice was barely audible, I could barely talk, barley breath under the gaze of this fallen god. For a moment we both remained still, like time itself had stopped, and we would spend eternity with our eyes locked. Onyx and Blue. Sadly, time must go on, and we all must face the choices reality gives us.

"From here you may pick your fate." His voice remained calm, and cold.

"You can stay here. Filled with grief and regretting your decision, you can hate me, and scream curses upon my name. Even try to kill me" Hate. A strong word. People do not realise the power of words. Sometimes strength is not needed in a battle. All you have to do is find the right words, the right weakness in a person, and you could crush them without so much as touching them. You could manipulate their lives, their fate, and their entire world simply with words. And hate, was one of the most powerful of them all. For if you truly hate a person, that hatred will control your life till the very end. Many who use that word are destined to go insane.

"Or, you can come with me." I felt my eyes widened, as I stared at the man above me. Sasuke rose, as I gasped in his aura, go with him? But, he's a criminal!

"Yes, I am."

"H How did you do that? What are you doing in my head!" I heard him laugh slightly. Slow, sinister, and crazed.

"Oh my dear Dmari." He got closer, step by step. I know I should have backed away under his power, I should be whimpering in fear at the raw energy that he radiated. I know I should be cowering, at the very high possibility this man would kill me. I didn't though, I stood still. If Sasuke was to kill me, then he should, for he would no longer be MY Sauke. He would no longer be My fallen angel. I would no longer have a reason to cling to this pathetic excuse for a life. My Sasuke loved me, and wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

"You're so easy to read." Now he was only a meter away, maybe not even that. I didn't know what to say. If I went, there would be no turning back. I would be a criminal like him. I would be a part of the war that I hate so much. I would probably have to kill others. Destroy all morals I ever held, and in doing so destroy myself.

Or I could give up. Forget about Sasuke, and take the easy way out. Tell myself I hate him over and over again, until finally the lie would become a truth. I could run, and go to a neighbouring village. Become a refugee and never take part in this terrible war. Could I really do that?

"Hmm." I was forced out my thoughts by the sound of footsteps. Sasuke, he was walking away! My heart, it began to hurt. I wanted to cry, and scream, and shout, I couldn't lose him! No, I wouldn't lose MY SASUKE! My legs, despite the pain, despite the tiredness, began to run. Run and run and run, desperate to catch the escaping figure.

"Please!" My voice hurt, as I called after the man. My legs collapsed from under me, I lunged out towards him. No! He couldn't leave me again! I wanted him! I needed him!

"Sasuke!" My fist curled tightly around a lose piece of his top, as I began to fall towards the ground. Don't leave me.

I felt soft arms under me, my fall broken. Paralyzed in his touch, my body was now numb with pain. My mind slowing down. Feeling light as a feather, I watched as the ground got further away from me, only to discover I was being picked up! Eyes droopy, I heard Sasuke's deadly angelic voice call a muffled ordered. I heard a loud explosion, as my world entered a peaceful state of nothingness. One that wasn't painful, or threatening, or harsh. It was sweet bliss. My last thoughts slipped away, as my mind went blank…

I love your eyes. I was training with my master. Well, I was getting beaten for not destroying his brainless army. My master always did this, I didn't want to hurt them, but he promised his slaves freedom if they could kill me! They never did. I couldn't kill them, I didn't want to. They weren't evil, they just wanted to go home and see their families. Though I never thought I would be able to have such a desire, not having a family myself, I understood it. How can I hurt something that I myself understood? Instead I would just injure them, enough to stop the onslaught, and this infuriated my master. It was okay though, I had spent my life being beaten by him, my body could handle it. Maybe one day I could be the killer he so desired…

Crackle. Crackle Crackle. What a strange sound. The air was heavy, almost suffocating, like it was trying to choke me to death. I was on a strange object, my arms wrapped round something soft, while I felt hands on my legs, like they were supporting me. I wasn't on the floor, for all I could feel was air under my feat. Waking up, I became aware of something brushing against my face; it felt like silk and tickled the very edge of my face, while I was surrounded by the smell of Sasuke and ash. Finally my eye lids lifted, and I could see into the night, lit up in the colours of hell. In front of me, I saw the mansion, what was left of it, burning in a great fire, higher than all the tree's, and in all shades of red and orange, fire burning it to the ground. My face brushed up against the silk, and from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of black hair shining under the fire. So it wasn't silk. It was then I became aware of where IW as, on the edge of the cliff, I was on Sasuke's back, looking down upon the mansion as if it and everyone in it was lower than me. My heart fluttered as I tightened my grip round Sasuke's neck. Sasuke turned, breaking his gaze with the bonfire, only to stare at me. His flawless face lit up, and his beautiful features seemed clearer than ever under the glow. I stared deep into those incredible black eyes, I kept falling into those orbs, and each time it became herder to escape. This time, all I wanted to do was kiss him; to be held close to Sasuke and feel loved. Right now though wasn't the time; so instead I settled for burying my face in his neck, and allowing sleep to once again take me off to a better, and worse time…

I dragged myself across the ground. The grass eating away at my blood, as I finally reached the river's edge. I ducked my head into the purifying water, ignoring the cold chill that ran down my spine as I did so. I didn't even see you at first. I began to remove the clumps of mud, which clung to my hair, much like a shadow would cling to the feat of a stranger. Then I saw you. You too were much like a shadow, hidden within the black veil the overhanging branches had woven. Silently our heads rose. Our eyes locked…