September 19, 1979 - Severus Snape was dreaming, he was certain, when he felt the delicious weight of a naked woman pressed against him in his bed at Spinner's End. He rolled to his side facing the woman as he opened his eyes to complete darkness. He looked toward his bedroom window and saw neither a star nor a single shaft of light from the moon. Somewhat disconcerted he reached to his side table grasping his wand and quietly casting Lumos. The tip of his wand lit up but only barely, the light not even spreading far enough to illuminate the length of the wand from which it originated. Dispelling the first spell to cast another he received the same result of a tiny dim ball of light at the tip of his wand. Frustrated he ran through a series of lighting spells receiving the same minimal result or none at all.

Deciding he would rather investigate his bedmate than continuing to figure out what was going on with his magic or lighting issues, he moved the tip of his wand toward the apparently sleeping witch moving slowly and carefully so as not to accidentally gouge her with the tip. As the light approached her body it grew dimmer and he gave a frustrated snarl as he pulled the wand back towards his face, blinking in surprise as it rapidly brightened, though still only illuminating a slightly larger area when it was close to his face. He pulled himself away from her body enough so that he could sit up without disturbing her so that he could investigate and hopefully identify her before she woke.

Curious he leaned forward with his wand directly to the right side of his face. He paused abruptly when he felt his left cheek brush against some part of her body and a small patch of ivory skin came into illumination to the right where the dim light from his wand cast. He turned his face to see what he had brushed against finding to his annoyance that he could not see. Carefully he moved his wand along the smooth contours, noticing a slight rise and fall of the skin before him as she breathed deeply. He smirked as the light came to illuminate the round underside of her breast followed by her nipple which was drawing itself into a tight knot as his breath blew across it. Unable to resist he leaned further and laved the flat of his tongue against the nipple drawing a seemingly pleased exhale from her quiet body. Smirking, he carefully moved the tip of his wand dragging it lightly down the inside of her breast and up to her other nipple positioning his wand hand over the first and giving it a gentle rub. She shifted lightly letting out a quiet 'hmm'. Slowly he took the newly illuminated nipple into his mouth suckling as he tweaked the other with his hand. As the bud in his mouth hardened she moaned softly one of her hands coming up to rest on the back of his head holding him to her. He released the nipple laving it gently again before scraping it more firmly with his teeth. Her body abruptly stiffened and her breath held for a moment before accelerating. Deciding he wanted to see her face he release the nipple and moved his lips along her flesh nibbling gently as he moved across her collarbone and running his tongue up the column of her throat before nipping gently at her ear lobe. He pause noticing that her breathing had shallowed to the point that she now seemed to be gasping slightly. Not sure why she was panicking he leaned closer to her pressing his torso lightly against her as he brought his wand toward her face so that they could see one another as he whispered into her ear.

'It's alright pet, shh.'

Surprisingly at the sound of his voice her jaw jerked sharply away from him He frowned as she finally seemed to gain control of her breathing.

'Who are you and what have you done with Ron and Harry,' she spat back at him.

Severus sat up abruptly, frowning at the odd turn his dream seemed to be taking.

'Who,' he asked looking back at where she lay and realizing that his movement had put the light of his wand out again.

When she didn't respond he growled another Lumos lighting his wand and leaning back into her so they were nose to nose with his wand between them. The pale light from his wand lit up her face so faintly that the shades of her hair and eyes were not something he could determine.

'Who are Harry and Ron," he asked again genuinely confused.

She flinched as her eyes darted around blindly, her pupils completely dilated as if there was not a light directly in front of her face. His brow furrowed as her breath once again became quick and shallow.

Looking into her unresponsive eyes he asked another question.

'Can you see me?'

'Of course not,' she bit out, 'there's no light.'

Her hands leapt up between them as she shoved hard against his chest, knocking him off balance so that he fell not only off of her but off of the bed entirely, dropping his wand. He searched around the floor for a minute unsuccessfully seeking his wand before determining he could get it later. Right now there was a witch to deal with. Climbing back on the bed he shouted at her.

'Why the hell did you do that you bint?'

There was no response just absolute silence. He closed his eyes to the darkness listening carefully for any sound to indicate where she had gone. Not a sound, a whisper of movement, a carefully silent breath, nothing. Opening his eyes he saw, not the darkness which had previously descended on his room but a pale strip of moonlight shining though his dingy windows and casting its light on the rough wooden floor where his wand lay. Rising from the bed he spent his day checking his entire home and wards for signs of intrusion before going back to bed that evening exhausted with the determiniation that a dream was just a dream even if it was rather odd and seemingly real.

September 19, 1997 – Hermione Granger sat up abruptly her breath heaving deeply as she grabbed at the clothing she was wearing before frantically searching under her pillow for her wand. She looked around the pitch black darkness surrounding her and began casting bluebell flames and floating them to all corners of the tent. Lighting up the interior till there was no dark corner to be found. As she looked wide eyed at the familiar surroundings the silence was only broken by the ragged sound of Ron's snores. The tent flap opened as Harry looked in.

'Mione, is everything alright? It looked like the tent was on fire with how much light you set off.'

Blinking slowly she looked at Harry and blushed as she mumbled,' Yeah, Harry everything's fine. I just had a really odd dream.'

Nodding he stepped into the tent heading over to his cot. 'You want to talk about it,' he asked noticing the skittish way she was still darting her eyes around the tent.

'No, that's alright,' she said her blush deepening. 'You get some sleep I'll go ahead and start my watch.'

She watched as Harry lay down on his cot shifting around to find a comfortable spot while she put on a jacket and started to go out of the tent.

'Oi, Mione,' called Harry.

She paused looking back into the tent at him.

'Happy Birthday.'

Hermione smiled wanly at him.

'Thanks, Harry.'

She stepped out of the tent and leaned against a tree watching the trees around the tent sway in the darkness as her mind pulled up the sensations of a warm tongue sliding wickedly over her body.

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