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Felix and the Cursed Pie

Chapter 1

"Arcade's closed! All clear!" Yuni called from Dance Dance Revolution.

Upon hearing this, everyone stopped their usual acts, and left their games for Game Central Station.

"You heard her, guys! We are free at last!" Rancis said, dismounting his kart along with the other Sugar Rush racers.

"So? Who is it tonight, Rancis?" Taffyta asked, arms folded. "Is this girl better than the last one?"

"What? You don't know I'm meeting up with a..."

"You do it every week, Rancis," Candlehead joined in, "And she ends up not interested in the end."

"Rancis is in love again?" Vanellope jumped in the conversation, curious. "I wonder who it is this time?"

"Well..." the peanut butter cup boy blushed, looking down at his feet.

"Well?" Taffyta was trying to force an answer out.

"Leave him alone, you guys," Crumbelina suggested, approaching the group. "If Rancis doesn't want to tell, why should we force it out of him? Hey, it's not like we're not gonna eavesdrop."

"What? Are you guys crazy! I'm not meeting a girl! I haven't even talked to one outside this game all week! I'm...gonna check out that new game that was just plugged in about a week ago, that's all."

"You mean Mirror Mirror?" Candlehead inquired. "That game's been so popular! Ours didn't get a lot of players this week because of it."

"Neither did Hero's Duty or Fix-It Felix Jr." added Vanellope. "Heard it all from Stinkbrain too."

"I heard it was supposed to be beautiful in there, for a one-person shooter, that is."

"Wait, there's no guns..."

"No, the player uses a sword to kill monsters." Candlehead explained. "You play alongside a princess and seven short guys in order to win back the princess's kingdom from an evil queen."

"Whoa, it does top Hero's Duty," said Vanellope. "I might check it out too. But I'm gonna meet up with Ralph and the others first. They might want to see what it's like too."

"I'm off to check it out," said Rancis, scurrying off after the president/princess.

"I'm starting to wonder about Rancis, Candlehead," Taffyta whispered when he was out of earshot.


"After you mentioned the part about the princess."

"You don't think..."

"Let's follow him, Candlehead."


"Nice work today, huh, Ralph?" Felix and his nemesis/friend had just left Fix-It Felix Jr. to meet up with Calhoun and Vanellope (which was the usual). "Even though we didn't get a lot of players this week because of that new game over there.

Ralph turned to see the new Mirror Mirror port right next to Tapper, where a young, dark-haired woman was coming out of it along with seven diminutive men. A sword hung on a belt around her waist. Whoa. The wrecker was lost in the woman's beauty. So beautiful. But I don't want to get on her bad side with that sword.

"She's beautiful, isn't she, Ralph?" Felix was also turned on by the woman's beauty, especially when she looked their way, smiling, which made the handyman's cheeks light up. "I'm having honeyglows just looking at her."

"You're married, Felix," The "villain" reminded.

"He's right, you know? And you might want to remember who you're married to."

Both men turned to regard Sergeant Calhoun, who had been standing behind them. She was glaring down her husband, who seemed to cower slightly.

"Tammy, I wasn't staring at her. Well, I was looking at her. She was pretty, but not a dynamite gal like you, honey."

"I'll hold you to that," the commando leaned down to kiss Felix. "Hmmm. Mirror Mirror, huh? No wonder we haven't had a player this week. First-person action too? Looks like we have some competition. A princess and seven midgets, huh? What's next? An evil queen?"

Then the three of them saw a blonde young woman exiting the port, seemingly either prowling or just following the princess. She regarded the three, glaring pointedly at Felix, who gulped as he was staring into those green eyes. No honeyglows from that one, he realized as he watched the group head over to Burger Time, where a small, peanut butter cup boy was waiting.

"Hey, that's one of the little runts from Sugar Rush," Calhoun pointed out.

"Hi there, miss," the boy greeted, bowing. "How are you on this lovely evening in Game Central Station?"

"Get lost, shrimp," the princess blew him off, entering the burger game.

"Take a hike." One of the men added as he and his friends followed suit.

But the evil queen didn't enter. Instead, she stared at the little boy, shaking her head.

"How pathetic," she said as she walked off, heading the other way to Tapper, but not before taking one last look at Felix, who felt a chill.

"Guys, is it just me, or is she...staring at me?" The handyman asked, shaking.

"It's just you, Felix," Ralph assured him.

"Yeah. If it wasn't, that witch would've been dead by now." Calhoun sent back a glare of her own at the queen, who was starting to enter Tapper. She's not getting her hands on my husband!

"Hey guys!"

Everyone drew their attention from the queen, noticing Vanellope coming out of Sugar Rush, running up to her friends.

"Hey, Vanellope!" Ralph grabbed the president up in a hug.

"Just wanted to see the new Mirror Mirror game, but I think Rancis probably beat me to it."

"Vanellope..." the peanut butter cup boy ran up to the group, tears starting to flow. "That princess...she's so..."

"She's a real...stiff, isn't she?" Ralph prompted. "I wouldn't get on her bad side."

"But I wasn't on her bad side."

"I know, Rancis," Vanellope pulled her fellow racer into a hug. "Maybe she's not your type."

"But I can't take my eyes off her, Vanellope! She's so beautiful! I really want to see her again. And talk to her."

"But she doesn't want to talk to you, Rancis."

"Taffyta? Candlehead?" The peanut butter cup racer noticed his two closest friends coming up to the group. "Were you guys...?"

"Yeah, we were," Taffyta answered, "So we were right. It was another girl."

"But who would've thought it was the princess from the new game?" Candlehead added. "And whoa, did she blow you off! And that evil queen...scary!"

"Especially how she was staring at Fix-It," Calhoun added.

"What does she want with him?" Rancis wondered. "Does she like your husband or something?"

The sergeant was taken aback by the sudden comment. No way was she going to answer that one, nor was she going to let some witch get close to her husband. But she was worried that Rancis could be right.

"Shall we go to Burger Time, Candlehead? Taffyta?" Rancis asked his two friends. "What about you, Vanellope?"

"He just doesn't give up, doesn't he?" Vanellope shook her head.

"Don't worry, President," Taffyta assured her, "The princess and her seven men knocking Rancis out should be fun to watch. I say we go."

"Come on, you two," said Candlehead. "Maybe the princess was just so hungry she didn't have time for him right now."

"Get a clue, Candlehead. She's not interested in him."

"I guess we'll go too," Felix said, "I'm a little hungry myself anyway."

"I thought we were going to Tapper, Felix," Ralph reminded.

"Hey, I haven't been to Burger Time in a while, and I'm definitely in the mood for a burger right now."

"Someone's scared of the evil queen," Vanellope teased.

"I am not!" Felix countered. "It's just that...me and seven men might have something in common, that's all."

"You're scared of the queen, Fix-It. Admit it." Taffyta smirked.

"N-no, I..."

"It's okay, Felix," Ralph patted his best friend on the shoulder. "I'm a little bit uneasy myself about going into Tapper right now. I don't think I want to be anywhere near that queen if I can help it."

"What's wrong with you two?" Calhoun rolled her eyes at this. "We've faced an insane virus that almost destroyed the arcade, yet you're scared of some witch who looks like she's out of a fairy tale?"

"Tell me someone who was scared of Turbo, Tammy," said Felix.

"But this queen is nowhere near as dangerous as that asshole. We can take her if she tries anything. Hell, I'm here. And yet you and Wreck-It are just avoiding Tapper like little Togepi?"

"Hey, if you want to go to Tapper by yourself, dear, that's fine. Meet us there, okay? And tell me what the queen's like later, okay?"

"Fine, go on. You guys go on ahead to Burger Time and enjoy. I'll be enjoying myself at Tapper." When they parted ways, Calhoun added silently to herself, And warning a potentially-insane witch to back away from my husband!


"Interesting..." the evil queen Reilly purred. She was in Tapper and had been watching the scene at Game Central Station play out through her whisky. Her eyes had been on the blue-clad handyman the entire time with hunger. He was a handsome one, yes. And the most important thing about him that turned her on the most was his name.

"Felix..." she hissed the hero's name with desire. "Happy, lucky, fortunate. All of which I lack during arcade hours. Makes me want his beating heart even more. It shines even brighter than that wretch Snow White, whom I always have to deal with on a daily basis in our rounds of Mirror Mirror. This will be a nice change of pace. Yes, a very nice one indeed." Reilly laughed faintly. "But one obstacle stands in my way." She watched the woman named Calhoun enter Tapper. "And she's on her way here. This is going to be interesting indeed." She took a swig of her whisky, looking forward to the commando's arrival.

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