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Felix and the Cursed Pie

Chapter 7

"Alright guys, let's cross this bridge! And keep your eyes peeled-dragons do NOT play nice!" Snow White instructed the player (a little boy) as he was swinging the sword at the oncoming ogres and dark knights on the bridge. Then a thunderous roar was heard.

"Here we go, knave!" Alan shouted as the screen moved up to focus on Fuentes approaching, making a nose dive toward the first-person screen. It released a stream of flames at the screen, but the boy dodged left, avoiding it.

"Careful, knave!" Archie urged.

"Looks like that kid's having a blast over there," Taffyta pointed out, staring over at the little boy playing Mirror Mirror. "Let's just hope he doesn't run into that Pitta lady and her fun house of mirrors." She, Vanellope, Candlehead, and the other racers were in Sugar Rush, which hadn't had a player yet but were sure they'd have one soon.

"She couldn't be any worse than a shadow guy passing for Stinkbrain," Vanellope said, leaning over her kart. "I heard that they all got a week just like that queen. They can't leave the game."

"I feel sorry for them, though," Candlehead sighed.

"You're kidding, right?" Taffyta glanced incredulously at her friend, "Pitta tried to kill us, Candlehead! So did all those monsters in there too."

"What was it like in there?" Swizzle interjected, interested, "Man, you could've taken us with you! We could've kicked that queen's butt."

"And I bet the princess was cool too," added Gloyd. "I so wanted to protect her!"

"Now you two are sounding like Rancis," said Jubileena, "I don't see why he's so..." Then the cherry racer glanced around to realize they were one racer short. "Where is Rancis?"

"Don't worry, Snow. I'm here!"

"What the...?" Taffyta and the other racers' attention was back on Mirror Mirror to notice a diminutive knight wielding a sword made of peanut butter-filled candy. He was in front of Snow White and the dwarves, taking the knights and the dragon head-to-head.

"That idiot..." Taffyta groaned.

"Looks like Rancis just took 'going Turbo' to a whole new level," Vanellope shook her head.

"But he looks like he's having fun," added Candlehead.

"Man, that should be me in there," Swizzle sighed, "Lucky Rancis. But hey, he never won in this game, so he might win in that one."

"Yeah, might." Snowanna said.


"How're you feeling, Felix?" Ralph asked, exiting Fix-It Felix Jr. from a somewhat quiet day. Only two players had played their game today but lost. And between both rounds, the wrecker had asked his friend if he was fine. He had to admit: spells could have lasting effects.

"I'm fine, Ralph," the Good Guy insisted, "Fit as a fiddle. No witch could shatter this heart." Felix patted his chest with confidence. "I wonder what Reilly wanted with my heart, anyway? I mean, I'm not that lucky or the 'fairest' in all of Game Central Station. But I'm glad you guys and Tammy saved me."

"You should watch what pies you eat, though." Calhoun came out of Hero's Duty to join the two men. "You never know what the hell is in some of them. But I'm glad that witch didn't do too much damage to you, Fix-It." She pulled him into a kiss. "Reilly had better watch out next time she tries to come at you."

"Well, we won't have to worry about her for a while," said Ralph. "She and her monsters are trapped in the game for a week. And maybe once she's out again, she might change."

"Hey, Vanellope! Can you believe Wreck-It?"

The three adults noticed Taffyta, Candlehead, and Vanellope exiting Sugar Rush.

"You guys heard...?"

"Oh, come on, Stinkbrain," Vanellope scoffed. "We can hear you very well."

"And there's no way that queen's gonna turn over a new leaf," Taffyta added. "I don't care how long she's trapped in there."

"Hey, guys!"

Everyone turned to see an armored Rancis coming out of Mirror Mirror, along with Snow White and the dwarves.

"Wasn't that dangerous?" Candlehead asked.

"Looks like someone went Turbo today," Calhoun smirked, looking down at the peanut butter cup boy.

"You got some explaining to do." Taffyta folded her arms, waiting for an explanation. "You had us worried in there! Don't you know what...?"

"But the kid did well," Archie cut her off.

"Yeah, he could be one of us," Rinty added.

"Assuming he doesn't make the top nine in the Random Roster Race," Vanellope said with a smile.

"And doesn't get any of us killed," Alan put in. "I almost got scorched because of the rookie."

"Hey, I can still see my princess during after hours, either way." Rancis winked at Snow, who sighed in annoyance.

"We should definitely celebrate though," suggested Candlehead. "We saved Fix-It and Rancis is now a dwarf (kinda). So Tapper?"

"Whoa, hold on, kid," Ralph calmed the excited racer.

"Don't worry, Stinkbrain. It's not like we're gonna order any drinks," Vanellope assured him.

"Besides, I just wanna be with my lovely Snow," Rancis draped a hand around the princess as they and the others were headed for Tapper.

"You just don't give up do you?" Snow shook her head, but there was a smile this time.

Rancis smirked. "You're right, I don't."

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