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As the world outside the car window races by the flying FBI sedan, Tony's mind replays the two phone calls that have changed his focus and given him hope that not all is lost in this nightmare. The first one had come from Abby.


Tony's cell phone rings. Hoping against hope that it's the boss with the news he wants to hear, Tony frowns when he hears Abby's voice instead.


Holding the phone away from his ear, he grimaces in discomfort. "Jeez, Abbs. A little upset are we? Are you really trying to make me deaf?"

"Ooh, sorry, Tony." Abby offers. "I just wanted to hear you say that you have good news! Tell me Gibbs got there in time! Tell me he found all of them!"

"Got where, Abby? What are you talking about?"

"Oops! Gotta go!" Abby hung up in Tony's ear, just in time for it to ring again, this time with none other than Gibbs himself on the other end.

"Hey, change of plans – get that posse you're leading packed up. Meet me at the address Abby's sending to your phone. Now."

. Tony doesn't get a word in as the call abruptly ends.

****End Flashback***

Tony blinks as he returns to the here and now. He feels a wave of relief wash over him, knowing this means Mrs. McGee and Sarah have been located. Why else would everyone need to converge on one location? Who can help but feel relief at that news?


He blinks into awareness; the pain still all encompassing. He does not bother trying to move a muscle since every breath he takes is causing enough pain as it is. His brain is not kicking in; he is unable to formulate a single thought. His entire existence centers on the struggle to breathe, and nothing else.

After an eternity, his brain formulates the thought that at least it is not too hot out here and thank goodness the sun is not beating relentlessly down on his fair skin. With an involuntary movement that would be a frown in normal circumstances, his next thought questions the lucidity of the first few. Before he can find any clarity, darkness once again swoops in to steal him back, as if he were a possessioninstead of a seriously wounded NCIS Agent.


Megan McGee feels a moment of absolute horror at the realization that, as if things aren't desperately bad enough for them, now she must somehow convince this monster to leave her daughter in peacewhile sheherself has to, of all things in a time like this, use the bathroom! How the hell can she insure Sarah's safety like this?

"There a problem, Momma?" Martin taunts her as she looks nervously from her little girl's still form to the monster holding them hostage and back again.

"We've been here a long time." She tries to build up her explanation so he won't think she's just stalling; although any extra time this will give her and Sarah before he has the chance to steal away what's left of their dignity certainly won't hurt.

"I'm guessing you have a point?" Martin drawls with a feral grin.

"If I promise to come right back, will you leave her alone while I use the bathroom? PLEASE?"

"Ah. I see." Laughing out loud, Martin soon loses his veneer of lethal danger as his almost non-existent sense of humor catches hold of him. Trying to speak through his taunting laughter, he can only nod at her, though the short response does manage to be heard in spurts. "go….hahhahhaha…..bath….hahahaha..room…."

Not wasting a minute, Megan is gone like a shot, out of the room and to the bathroom she'd seen when they first arrived in the cabin hours ago. Relieved that Martin is obviously not a quiet laugher, she tries to determine what to do next. She's thankful that her dizziness and sick stomach have settled into almost nothing, even though she's beyond frustrated that nothing comes to her as an escape plan. It's as if those two blows haverobbed her of her survival skills."YOU'VE GOT 2 MINUTES, FUNNY LADY!" Martin calls out loudly enough to be heard throughout the cabin. "IF YOU'RE LATE, I START HAVIN' MY FUN WITH THE LITTLE VERSION OF YOU I'VE GOT RIGHT HERE!"

Oh, God! Megan exhales. Obviously, his fit of laughter is over and she has to hurry. Foregoing washing her hands, , she jerks the bathroom door open and spies the knife she took from the kitchen earlier, laying under the chair, next to where she'd fallen the first time Martin had struck her.

Thanking her lucky stars that it is out of sight of the bedroom doorway; she starts to move over to it slowly, but naturally so he won't notice that it's there. She's hoping to scoop it up without being seen but she knows she can go with Plan B. That plan is todraw Martin over thereand get him to react, thereby giving her the opportunity to grab itand use it on him before he even realizes what's going on.

"What the HELL do you think you're doing?" Martin bellows as he stalks over to her and pushes her, as he grabs her harshlyby the upper arms to shake her; his hands slipping as she seems to lose her dizziness, Megan drops to the floor in a pre—calculatedheap, throwing him off guard long enough for her to reach out and grab the knife. Mentally she thanks God, this is playing out in their favorand that this bastard has been nice enough to play perfectly into her plan.

"No! We're not wasting anymore time!" Martin roughly hauls Megan to her feet. His hands tightly grip her, one on the back of her neck and the other on her arm. "You're playing with fire and it's about the dumbest move you've made so far!" He growls at her. "My patience has run out. I want you and I want you right now!"

As she's propelled back into the bedroom, Megan notices with profound relief that the gun is now further away from Martin than she is with her knife. It's now or never and she knows it.


"We go in quiet." Gibbs orders the posse of agents, now just yards away from the front door of the cabin. "Tony, you and your team take the back. Ziva, you're with us on the front. We take him alive."

"So long as McGee's family is safe." Ziva adds her own warning. She wants a piece of this animal as much as the rest of them, but she won't let him do anything to Mrs. McGee or Sarah to keep him alive.

"Yeah." Gibbs agrees as he leads the stealth raid up to the front door, a wall of blue vest wearing, gunwielding federal agents moving as one.

The first to reach the front door, Ziva is shocked to find it unlocked. As quietly as she can, she turns the handle and slowly opens the door.

"Back door's locked up tight, Boss." Tony's voice is heard in the ear wig communication they're all wearing. "Boarded up. All the windows on the backside of the house are too."

"Take up position on the perimeter. He's not walking away." Tobias orders just before he and Gibbs step through the front door, a half dozen agents right behind them.

"Spread out in pairs." Tobias tells his agents closest to him.

As mumbled voices become clearer from beyond the enclosed front porch of the cabin, Gibbs checks on Ziva who has gone ahead and is no longer visible to him. "Da'vid."

"Gibbs, all three of them are in the bedroom. The rest of the cabin is clear."

Tobias and Gibbs share a knowing look. There's a lot Ziva didn't say but it's obvious she doesn't want the posse to find what she's found. Tobias gives the order. "Clear out. Cabin's been secured." With a nod, he turns and leaves with his men, with a parting promise directed to his friend and fellow law enforcement agent. "We'll be waiting outside."

"Gibbs. Where is that ambulance?" Ziva whispers. "Sarah needs medical attention."

With his heart in his throat, Gibbs closes the distance between himself and his agent, anger and shock fighting to take space in his gut as he lays eyes on poor Sarah McGee, nearly naked, bound, gagged and almost lifeless on the bed, her eyes glued to the monster presently so wrapped up in pushing her mother back to the bed and doing his best to paw the rest of her mother'sclothes off of her, that he hasn't even heard them coming.

Spying the gun clear across the room, where Martin cannot get to it, Ziva steps silently just to the side of Gibbs, providing a unified wall the killer and rapist will not be able to evade. Both agents are livid with rage at the sight of Mrs. McGee nearly completely undressed; only a hastily thrown on zippered hoodie covers her otherwise bare upper body. The fact that she's bearing a large goose egg on her forehead turns up the heat of their anger. However, Martin's vulgar mouth and clear intentions towards the poor woman spurs them to act before another minute goes by.

With a short nod for Ziva's benefit, Gibbs quickly wraps his arm tightly around Martin's throat from behind while Ziva pushes her service weapon into the side of his neck. "I suggest you let her go." Gibbs growls quietly. "If you wanna make it out this alive."

"That is very good advice." Ziva warns him. "I would do as he says if I were you."

At the sound of her rescue filling her senses, Sarah's eyes move to Ziva's as she whimpers from the cold, fear and pain she's still suffering. The desperation in her eyes is as heartbreaking as the sound of her fear.

"Get Sarah out of here." Gibbs quietly tells Ziva as he uses his free hand to push Martin toward the wall and turns his full attention back to the monster the whole of Washington D.C. has been hunting. "It's over! Put your hands behind your back! Now!"

Wrapping Sarah in a blanket, Ziva is quick to help her sit up on the far side of the bed, once her bindings have been removed. Making quick work of things, it is not long before the two women are nearly out of the bedroom and away from Lucas Martin.

Almost completely passive and without making a sound, Lucas Martin appears to give it up without a fight. Letting his hands drop to his sides, he frowns deeply as Megan McGee slips from his grasp; his long sought-after prize getting away.

Megan remains in the room, compelled to watch him get taken down so she'll know without a doubt that he'll never hurt anyone else. Her heart is soaring with relief that her daughter is now safe and her own life is saved as well.

Pretending to stumble, it is Martin's turn to make use of the distraction, letting himself exaggerate his fake fall almost completely across the room, his hand snaking out to snag his gun almost quicker than anyone can see.

Megan's relief is short-lived however, when Martin neatly recovers from his self-induced stumble and comes away smiling like a Cheshire cat, now brandishing his weapon.

"I'm not going back just to die in the chair." He informs them as he aims the gun at Megan's head. "Besides, I haven't gotten what I came for."

"That's good to know." Gibbs smarts back at him without pity, his own service weapon trained on Martin's head.

He means it, too. It's a huge relief to hear this bastard admit he hasn't managed to rape either of his captives. Glancing over at Mrs. McGee, he doesn't like the look in her eyes.

The silent, tense standoff seems to go on forever. No one moves and no one speaks. Even the approaching wail of the ambulance doesn't break up the tension in a room still filled with danger. Megan knows her baby is safe now. Her little boy is dead and she has nothing left on her mind except making sure this bastard can never do this to another woman, ever. Her hand gently caresses the handle of the knife, hidden in her jacket pocket, as she learns its shape, weight and size. Even with his gun pointed at her head, she can only think of one thing; perfecting her aim. Her heart in her throat, she baits the hook.

"Lucas. If you put the gun down, I'll give you what you came for."


With the perimeter cleared and secured, the ambulance there with the paramedics attending to Sarah, and Gibbs inside taking care of Martin's arrest, Tobias Fornell orders a team back to the State Park for the securing of that scene.

Suddenly aware that his Team Leader has been left alone to handle the murdering rapist, Tony turns on Tobias. "Why the hell aren't you in there helping him get that bastard into custody?"

"Gibbs can handle him. Besides, I'm not much into taking what little dignity a victim has left by being part of a crowd, DiNozzo. He'll be fine. He most likely won't be if he comes out and finds that we're all still standing here instead of going to retrieve your boy's things from that park."

Unwilling to let anyone outside the team handle the last task to be done for his probie, bringing his personal belongings back to NCIS, Tony once again leads as one car full of agents speeds away. It's dusk going to dark now and it will be harder than hell to do the job they need to do without any natural light. That knowledge lights a fire under them as they do thier best to get there.