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Norman's pov

Norman wakes up in bed and gets ready for school. you know the usual, exept everyone likes him now for saveing the town from the wich's curse.
he gose down for breakfast and say's goodbye to everyone before he is off to school, as he walks he says hello to both dead and living since everyone likes him now.
things like "hows it haingen" or "hi hows it going" and plenty of others.
so he finaly makes to school and meets his friend Niel and says "hay Niel" onto which Niel excidedly says " oh hay Norman whant to go to my house after school we can play games, and have popcorn, and watch movies!"
Norman says "no sorry man, its that day again" and Niel says" oh ok well mabye next time".
Norman walks in the hall of school just daydreaming mostly about that everytime on this day he would bring flouers up to Aggie's tree in honor of her. he was snaped back into reality by non other then
alvin who says "hay bro hows it going so uhh want to haing out sometime" Norman says "uhh no sorry bud mabye nextime" onto which Alvin says" oh ok see ya, peace out"

Aggie's Pov

"Agatha Prenderghast" the spirit at the desk in from of the line called her in paradise.
"umm yes" she said as politely as possible
"says hear that the ether council wants you,
but before that you may see any relative up hear for at least an hour before you see the council"
the spirit said and Aggie said" "well did they say what they wanted with me"
"no only that they wanted to see you Asap"
and with that Agatha went off to see her mom for the first time since 300 years.
"MOM!" Agatha practicably screamed
"oh Agatha I'm happy to see you again!"
her mom said and they hugged for a few moments until her mom let go and said
"so the council wanted so see you?"
"did they say what for?"
onto which Aggie said "no only that it was needed Asap"
"well anyways what do you want to talk about since it only been 300 years"
and they began to talk for the rest of the hour..

when Agatha arrived at the council of the ether she walked into a big round room made out of wood and green misty air, it was kind of disorienting,
the council said bluntly at the beginning of the talk you will be going back to the living realm,
she said "What!"
"I mean is that even possible since I'm hear now"
onto which one of the council member said "yes"
"through this portal back to your grave but there has to be a living person there to trigger"
onto which she said "why?"
which another said
"to bond your sole to theirs"
onto which she said huh if you think someone is going to show up there then...
she looked into the portal and saw Norman...

Norman's Pov

Norman walked up to the tree while looking back at what happened at after school well nothing much beside getting some flowers to bring to Aggie and saying hello to a few spirits.
he sat beside Aggie's tree and said "hay Aggie I brought you some more flours I hope you like them"
he picked up the dead ones and replaced them with the new as he did 2 times now since its only been 2 months after that time.
he walked backwards some and examined the tree "hmmm I what do you think if i decorated your tree"
there was no answer, "I guess that's a yes then"

Aggie's pov

"enter the portal" the council said
on to which aggie said "but what about my mom"
which out of no where mom said "it's ok hun I'll wait for your return"
Aggie smiled as she entered the portal...

Norman's pov

"well I guess I'll see you later then" Norman said as he turned around and was about to walk before he herd a sound right behind him
which was like a weird whoosh and then static electricity came after he turned around when the sound stoped and saw her.