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"we finally made it to town, it seem quite deserted like usual when its this time of day 6:30 pm which in this case my parents are probably mad because I'm not home right now" Norman thought "man this place sure has changed from the last time I saw it" Agatha said interrupting Norman's thoughts "yup but it seem to keep a few characteristics of its old time some you don't want to know"
Norman said "like what?" Aggie said "well you don't need to know it its not like its important or anything" Norman said suddenly take a sharp left turn down a different road like and alternative route to his house.
"why not and why did we turn you said we could see all the town Norman"
"well ya but some of it you won't like trust me I'm trying to help."
before Norman could finish his sentence Agatha took a sharp right turn down an opposite road "Aggie wait"
but it was to late she ran smack dab into witch curse advertisement central.
she stood there shocked at all the things had up there were advertisement of costumes that were witch's and food about witch's people dressed like witch's a play being rehearsed on what happened to Aggie and even the billboard was had something about witch's it was every where except among the dead.
Aggie stood there shocked at what she is seeing "Aggie I told you please come with me I'm sorry you had to see this I'm hear if you need anything ok"
she turned around and hugged Norman all to quickly and said "why..why do they do this its not wright they don't know what happened why!"
she was crying hard now when Norman said "well its kind of for economy so its kind of for a good cause even though its not a good action"
"that douse not help" Aggie said still crying "I know but we will figure a way to stop this I promise who knows maybe we can get them advertise about a Necromancer instead"
Norman said trying to be funny.
"isn't that the same thing?" Aggie said not crying anymore.
"I don't know anyways, want to go over to my house I could introduce you to my family, not that it would do much good sense they can't see you"
Norman said "ummm sure I guess its better then hear anyways" Aggie replied with a cute smile.

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