Her red hair flowed like wild fire as Jean tried to fight the Phoenix inside of her. It took over her entire soul and body, causing her to lose control of her powers. She struggled and struggled, and, for a short moment, she finally succeeded. The dark clouds in her eyes subsided, and she focused her gaze on Logan's. Still strongly resisting the persuasion of the Phoenix, she gasped out in a raspy voice. "Save me."

Logan shut his eyes tightly and clenched his jaw, knowing what he has to do to prevent the world from crumbling apart albeit the furious protestation of his heart. He has no choice but to… to… he has to.

Opening his eyes, the Wolverine glanced at the beautifully sculptured face of the lady in front of him. "I love you" was all he said before plunging his adamantium claws straight into her chest. The Phoenix had lost, but it took Jean down with it. A peaceful expression came over Jean's face as she willingly succumbed into the everlasting darkness that engulfed her. Thank you, Logan. The storm and furious winds finally resided; debris rained to the ground.

Logan yelled in frustration and loss as he held the limp body of Jean Gray – the lady he still loves.