The next person in the door is unexpected. I've never thought that the power plant workers really care about me, so I'm surprised when Eamon shows up. I shouldn't be, considering he's the closest thing to a friend that I have. He's young, only eighteen, but he's well-liked up at the plant. People trust him. People like me.

We stand there for a while. Neither of us are big talkers, but the silence gets to me faster than to him.

"I didn't think anyone else was coming." It's not what I want to say, but since I don't know what I want to say it'll have to do. Eamon seems to find it funny, because he chuckles.

"Is that the first time you've ever been wrong?" He half smiles at me, but I don't answer. I still want to know why he's here. There's never been anything but maybe-friendship between us, but I know if I hadn't been Reaped it might have gone beyond that. I'm not stupid.

"Why did you come, Eamon?" My voice is soft, but I know he hears me. His smile fades slightly.

"Because I did. If you want me to leave, you can say it. I just thought you'd want some company before you leave." His voice is just as low as mine, but there's no way I can't hear it.

I'm about to say something else when the door opens. There's no way that was three minutes, but Eamon turns to leave anyway. He's almost out the door when I figure out what I want to say.

"Thanks, Eamon. For everything."

He turns around just long enough for me to see that his half smile is back before he's gone.