For The Love of Optimus Prime

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Maggie is 16 years old her older sister Sarah just turned 18. Maggie was watching the Transformer's movie when Sarah came in saying, "It seems our parents have disappeared and no one can find them. This is my boyfriend Starscream we will be selling the house and moving in with him."

Maggie turned back to her movie rolling her eyes at Sarah. She was always a fool picking guys that didn't really love her but wanted her for other reasons. She knew how to deal with men like him her father was that way it seemed to be a family pattern. Maggie, however, vowed she would find a man who loved her and a healthy relationship.

Maggie would just quietly stay out-of-the-way for two years and then leave. Once her movie was over she looked at the strange man and said, "You know I think you're a little old to pretend to be Starscream from the Transformers movie. But I am sure that is what attracted my sister she just loves bad guys."

Starscream smirked replying, "I suggest you get packing we are leaving tomorrow morning. I'd watch that smart mouth of your's too or you may not like what happens to you."

Maggie shuttered at his words something told her he was telling the truth. She rushed into her room packing her clothes into suitcases, and nothing else something told her she wouldn't get to keep anything else. After exhausting herself packing she went to bed wondering exactly how her life always seemed to get so complicated. She was rudely tossed out of bed first thing the next morning by Starscream yelling, "Get ready, and your bags in the car to go pronto."

She scrambled to get dressed and rushed getting her bags into the car. Starscream seemed to be in a rather bad mood and she most definitely didn't want to make it worse. Sarah, however, spent the entire morning complaining about everything While Maggie quietly ate her breakfast not wanting to be noticed as the fight got heated. She worked at finishing her bowl of cereal with the goal of getting to the car so that she didn't have to watch the fight that was sure to come soon. She finished her food and cleaned up scurrying to the car just as Starscream hit her sister.

Soon enough she was joined when her sister was tossed roughly into the car. Starscream yelled, "Why can't you behave more like her and just cooperate you really don't want to see me really angry. Besides, I may forget your usefulness and end your life functions now if it weren't for the fact that I need you to find Sam Witwicky."

It was a long four day car drive before they drove right into the side of a mountain now for the first time in days Maggie was interested. The moment she saw 50-foot robots with the Decepticon symbol on their chest plates she mentally cursed her sister. It then dawned on her Starscream was actually Starscream but he wasn't 50 feet tall or in robot form. Well since her life was officially over she might as well ask the questions nagging her. So for the first time in days she asked, "Starscream sir you are the real Decepticon Jet right?"

Starscream replied, "Sure am." Maggie decided to push her luck asking, "Why aren't you a 50-foot robot like the others?"

Starscream chuckled replying, "I am a 50-foot robot this is just my holo form."

Maggie really looked at him, this time, his eyes were blood-red. He had tattoos on his arms and muscles as well. His face had a few scars on it that gave him a rouged tough guy look. His hair had a gray and silver color to it with one black streak in it. She sighed as her sister cuddled into him saying, "Can you make sure she's miserable I have never liked her."

Starscream smiled her deceitful, and conniving nature is what had attracted him to her first. However he had no time for this needy human female, and once he got what he wanted he'd end her life functions. As far as Maggie went he'd give her to Scalpel the girl was both smart, and quiet plus the fact that humans fascinated the Decepticon she would do well under his care.

Perhaps if the girl was lucky he'd let her go at 18 if she managed to live that long. Starscream escorted her to Scalpel saying, "Here you go one none complaining assistant as requested. Now I must continue my search for Megatron and Sam Witwicky."

Maggie looked around the room and realized he must be like a robot doctor. She decided she'd try to make herself useful. She moved to the tray of tools and moved the hammer, screwdrivers, and ratchet saying, "I have small hands, and can use these to tighten or loosen things. Make no mistake I have no idea how to repair anything but I am good at following direction."

Scalpel grabbed the tiny flesh creature careful not to crush her and placed her on the robot he was working on. Maggie rubbed her bottom after being dropped onto the large robot on the table. Scalpel laid the small human tools on the robot within the humans reach. He had used the tools as prototypes for his own larger versions. Maggie went to work at finding the loose nuts, bolts, and screws. Her small hands fit many places that were too small for Scalpel to get to. He thought to himself that perhaps this human would be of use to him. Maggie pulled out a broken nut that was in two piece's each almost as big as her hand. Maggie gave it to Scalpel asking, "Can you fix it or do you have a replacement part?"

Scalpel quickly went to work on the metal part repairing it with ease. He allowed the metal to cool down before attempting to give the repaired part to the human. He watched as she now struggled with the weight of the repaired piece but with both hands she managed to get it back to where she had found it and tighten it.