Damon was walking through the forest, his destination was to go the Salvatore Boarding House, and to his lovely Elena. Just thinking Elena made him smile. He was maybe a little drunk, but after all, he was coming from Mystic Grill, and when he was there, he was almost always drunk or at least half-drunk. And suddenly, he was pinned against a tree, and then something, maybe a twig, hit him in stomach.

''Owww, what the hell?!'' Damon yelled and then he saw a face.


''Surprise, you son of a bitch.'' Girly voice said, maybe a little angry and satisfied - or amused?

''What the hell is this, Stacy?'' Damon groaned, and then pushed the girl, Stacy, to the ground.

''You prick! You bastard! You left me!'' Stacy screamed. ''And get off me.'' she added, a little more even this time.

''That was like, twenty five years ago, you can't possibly be mad anymore.'' Damon said, and grinned his Damon smile. ''Or did you miss me? Didn't get your daily Damon and you got pissed off?'' he asked, raising an eyebrow. Stacy pushed him off of her, and get up, cleaning her black jeans. Damon looked at her - she was, WAS, one of his ''sire bond girls'', just like Elena and Charlotte. But then he just break up with her, just like with Charlotte, except that this happened twenty five years, not couple days ago.

''No, you idiot. I was fine for these twenty four and half year, but now I want to know, why did you left me? I did everything for you! I thought you loved me! Or even liked!'' Stacy yelled, upset and rueful, but not angry anymore, and continued. ''But NO, I was one of your whores, and you just…'' Stacy couldn't continue without more tears, and Damon ACTUALLY felt little sorry for her.

''Yeah, well, you did everything for me because you were sired to me.'' Stacy looked with this silly little glare at him, and then raised her chin, smugly.

''What do you mean 'sired'?''

Damon let out a little grin. ''Well, see, since you loved me SO much when you were human, and then wanted to be turned into a vampire, those feelings just grew, like, two times bigger and BAM! You were sired to me, which means that…''

''You douche bag!'' Stacy hissed, all sadness was gone, now it was rage. Wow, Stacy was one moody little girl, wasn't she? ''You just used me!'' Damon rolled his eyes.

''Yes. But then I realized, that it was the sire bond, and I set you free via breaking up with you.'' And because you started being extremely annoying, he added in his mind. But Stacy just smiled one of her brightest smiles.

''You really aren't that bad what I thought!'' She said and then added:''But I REALLY didn't love you, I just strongly liked you.''

''Keep telling that to yourself, babe'' Damon said charmingly, and then she hugged him and kissed him fiercely. When they separated, Damon was going to make some sarcastic comment, when Stacy said: ''I hope you have FUN with your lil' doppelganger when you get home. After all, when you're sired, kissing others is really NOTHING!''

''You are one twisted woman, you know that, right?'' Damon asked with a little amused.

''Learned from the best, didn't I?'' And then, Stacy was gone.

''You certainly are not over me!'' he yelled to the woods, but when no response came, he shrugged and headed to the Boarding House, when a rock came flying to his head. OW! He yelled inside his head, laughed and used vampire speed to get home.

''Honey, I'm home!'' Damon yelled happily, same time he opened the door and smiled, but his smile left, when angry Elena glared at him.

''Why are you so late? Why do you smell like alcohol and some other woman? Vampire woman? Did you two kiss?! Are you cheating on me?!'' Really twisted woman, he thought, closed the door behind them, and then turned his attention to Elena.