Ugh I know. What is this? Another story? Well, yes. I've just finished watching Once Uppn A Time and when Captain Hook came along I just had to write something with pirates. And when I write, I write Klaroline. This chapter is only the prologue and the rest of the story will be set in the future.

So a few disclaimers. First, I don't own TVD or the characters. Also, a lot of the ideas from this story comes from various different things. Mainly, the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and the books The Pirate Ruse and To Catch a Pirate. Also, the title of the story comes from the first book in the series Vampirates which is rather fitting even though this doesn't actually contain any vampires.

I haven't actually read either of the books so it's very loosly based on them obviously. I think that's about it! I hope you'll enjoy this story because I am really enjoying writing it.

"Miss Forbes!" the sound of one of her father's men calling her name barely made Caroline bat an eyelash. She had perfected the art of ignoring them over the years. When one spends so much time breaking the rules they're bound to have people chasing after them, calling their name, quite often.

Caroline kept her hands on the rough wood railing and her eyes locked on the view. It was her first time on a ship and she had never seen the ocean from anywhere but the dock. She had not left the side of the ship since they had boarded, unable to tear her eyes off the stormy waters.

"Miss Forbes," she recognized the voice without turning around to face the man. Tom was only a few years older than her but the town whispered that his skills on a ship were far beyond his age. She might have been impressed had he not spent every moment of their trip treating her like she was made out of glass. "You should head back to your quarters," his voice was closer now and she felt his presence next to her. Stubbornly Caroline refused to meet the gaze she felt burning on her. "You will catch a cold if you stay out here."

"But I enjoy it out here," she whined. Finally she turned around to face him. Their eyes locked and Caroline thought she saw a smile ghost across his lips. "I have never seen the water like this before. At home it is tame and still. Out here it seems to have a life of its own," she said dreamily before turning back to face the ocean.

It was true what she said. Caroline did not spend a lot of time by the docks – when she was there the men would whistle and call her names that made her feel very uncomfortable – but she had seen enough to know that it was nothing like this. They had only been sailing for a few hours yet it seemed like they had reached an entire different sea all together. The waves were strong and crushed against the ship. The wind pulled at her perfect curls and rudely attempted to lift the skirt of her dress. And the colors – nothing was just one color. The sky was dark and light at the same time and the water was every shade of blue, green and silver there could be. It was amazing.

"How can the water be so many colors at the same time?" Caroline asked Tom curiously. He seemed taken aback by the question because he furrowed his eyebrows and stayed silent. Caroline was too impatient to wait for an answer before moving on to her next question. "How can the sky be anything but blue?"

"You ask difficult questions, Miss Forbes," Tom said and Caroline had to keep from rolling her eyes. Her maid and friend Bonnie Bennett would always tell her off when she did. A lady does not roll her eyes Caroline, Bonnie would say. Your eyes will get caught in the back of your head and no man will ever want to marry you. That would only result in Caroline rolling them again to prove that Bonnie was lying.

"Do you have an answer to them?" she demanded.

"I'm afraid I –" Caroline raised her eyebrows, waiting for Tom to finish the sentence he had left hanging. She did not understand what had caused the abrupt silence. But then his eyes widened and his mouth fell open and it did not take Caroline long to look where his shaking finger was pointing. "Miss Forbes you must get back to your quarters now," he commanded his voice fighting the fright building up behind the words.

Caroline did not have to ask what was wrong. The heavy fog was still hiding the ship but there was no mistaking the flag waving in the wind. A background black as night embellished with a skull white as snow. Pirates.

"Miss Forbes, get back to your quarters!" this time there was no mistaking the fear in Tom's voice. His eyes locked with hers and for a moment all she saw was a boy hardly older than her. But Caroline had no time to help him. She lifted the hem of her dress and started running back below. A loud bell was going off in her head and it was not until the men of the ship started appearing on deck that she realized that the sound was coming from the warning bell that Tom was ringing.

The realization of what was going on hit her so hard it took her breath away. Pirates were coming for them.

Chaos was surrounding her. Some men were drawing their swords or getting the cannons ready while others were doing their best to change the direction they were going. Caroline begged to every god she knew of that they would succeed.

Her legs carried her below deck. Tears were clouding her eyes and she could not see where she was going. Somehow Caroline managed to find her way back to her quarters and quickly shut the door behind her. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and it felt as if it was about to break free any second now.

"Get it together, Caroline!" she snapped at herself but she could not stop the tears from running down her cheeks. She had heard so many stories of pirates that she had grown to believe that they were nothing more than that – stories. But now they were being attacked and she was forced to realize that they were very much real. And if she didn't do something quickly they would kill her.

Caroline looked around her room for something that would help her protecting herself. She wished she had a sword like every man on the ship. Even her father had one to defend himself with.

"Oh papa," at the thought of her father Caroline's eyes clouded with tears once again. She forced herself to fight the tears and breathe slowly. Her father would be alright. He had a weapon and a way to protect himself. That was exactly what she needed to get for herself now.

Once again Caroline's eyes scanned the room for something to use to defend herself. She started throwing things on the floor and lifting everything she could in desperate search of anything with a sharp edge. She was on the ground, tearing through everything she owned, when she heard it; the creaking sound of wood that was only made when someone walked on it.

Caroline's whole body tensed up and she shuffled back into a corner, her face turned towards the door. Her eyes were dry of tears but filled with fear. She could still hear the commotion from above which meant the fighting was not over. Once again Caroline found herself praying, this time that the person outside her door was a friend rather than a foe.

The handle started to push down, tantalizingly slow, and Caroline watched it until there was a small click as the door opened. Her breathing grew rapid when a boot stepped across the threshold.

"Ey love," Caroline's eyes slowly moved up the body of the stranger until they finally came to rest on his face. She did not need to ask to know that he was a pirate. If the clothes he wore and the captains hat on top of his head had not been enough to tell her the smirk on his lips was menacing enough to do so. She shrunk back, attempting to crawl back even further than she already had.

"What do you want?" Caroline asked and she silently cursed herself for the way her voice trembled. She did not want him to know just how frightened she was of him.

"Oh you've clearly never done this before," the pirate scoffed the same smirk still glued to his lips. Caroline gasped when his hand reached for his sword and pulled it from its sheath. "This is when you beg for your life sweetheart."

His sword was dangling lazily in his hand. Caroline's eyes stayed on it. If she threw herself at it she might be able to catch him off guard and grab it from him. Of course she had no idea what she would do if she actually got a hold of the sword. Caroline had never even held a sword and definitely not fought with one. She was foolish to think she would be able to beat a pirate with his own weapon.

Maybe begging for her life was the one thing she could do.

"I don't want to die," she found herself whispering and the words seemed to spark something in his eyes. "I'll do anything. Please don't kill me," she had meant to say it just to humor his former words but she realized that she meant it. Caroline had never been in a situation where her life was in danger before but she had always hoped that if she ever ended up in one she would be as brave as the heroes that always came with the pirate stories. But all thoughts of bravery had been wiped away from her mind. She wanted to live.

"Anything?" he asked suggestively his tongue darting out to lick his lips.

Caroline's eyes widened at his remark and she felt her cheeks grow hot under his crude stare. No man had ever spoken to her that way! The one word he had uttered was laced with things that made her cheeks redden and Caroline was unable to meet his burning gaze. Her diverting eyes only seemed to amuse him because a low chuckle left him.

"No worries m'lady, I am sure you have something else that could catch my interest… how about that necklace of yours?"

Immediately Caroline's hand reached up to where the heavy medallion was hanging around her neck. His words made her forget about his previous statements and her eyes darted back to his.

"No – please no, not the necklace," she begged and the pleading was even more sincere than it had been when she was begging for her life.

The pirate seemed unimpressed with her pleading. He leaned back against the doorframe and twirled his sword around, his eyes never leaving hers.

"First you offer anything for your life then you refuse to give me what I want. Has anyone ever told you that you're terrible at negotiating?" he asked teasingly but there was a slight edge to his words that did not go unnoticed with Caroline.

Her fingers were still clenched around the medallion when she spoke.

"Please I beg of you. The necklace is all I have left of my mother," Caroline had no idea why she was telling him the truth rather than some lie about the necklace being worth nothing. He was a pirate and pirates did not feel for others. "There must be something else I can offer you instead," she said desperately.

The smirk on his lips widened and his eyes slowly trailed down her body. They stopped at her neckline and her cheeks burned hot when she realized he was staring at her exposed breasts.

"Yes there is something else you could offer… but I doubt you'll give it up freely," his words sent a chill down her spine but she tried her best not to let it show. "The necklace please," he held out his free hand.

Caroline closed her eyes for a second before nodding slowly. She pushed herself up into a standing position and took a tentative step closer to him. Her hand was still covering the necklace in question. The thought of giving up the only thing she had left of her mother – the only thing that kept the memory of the woman who had given her life alive – pained her more than anything else that had happened yet.

Her hands slowly moved up to unclasp the necklace and she couldn't stop the single tear from running down her cheek as she did.

"You know," the pirate spoke slowly. "There is something else I would be willing to take for sparing your life."

Caroline's eyes lit up and without thinking she took a step towards him. Her hands fell to her sides without taking off the necklace and a hopeful smile spread across her lips.

"I have gold," she said quickly. "Not a lot, the rest is with my father, but I will give you all I –"

"I don't want gold," he interrupted her quickly. He only had to take a small step forwards to close the final space between him and Caroline's eyes widened when he did. She felt a sudden urge to throw herself back into the corner and cover there but she forced herself to stand up tall. "I want a kiss."

This time his request did not make her eyes widen with fear but with surprise. She felt her cheeks heat up once again and her arms wrapped around her body to hide it from his searching eyes. Had the circumstances been different Caroline would have been well off to slap the man for asking her to give away something as precious as her first kiss to a stranger.

"A kiss?" it wasn't meant to be a question but it came out as one anyways.

"Yes, a kiss," the pirate said in a tone that suggested he thought she was dumb for asking. "And I'm getting impatient so either kiss me, give me the necklace or I'll cut your throat with my sword. What will it be?"

The threat rang loud and clear in Caroline's ears and she knew that that the question only had one answer. Caroline's tongue slowly wetted her lower lip nervously before closing her eyes and standing up on her toes. She could practically feel him smirking as he leaned down to meet her in the middle.

Their lips met lightly but the kiss remained soft for less than a second. The hand that wasn't on his sword wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer while his lips moved roughly against hers. For some reason Caroline did not understand she found she did not want him to stop. The fact that he was a pirate that had just threatened to kill her had escaped her. She raised her hands to put them around his neck in a desperate attempt to get closer to him. The feel of his tongue against her lips forced a moan from her lips and before she had time to feel embarrassed about it his tongue was inside her mouth, wrestling with her own.

"Captain!" a loud voice pulled Caroline back to reality and she stumbled backwards, away from the smirking pirate staring down at her. "Captain we have to get back to the ship," the newcomer standing outside her door spoke quickly.

Caroline turned her head away, reluctant to look at the man in front of her after what she had just done. After how much she had enjoyed it. But apparently the pirate was having none of that. His hand reached out and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look him straight in the eye.

"Thank you," his eyes sparkled with amusement that only made Caroline feel worse about the situation. "Until we meet again," with a slight tilt of his head he dashed off and left her alone.

Caroline heard several screams and unattainable words from the deck. Her cheeks were still flushed from the kiss and she stumbled back to her bed which she fell back on. Her heart was racing and she was not sure whether it was from almost having her life taken away or from being kissed by the very same man threatening to do so.

Before she had time to dwell too much on the subject Tom came rushing through the door.

"Oh thank god you're alright," he sighed. "The pirates have gone. Your father requests to see you."

Without asking any questions Caroline got up and smoothed out her dress. Her fingers ran through her blonde curls to make them look presentable and she prayed that her lips were not showing any signs of the tingling sensation left as an aftermath of the kiss.