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Klaus was in a terribly foul mood. That was not something unusual but this morning was worse than most.

When Caroline had stormed away from him he had been left alone, painfully throbbing with a desire she had awoken in him, and he'd been forced to finish it off himself. The thought that he could have been plunging into Caroline instead of having his own hand wrapped around his cock had irritated him to no end.

The worst part of it all was that the thing Klaus could not stop thinking about was not the feel of her lips against his or the way her breast fit perfectly underneath his palm. The sight he could not get out of his head was not her naked chest bouncing in front of him or her flushed cheeks. No, what was posessing Klaus' mind and threatening to drive him mad was the look on her face before she slapped him.

She had looked so hurt and broken that Klaus had found himself wanting to reach out and stop her from leaving. Not so he could finish what they started but to hold her until that look went away. Then he'd rip those ridicolous clothes off her body and ravage her until she was screaming his name loud enough to wake the whole crew.

Klaus growled and took a long swig out of his newly refilled hipflask. He was sitting in his quarters, his legs on the table and his head thrown back. The ship was still in motion but it would be another day until they reached their destination. Klaus was trying his best to focus on the plan that lay ahead of him but he couldn't do it. All he could think about was that damn maiden and what she was doing to him.

It was not something he had ever experienced before, he realized. Klaus had desired other women, of course, but it had never gone beyond that. He had wanted someone and he had taken them, then they would be out of his mind forever. But Caroline… she would simply not leave him alone. Something about her golden locks and bright eyes was making his stomach turn and his heart beat in ways he did not understand. She made him feel things he hadn't allowed himself to feel in years. If it had been anyone else he would have made her walk the plank a long time ago. But for some reason Klaus couldn't bring himself to let Caroline go.

Klaus shook his head and took another swig of rum. There was only one solution to the problem, he decided. He had to have her. If he got to fuck her until she was out of breath and her legs caved in beneath her she would be out of his system. All the odd things she was causing him to feel would go away when his strong desire for her did. It had to be the solution.

Of course, doing so would probably take a little more than a heated look. She had not been happy the other night and he had a feeling that she was both too stubborn and headstrong to forget about it just because he asked her to. The thought made his lips pull into what would have been a smile if he had not stopped himself. He was not going to sit there and grin like a silly woman in love. Klaus was the most feared and notiorus pirate on all of the seven seas. He was not going to let some blonde beauty mess with his head.

The problem would be gone as soon as he got to quench his thirst, so to speak. He just had to do the things he had been imagining doing since the day they met all those years ago and he first tasted her. Once he had his way with her she would be out of his mind for good.

At least, that's what he told himself.

That moment the door was pushed open and it snapped Klaus out of his clouded mind. Another blonde was standing in the doorway, her arms crossed and an evil look in her eyes.

"Don't frown," Klaus told his sister with a smirk. "You'll get wrinkles."

"Do not patronize me," Rebekah snapped and without asking for permission (he wouldn't have given it to her if she had) she walked intot he room and leaned across the table. "When are you letting me go?"

Klaus sighed in irritation. His sister was as much of a spoiled brat as she always had been. He had been hoping that living on her own and fighting of potential threats would have made her a little more tolerable but it had not. Rebekah was still Rebekah.

"I'm not," Klaus told her and there was fury behind his calm voice that no one but his sister could have been able to see. As much as Klaus liked to think otherwise she knew him better than anyone else.

Rebekah took a small step backward and her eyes narrowed slightly. She knew Klaus better than anyone else in the world and could read him like an open book. Even the smallest of signs was easy for her to catch on to and she could tell that he was in a foul mood. Instead of backing away and leaving him be like any sane person would she stayed where she was. Rebekah was just as stubborn as her brother and would not be leaving without a fight.

"I am your sister!" she said. "You can't treat me like a prisoner!"

"You are not locked in a cell nor are you dead," Klaus pointed out, his eyes narrowed and his fists clenched. He was in no mood to deal with his sister right now. "What are you complaining about, sister?"

"I want off this god damn ship right now!" Rebekah demanded.

"Would you like to walk the plank or should we just throw you over board?" Klaus replied easily and Rebekah's eyes flashed with fury. "You betrayed me, Rebekah. You should be on your knees begging for my forgiveness," without realizing Klaus had stood up. His hands were placed firmly against the table and he was leaning forward in a threatening manner. His jaw was clenched and his eyes were dark.

"I betrayed you because you killed the man I loved!" Rebekah's voice was rising with every word and as always when she spoke of the peasant she had once loved her eyes began to fill with tears. Klaus resisted the urge to roll his eyes at her. "You killed him without even thinking about me and -" Klaus did not give her time to finish her speech. His fist slammed down against the table so hard a dent was left in it.

"I was thinking about you!" he shouted. "He was working for Mikael! He would have cut your head off without a second thought! I killed him because he was a threat to my family and unlike you I am not a filthy traitor."

The two siblings stared at each other. Rebekah's eyes were filled with tears that were only held back with the fury radiating through her whole body. Klaus' face was red from screaming and his eyes were dark as the sea during a storm. The thought of pulling his sword out and jabbing it through his sister's chest was not far from his mind.

"He loved me," Rebekah finally spoke and the lack of doubt in her voice only made Klaus' anger grow. "He loved me and he would have changed for me. He was going to leave Mikael -"

"And then Mikael would have killed your precious Alexander himself. Either way, he was a dead man the day you met him."

The accusation hung in the air and Rebekah gasped. Klaus stared her down until finally she looked away. One of the tears had escaped and was running down her cheek. Klaus bit down to keep himself from snapping at her. He had done nothing wrong. He had killed the man who had been a threat to his family and if he had a chance to do it again he gladly would have. The fact that Rebekah did not understand the selfless gift he had given her made him tremble with anger.

"I loved him," Rebekah whispered. "Why could you not have let me be happy?"

"Your happiness would have ended with your head on a plate delivered at Mikael's knees," Klaus spoke slowly, making sure each word hit like a bullet.

To his surprise Rebekah did not break down in tears. Instead she drew herself up into her full height and met his glare with one just as strong.

"And I would have died happy. But you will never understand that, Niklaus, because you have never known love. And you never will. One of these days you'll meet your end and you will do so alone."

Rebekah turned to walk away but before she had the chance to Klaus had her pushed up against the wall. His fingers dug into her shoulders hard enough to leave bruises and he did not let go when she whimpered in pain.

"You promised me your alliance," he spat. "Forever and always, remember that sister? Now it will just be against your will," with those words he let go of her and she dropped to the floor.

Klaus turned around. He heard her get up and scramble out of his room but did not turn around to see her do so. His hand reached for his sword. He was in a desperate need to kill someone. He wanted to drive his blade through someone's heart and watch as the life drained out of them. It was the only thing that made him feel alive. The only thing that reminded him that he had to finish his mission. Taking a life as if it was nothing reminded Klaus that it could be one of his siblings that died at the hand of someone's sword the next time. It reminded him of the oath Mikael had once sworn.

"I will punish that whore you call mother. I will cut her heart from her body and then I will kill every single child she ever gave birth to. Even the lucky ones who actually have my blood in them. Every last reminder of her life will be ripped away and nothing will be left. Mark my words, each one of you will die."

"There you go," Stefan patted Caroline on the back and while he managed to keep the amusement out of his voice his lips formed a small smile. "Get it out of your system and you'll feel better."

Caroline only had time to give him a very dark look before she had to bend over the side of the boat again. Every time she thought her stomach was empty of fluids it decided to prove her wrong by forcing her to empty it into the seas.

"Now I understand why only foul men and whores drink alcohol," Caroline said weakly once she pulled back. She dried her mouth with the back of her hand and sank down into a sitting position.

Stefan allowed his smile to grow a little before sitting down next to her. His hand was still on her back, rubbing it soothingly.

"You just have to know when to stop," Stefan told her. "And you might have done well to start with something a little weaker than the rum of Tortuga."

"Why did you not tell me that last night?" Caroline complained. She had her elbows balancing on her knees and her head resting between her hands. Her face was pale and she had dark circles beneath her eyes. Alcohol clearly was not the best beauty treatment.

Stefan simply shook his head and Caroline groaned. As if the constant throbbing in her head and waves of nausea weren't enough Caroline could not stop thinking about that stupid bloody pirate.

The way his lips felt on her skin. His hot breath against her throat. His hands on her body. The way his lips tasted. How everything he did made her ache for more.

And that was exactly the oppposite of what she was supposed to be thinking.

More than anything Caroline wanted to hate Klaus. He had kidnapped her, locked her up and treated her like a common whore. Yet she could not bring herself to steal Stefan's sword and attempt to cut the man's head off. Maybe it was the sun or the lack of good food that was making her feel these odd things. She liked to think it was because of that and not because of him.

"Are you going to be sick again?" Stefan asked. "You don't look so good."

"I'm fine," Caroline lied. "I just -" she nibbled lightly on her lower lip (which only made her think of Klaus' teeth scraping against her skin) before continuing. "Why does he keep me alive?" she finally asked. She knew it probably was not wise to trust Stefan with her thoughts and questions but if she did not get to voice them she would go mad.

For a moment she thought Stefan was going to play dumb. He opened his mouth but closed it after a moment of hesitation. For a little while they sat in silence while Stefan frowned. Finally, he started talking.

"I don't know," he said honestly. "The Captain has never been known to spare lives. He keeps prisoners around longer than women and they are usually made to walk the plank with a rock tied around their booth the moment they step onto the ship."

Caroline bit down on her lip a little harder. Stefan's words were only increasing her already nervous state. Would Klaus tire of her? What if he decided she was of no use to him and decided death would be the better option?

"But he seems to have taken a liking to you," Stefan continued in a much lower voice. "He wants you. And judging by last night he doesn't want anyone else to have you."

A faint blush crept onto Caroline's cheeks at the mention of the previous night. When she had returned to her bed it had taken her hours to fall asleep. She had stayed in bed, her breath heavy and her body aching for something she did not understand.

"He is a bad man," Caroline said but the words did not come off as strong as she would have liked them to. "He does bad things to good people."

"He's a pirate. That's what pirates do," Stefan shrugged but there was a bitterness in his voice that did not go unnoticed by Caroline. "He is worse than most but that is just who he is. He saved my brother and I when he let us come on his ship and I will forever be in his debt for that. And maybe I'm wrong, but you don't seem to hate him as much as you should either."

Caroline opened her mouth to protest, to correct him, but found that she couldn't. Instead she closed it and sighed.

"He's awful. But - he makes me feel free. I've never been free before. I've always been bound to my duties as a daughter or a woman or someone's future wife. The fencing and the dancing and the sea… even the drinking. All of it makes me feel free."

"Without freedom, man is nothing," Stefan said wisely. "I suggest you make the best of it."

Before Caroline had a chance to reply a new wave of nausea hit her. As free as it made her feel she probably would not be drinking for a while now.