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Master Bedroom Potter Manor

Harry woke up and smiled as he looked into his arms. Once again he found himself waking up next to a sleeping angel. Daphne was snuggled into his chest with her head lying on his chest. Harry didn't want to disturb her but knew they had to get up. Harry gently nudged Daphne, and his heart stopped as she opened her eyes. Two pure blue sapphires stared back at him.

"Morning Harry." Daphne yawned sleepily with a smile.

Harry leaned down and gave Daphne a morning kiss. "Morning Daphne. How did you sleep?" Harry noticed Daphne snuggle into his side further.

"Well I was having a lovely dream, until you woke me up. I won't tell you what about though just in case it might scare you off."

Daphne had actually been dreaming about her, Hermione and Harry's future and how both she and Hermione had given birth to twins. Two girls for her, and two boys for Hermione. Daphne knew in her heart that she wanted children someday, but not yet, and certainly not twins. Daphne hoped the dream was just her mind playing tricks and that it wasn't a vision from their future. Daphne rolled out of her side of the bed, and stood up in all her naked glory. She winked at Harry, and noticed the little show had caused a reaction. "Well I will be in the shower." Just like the morning before two house elves popped in, Augustus stood ready to help Harry. Why Daphne was followed into the bathroom by Becky. Harry was surprised that Daphne hadn't said anything; he then guessed that she must be used to it being from a pure-blood family. Harry noticed Augustus had already started laying out various robes and other clothes. Today Harry had to make a trip to Hogwarts to sign his teaching contract. Harry was still wondering why he had agreed to the post in the first place. After all he knew practical Defense Against the Dark Arts, but was useless at theory. Harry then remembered the set of defenSe books he had received from Sirius and Remus in his fifth year. He had used them for the DA so maybe he could use them to plan his lessons at Hogwarts. Harry was still wondering how his school mates would react to him being made a professor. He knew the Gryffindor and those who were part of the DA would understand, but he wasn't sure about everything else.

"Is everything okay Lord Potter?"

Harry came out of his thoughts, as he heard Augustus talking to him. "Yes Augustus, everything is fine. Could you have the chef prepare two cooked breakfasts please. I think I am okay with getting myself dressed today."

Augustus bowed before popping away, leaving Harry to decided what robes to wear. His appointment with Professor McGonagall was at 10am, so he had to get ready quickly as it was already 9am. Selecting a plain black dress robe, with his family crest embroided on it he began to get dressed. Just as he had finished Daphne came out of the bathroom, already dressed and ready to go downstairs for breakfast.

Harry and Daphne entered the dining room to see breakfast waiting for them on the table, with a copy of the Prophet and some other letters. Harry sat down and unrolled the paper. For once the headline wasn't about him. Seeing there was nothing of interest he moved to the small pile of mail on the table. He opened the first letter and found it was from Andromeda: reminding him that he needed to pop over soon to see Teddy. Harry placed the letter down on the table; he had lost a lot of people in the war, but the ones he missed the most were his godfather and Remus, both who had been like uncles to him. He allowed a stray tear to fall onto the letter, before wiping it away with his sleeve. Moving onto the next letter which turned out to be from the Ministry. Harry opened it carefully and groaned. It seems Kingley wanted him to do some public appearances and speak out about his victory over Voldemort. Harry just wished everyone would leave him alone on the subject. Voldemort was dead, that was the end of it. There was no need to keep re-telling the story, Harry himself had been trying to forget it.

He was brought to the present when Daphne spoke up, "Harry is everything okay?" Harry looked over to see Daphne was looking at him with concern. Harry just smiled and tried to hide the sadness he was feeling.

"Yeah, everything fine. Just got a letter from Andromeda, she's looking after my godson, Teddy. Both his parents died at the battle of Hogwarts, and I was just thinking about them and everyone else who sacrificed themselves. I then get this letter from the Ministry asking if I would speak to the public about the events. Honestly, doesn't anyone have anything else better to do then listen to me. I played my part; I completed the prophecy, that's it. End of story. Now I just want to live my life like any normal human being." Harry sighed in frustration.

Daphne bit her bottom lip in deep thought, she herself couldn't see why no one was giving him a break over everything that happened. Harry just wanted to be Harry; not The Boy-Who-Lived, the Boy-Who-Won, just Harry. Daphne decided that she would do everything she could to make sure her future husband got the life he wanted.


Harry stepped out of the Floo in the Three Broomsticks, since it was only a few of the building which had survived the battle of Hogwarts. Harry hadn't realized the battle had spread so far. Many of the shops were now boarded up and the cobble streets were abandoned. Harry sighed before walking toward Hogwarts. Hopefully everything would be sorted out very soon, and the streets will once again be filled with happy witches and wizards doing their daily shopping. Harry walked up the huge hill, right on top of it he could see the towering spires of Hogwarts. As he slowly got closer, he could see that much of the damage had already been repaired. He waited at the gates and watched as they opened for him. Harry had been invited to Floo straight into the headmistress' office, but he chose to take the scenic route, so he could survey the damage that the war had caused. He looked over to the Black Lake, and to the white tomb that stood near the edge of the lake. Harry's eyes flashed, as all the anger of what Dumbledore had done came flooding back. The man didn't deserve such an honor, not after what he had done to Harry and those around him. Harry noticed Filch was at the main door doing some cleaning.

"Potter, what are you doing here?" Filch growled out as Harry approached.

Harry bowed politely. "Actually Mr. Filch that is Lord Potter-Black now, and I was here to see Professor McGonagall to sign my teaching contract, as I will be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts next year."

Filch shrugged his shoulders and just gestured for Harry to walk past and into the school. After all Harry didn't need telling where to go. He had been to the headmaster's office many times, and began to make his way towards the corridor which housed the entrance to the tower. Harry approached the gargoyle, who also seemed to have been expecting him. Nevertheless Harry thought to address it. "Excuse me I am here to see Professor McGonagall."

The gargoyle looked over at Harry before jumping to the side, revealing the spiral staircase that lead to the top of the tower. As he stood on the top of the steps Harry felt them raise and revolve until he was faced with the main door to the office. Harry knocked on the door.


Harry pushed open the door and walked into the office. Nothing much had changed from when he had last been in here. All the portraits of former Heads were fast asleep, except two, that now reside behind the headmistress' desk. Harry could see Dumbledore was trying to avoid his gaze at all cost, while in the other frame Snape was grinning away like a cheshire cat.

"Ahh Lord Potter-Black, glad that you could make it." Harry raised one of his hands to gesture for Professor McGonagall to stop.

"Professor, it's Harry, not Lord Potter-Black. I already get enough people calling me that, without you doing it too." Harry was doing his best to keep his anger in check, but the more he saw the portrait of Dumbledore the more he was getting agitated. Soon he couldn't hold in the anger anymore, and stormed past Professor McGonagall, wand raised a spell on the tip of his tongue. He used the wand tip to poke Dumbledore in the face.

"You! Just who the hell do you think you are. Interfering in my life is one thing, but when you interfere in my friends' lives, you go too far! Just what were you thinking, authorizing that red head back stabbing weasel to feed Hermione love potion? The fact the two can't stand each other,should have given some clue that the two would never make a good couple, or have you not heard about some of the arguments the two of them had in the common room. If not I am sure Professor McGonagall could fill you in on a few. Hermione is the brightest witch of her age, and you wanted to pair her off with someone like Ron! The boy who gets jealous of the slightest thing. Can you really see Ron, allowing Hermione to go out and work, and get a better job than him! No, Ron would have her stay home, pushing out red little brats for the rest of her life. A whole seven years wasted just to be a Molly Weasley? What was so wrong with me being with Hermione? Why did you see it fit to obliviate both of us, in our second year. Oh yes, Albus, Hermione told me all about that. She may have been petrified, but she could still hear and see everything. However she only remembered it when the goblins at Gringotts had flushed her through." Harry stood there glaring at Dumbledore to see if he would offer any explanation for his meddling.

Albus sighed, why couldn't the boy see that he did everything he did to protect their world. Hermione was a witch with radical ideas. Things that this world was not ready for. It is true he had not thought about what life would be like for Hermione, being married to Ron, but as long as it kept her from making the changes she wanted to, then it was well worth the sacrifice. However Albus braced himself, for it seems Harry was not quite finish yet.

"Now let's move on to me, shall we? Let's start right at the beginning, because finally things are beginning to make sense to me. For example, how you ignored my parents' wishes, and still left me on the doorstep of the Dursleys, when my parents will clearly states that in the event of their death, I was to go to Sirius first, and if he was unable to take me, then I was to be placed with the family of my betrothed, the Greengrass family. Well, sir, I am waiting?"

Dumbledore, stayed silent for a while just looking at Harry, it was clear to him now that the wizard standing in front of him was no longer a boy but a man. A man that seems to have inherited his mother's temper. "Harry, what you have to understand is that I knew Voldemort wasn't dead, you were not safe within the magical world. Had you gone to the Greengrass family as your parents' will insisted then you would have put not only your life in danger, but the Greengrass family as well. I thought the best place for you was the muggle world, however the only family connection you had there was your aunt, so yes I ignored your parents' wishes to keep you safe. True, you had a hard life, but you were safe from Voldemort and his followers. The fact that you had your mother's protection as well also made it an easy decision, as your aunt being a blood relative; then the protection you house would also be passed onto her and your uncle, giving twice the protection."

Harry crossed his arms against his chest. All that seemed to make sense, but the old fool had other crimes to answer for. "Alright, Albus, I can see how that benefited me, but now let's move on to more recent events. For example, the rather large withdrawals made from my family's vault; a lot of the gold going into a vault for the Order and a small amount being paid to Ron and his family. My question is this: why did you steal from my family in the first place, and why did you have to pay Ron the sum of 10,000 galleons a year since I started Hogwarts."

Dumbledore sighed again. "Harry, what you fail to realize is war cost money. I needed the funds to keep the war effort going. Although Voldemort was gone, his followers were still very much at large and needed to be brought to justice."

Harry laughed. "Justice? are you kidding me? Sticking Rapist, murderers, and others like them behind bars, in a prison guarded by Dementors, who if I am not mistaken were on Voldemort's side in the first war and the second. You call that justice? Everything single one of them should had been given the kiss, had that happened, then Voldemort might not have had the might behind him when he did in the final battle at this very school. Hundreds of lives may have been spared had those who were freed from Azkaban been dead already! Let's not forget your idea of justice, where you, as Chief Warlock, never gave Sirius a trial!"

Dumbledore slumped in his frame. "Harry, everyone deserves a second chance. What they did was wrong, but being in Azkaban, I would have hoped that they would have learnt their lesson."

Harry shook his head, in disbelief. The fool was delusional pure and simple. "You said you took money from my family vault to fund the war, yet you did not explain why you had to deposit 10,000 galleons into a vault in Ron's name? Not to mention the 50,000 galleons you deposited into Molly's own account to keep the forged marriage contract in effect?"

Dumbledore sighed once more. "Before you started Hogwarts I had already planned for you to meet the Weasleys. I thought their youngest son would be a good influence for you, someone you could talk to. However Ron insisted that he was given something in return for such a service. He finally agreed that he would be your friend for the sum of 10,000 galleons a year."

Harry shook his head. "So not only did you agree to pay him, but you used my own funds to do it. Honestly, had I known all this at the time, then I would have told Ron where to go and chosen Slytherin house."

Snape was trying not to laugh. "I told you Albus. Soon as Harry found out everything he would lay into you. This has been a long time coming. Even I have no clue why you decided to pay the weasel to be Lord Potter-Black's friend. The boy is useless, he only passed his year exams by the skin of his teeth, and I have no doubt that was down to Miss Granger giving him a boot up the backside."

Harry locked eyes with Snape, then turned his attention back to Dumbledore who was beginning to look more and more agitated by the minute. Harry had no clue why, after all he had not been the one that had to go through everything, it had been Harry.

"You know what sir, I'm glad you're dead, at least now you can't interfere in my life anymore. Oh and one more thing, you don't deserve to have a place on this walls. Bombarda!"

Albus' eyes widened as the blasting hex left Harry's wand, blasting his portrait off the wall into thousands of pieces. The blast had woken up the other old heads who were now in complete shock as what remained of Dumbledore's portrait laid shattered on the floor.

"Lord Potter-Black, what have you done?" Minerva stood wide eyed as all that remained on the wall behind her desk, was a very shocked Severus and a black scorch mark where Harry's spell had hit.

Harry turned back to Professor McGonagall, he was still angry, but knew the professor wasn't responsible and it wasn't fair to take it out on her. "Forgive me Professor, but he didn't deserve a place on that wall, not after his crimes against this school. If you would rather give the post of Defense Against The Dark Arts to someone else. I will understand."

Minerva came back to reality. "No, Harry, if anyone deserved to do that, then you did. I am just sorry that I never saw all this happening, will you forgive me?"

Harry looked at his old head of house. "Professor, you were much a pawn as everyone else in his little game of chess. No one was too big to be sacrificed. You have nothing to be forgiven for. Now if you don't mind I will sign my contract and be on my way. Oh yes there is one thing in this contract that I will not be able comply with and that is have any relationship with any students. After all I will be married in a few weeks and both my brides will be students here."

Minerva sighed. "Yes your right Harry. I will amend the contract so that it only states that you will be allowed to have a relationship with Miss Granger and Miss Greengrass. Is that okay with you?"

Harry nodded his head, he watched Professor McGonagall, change the contract he then signed it, however he didn't use a quill, but a biro pen. "It's about time this world started moving with the times, so I asked that when you put the school list together, that you add students must purchase a Biro pen and an A4 writing pad which they will be able to buy a Florish and Blotts for half the price of parchment and quills."

Minerva sighed and just nodded her head. She wondered what else Harry would insist on. One thing was clear though this year was going to be very interesting to say the least. She watched Harry walk out of the door, only for Severus to speak up and stop him.

"Lord Potter-Black, I know I am most likely the least favorite person you would want to talk to at the minute; I know I made your life a living hell here in Hogwarts. In my own blindness I looked at you and saw James, the man who took Lily away from me. However I failed to see that you are her son as well. I ask that you can find in your heart to forgive me, and to try make it up to you, I am prepared to offer my services as a tutor, so that you can finish your NEWT potions. From what I understand from Slughorn he will be very upset to see you leave his class, and so I volunteer my services to finish your teaching. True, I am just a portrait now, but I can still instruct and view everything you do."

Harry hand was on the door handle. He stopped in his tracks, his green eyes blazed with fury, before he glared at Snape. "Had it not been for you my parents might still be alive. So you can take your offer and shove it straight up your arse!" Harry left the office slamming the door on his way out, this alone caused a few portraits to fall from the wall.

Minerva turned to Severus in disbelief. "Did you really think that would work? Harry hates you, did you really think he would accept private lessons from you? Honestly Severus, you have made the boy's life hard for the last six years; what on Earth made you think he would accept your proposal?"

Severus sighed. "I don't know Minerva, but it is only now I see Harry and realize that he is the son of Lily as well as James, I was hoping to ease some of my guilt, but it seems Harry is filled with too much hatred for me at present. I can only hope that in time he will find it in his heart to forgive me for my crimes."

Minerva eyebrows raised. "Best be careful Severus. You're starting to sound like Albus. We know what happened to him don't we."

Severus opened his mouth, but nothing would come out. Instead he looked at what remained of Dumbledore portrait shattered across the floor. Severus shudder at thinking that could so easily had been him.

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