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"Third Gear! Gomu Gomu no Giganto Pistol!"

After slamming a huge fist onto the trapped Ohm, the three of them won the battle. It wasn't difficult since Luffy was already way experienced and knew every single of his technique from First Gear to Third Gear. Ace was already a strong Whitebeard Pirates Commander at this point of time during their previous time. Sabo was a little awkward with his techniques due to the lack of practice ever since he regained his memory but was able to use his memory to his advantage.

Thus, the battle was over in the Ordeal of Iron.

When the smoke cleared, Ohm was found lying on the ground, defeated while the huge dog ran away as Luffy instructed him to. Ace and Sabo would never realized that the dog was the kind who listened to orders no matter who they were. Luffy was just the kind who would talk to any animals even though they were his enemies.

"Where is Luffy?" Ace asked.

"I don't know. He was up there slamming his huge fist down onto that idiot," Sabo replied and looked around. "I don't get how he could suddenly disappear unless he ran away on his own."

"Seriously," Ace grumbled and took a step forward, only to stumble a little backwards when he hit something with his hind leg. "Wha-?"

Looking down, the both of them finally found the one they were looking for, only it wasn't in the state they expected.

"Alright! Let's move on," Luffy, in a literally chibi sized with his proportions not looking quite right, exclaimed in determination as he started to march forward.

"Hold on a minute there!" Ace called out as he crouched down and grabbed the back of Luffy's collar. "Luffy? Wait, how did you get this small? What the heck did you do?"

"Let me go! We have to go," Luffy whined.

"Does it have anything to do with the technique you just did? I supposed all of your specially effective skills would have a setback somewhere," Sabo commented as he crouched down too.

"Really? I never heard of something which would flatten someone till this size," Ace said.

"Luffy is made of rubber so his whole body is pretty flexible. It is not impossible," Sabo reminded.

Luffy looked at them as they discussed his currently small sized state. He didn't find anything weird about it so why were they making such a big fuss over it? And he could've sworn that Ace was smiling weirdly when he grabbed him.

"Is any of your special attacks not harmful to your own body?" Ace asked as he picked Luffy up.

"H-Hey! Why are you carrying me?"

"It's too dangerous for you to walk around on your own. What if Sabo accidentally stepped on your head?"

"You almost did that!" Sabo exclaimed.

"And he looks kind of adorable in this size, doesn't he?" Ace asked Sabo excitedly.

Sabo sweat dropped when Ace didn't look as though he was going to put Luffy down. During the times whereby Sabo was gone, he didn't realize that Ace would develop a brother complex-although not quite since Ace didn't feel exactly brothery towards Luffy. But after Ace showed him a huge change of his own personality, Sabo couldn't really feel too shocked at whatever Ace was going to show him anymore.

At least his mood improved a lot now that he has Luffy in his arms.

"How long does it take for you to return to your normal size?" Ace asked. Not that Ace couldn't carry Luffy in his usual size but he wouldn't want to drop him in surprise if he suddenly changes back.

"Um... a while but I change back whenever I feel energized again," Luffy replied.

"That's not very... detailed," Sabo muttered.

Sabo had a feeling that he would be like this longer than usual.

While they were walking around in the midst of the rubble, they were keeping an eye out of this Enel guy. They stopped when they felt a small rumbling on the ground and expected for the worst. Suddenly, a huge snake popped out of nowhere and used his tongue to snatch Luffy (in his still small state) into his mouth while Ace and Sabo were frozen in shock.

After that, it still had the tendency to burp.

"Give," Ace started as his whole body burst into flames, "-my Luffy back!"

When Sanji woke up, he found that he was in a very... strange place.

The last thing he remembered was while the ship was sailing, a huge snake came out of nowhere. Marco and Sanji battled it easier since they could fight in the air. However, things didn't look too good when the snake opened it's big mouth and gobbled Sanji down. The blonde cook wasn't sure if Marco ended up like him too.


Okay, he did.

"You got gobbled up too?" Sanji groaned and rubbed the back of his head. "I guess it can't be a bad thing. I don't want to get stuck in a shitty snake's stomach on my own."

"I got worried when you were swallowed in, yoi."

"Shitty thing," Sanji cursed.

That thing popped up during the worst possible times and now Sanji was pissed. Having your needed alone time was as rare as Luffy not being enticed by meat. Not only that, no one was sure how much longer they would be able to stay together. Wait, why was he even worrying over about such a thing. It's starting to be unbecoming of him.

He needed time to sort this whole thing out. Even though he was sure that he had feelings for Marco, he hadn't sorted out his own emotions. While he could pull off being obsessive over women, it was strangely new when it comes to Marco, who happened to be a man. On top of that, Sanji wasn't the kind who knew how to control his emotions well. He often acted on his feelings regardless of whether it was happiness or anger or sadness. And he was damn confused now.

Watching Marco looking around and trying to find an exit (seemingly ignoring his presence at the same time), Sanji felt...

… he felt...

… like punching him.

"Let's try and find the mouth," Marco said.

"Huh? Oh, alright."

"Are you alright, yoi?" Marco asked, concerned and walked over to Sanji. "You don't look and sound quite well. Is there something bothering you? I don't like being in someone's stomach either."

"No, it's fine. So we have to look for the mouth, right?" Sanji replied quickly.

Marco grabbed his hand, making Sanji stop in his place and he turned around to look at him curiously. Marco was sharp most of the time. Even when he didn't seem to like to get involved in other people's affair, he was a lot more concerned about Sanji. The blonde cook was like an open book and Marco already knew him for a long time.

But instead of bombarding him with questions, Marco gave him a small smile and walked forward, not letting go.

"Let's go. We should be able to find something, yoi."

"Y-Yeah," Sanji replied, still somewhat taken aback by Marco's sudden action. However, the uneasiness that he was feeling was slowly being washed away as long as his hand remained in Marco's.

Marco was really different from most people he met, Sanji thought.

"Was I making you uncomfortable in some way?" he asked.

"Of course not," Sanji replied immediately. "I was just having some problems of my own. Don't worry about it."

"If you say so, yoi. I'll wait for you until you're ready to tell me about it," he said. "Whether it's regarding myself or not, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable in any way."

Sanji could feel his face slowly heating up before he pushed it away nicely. He knew that Marco was being kind and was willing to be patient with him. He had that kind of maturity due to age and experience. "Thanks. I'm just... not used to this. You're my first," Sanji hesitated as he struggled to find a comfortable word to use, "lover."

Marco chuckled softly, but not in a mocking way. "I'm glad to hear that, yoi. I never thought that I would be romatically involved with someone as young as you."

"You're just too old," Sanji said mockingly.

"You really know how to make an old man feel young," Marco retorted playfully.

"You are too active to be /that/ old, at least," he pointed out with a grin. "At least, I'm glad to know that you'll be around as long as I do. Or possibly, longer than I."

"Definitely longer than you are. It'll be... lonely without you around, yoi," Marco said and Sanji could felt him squeezing his his hand. "But let's not think about that."


When Sanji was about to pursue the subject further, the ground beneath their feet suddenly shook and they could feel some invisible force pulling them from behind. Marco grabbed Sanji by the waist which made the blonde cook instinctively wrapped his arms around his neck. The Whitebeard Commander transformed his arms into a pair of phoenix wings and lifted the both of them off the ground as the 'walls' and 'grounds' shifted vertically.

The snake must have lifted it's body up.

Out of nowhere, Sanji thought that he could hear a small sound.

"Did you hear that?" Sanji asked Marco to confirm his suspicion.

"Yeah, it sounds familiar, yoi."


The source of the voice became louder and the two blonde males' eyes widen when they saw Luffy falling straight towards them. There wasn't any time wasted until Luffy's body collided into the two blondes in the air, causing Marco to lose his balance and made all three of them to fall deeper within the snake's stomach.

Until they Sanji hit something hard, supposedly one of the pillars the damn snake absorbed.

"Shit!" Sanji cursed. "You really have the worst timing, Luffy."

"You okay, yoi?" Marco asked in worry since he knew it must have hurt quite a lot with Marco AND Luffy slamming Sanji against that pillar. If Thatch were to see this, he would've reconfirmed Marco's title of being a mother hen.

"Sorry about that," Luffy replied with a sheepish grin after having reverted back to his original state. "I was with Ace and Sabo until this huge snake suddenly came out and ate me! What about you guys? What are you doing here?"

"Isn't it obvious? We got ate by that shitty snake too!" Sanji snapped.

Luffy stared at them before slamming his fist into into his palm in understanding. "Ah ha! So you guys got eaten by it too. That must have been horrible, huh?"

"You got eaten too! Don't rub it in our face," Sanji exclaimed and pulled onto both sides of Luffy's cheeks hard.

"You said that you were with Ace and Sabo, yoi. Does it mean that the snake brought us all the way to the altar? You guys were fighting pretty loud," Marco said.

"Yup! We have to find them soon. So let's hurry up and find this thing's ass and get out of here," Luffy suggested happily.

"Why the ass?" Marco asked even though he had a feeling that he shouldn't question it.

"We leave through the mouth," Sanji said firmly.

"But it'll be faster if we poop out of its ass," Luffy argued. "I don't care, we're going to look for the ass. I'm your captain and I say that we poop it out so that we can find Ace."

Sanji sighed and ran his head through his forehead. "Look-"

"The ass, the ass, the ass, the ass!"

"Luffy I really-"

"The ass! Let's go and look for the ass now!"

Before Luffy could say anymore, Sanji let go of whatever he was tolerating and a few bashes rang through the snake's stomach... or whatever they were in. Marco sighed at them and looked around to see what he could do.

"We're escaping through its mouth. So don't act like a kid and listen to me from now on, okay? We're not on a picnic."

"Y-Yes. I'm bewwi sowwie."

"Hold on to something," Marco suddenly called out after the shaking pillars caught his eyes.

The snake suddenly moved again as the movement caused everything around them to shake again. AT least they could hold onto the pillars which were embedded into the sticky, solid ground that was formed from it eating too much garbage. Sanji would've went on about indigestion problems but he'd rather not go into that.

Then, they eard another voice but it was clearer than when they heard Luffy before he fell onto them.

"Give Luffy back, you fucking monster," they heard Ace yell from outside.

After that, the tremors only became worse.

"Calm down, Ace!" they heard Sabo trying to calm Ace down. "You're really taking this whole liking him too far!"

"That damn thing just ate Luffy when he was small and helpless! How the fuck am I supposed to calm down? How can you be so calm? Be calm if you want but I'm going to toast this thing until it returns Luffy!"

"You're just acting this way because you want to hold him in his little state longer! Think about it! If you toast the snake, Luffy might get injured too, you big idiot!"

They have another problem in their hands.

One Piece SPECIAL!

"Ace, how are you comfortable with walking around naked?" Nami asked. "I mean, it's not a horrible sight to watch but usually guys would put a top over wherever they go. Even Luffy."

"Hmm? I don't find it a problem," Ace replied casually. "Luffy likes it anyway."



Flashback in their previous lives

"Wow, Ace! Are these muscles?" Luffy, when he was twelve years old, asked in fasincation as he poked Ace's stomach where the abs were starting to form.

"Yep. I trained a lot so that I could become stronger," Ace said proudly.

"Eh..." Luffy murmured in awe at the new discovery.

"It'll be difficult for you to get a really muscular body since you're all scrawny and rubbery though," he teased and ruffled Luffy's hair. "Don't feel bad about it, kay?"

Luffy looked up at him and tilted his head to the side while grinning. "I'm not worried about that. Ace looks really cool with it. Will Ace keep growing? It's alright if Ace is cool!"

"Wh-wha-?" Ace stuttered when Luffy suddenly tackled him into a hug

"I want to see Ace growing stronger! Shishishishi! I think that you'll look really cool if you were to get big muscles," he commented while looking up at Ace in adoration.

End of Flashback

"Since Luffy liked it so much, I might as well not wear a shirt," Ace finished explaining with a grin on his face.

Nami sighed and slapped her forehead. She was sure that Luffy didn't mean for Ace to not wear a shirt. That guy's words can be so misleading. Oh well, Nami thought as she looked at the brothers after Luffy called out for Ace.

At least they are happy.

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