Full Summary:

Rose Weasley was the Gryffindor Golden Girl. She had perfect grades and plenty of friends. She was her Daddy's little Princess, she couldn't do anything wrong in his eyes. But, when she finds herself pregnant after a year of secretly dating Scorpius Malfoy, things are bound to begin to change.

Aurelia Rosier is an introverted, homeschooled teenager of a year younger. Burdened with events of the past, she lives in Malfoy Manor with her deceased mother's cousin Astoria and her family. After an encounter with Albus Potter in the hallways of the manor, her days of lonely schoolwork and evenings spent in solitude appear to be over.

This is the summary for a story that I'm currently working on. I'm wondering if anyone thinks it's any good. I plan for it to be around 14 chapters in total, updating irregularly but as often as I can. Each chapter will be in either Albus', Scorpius', Rose's or Aurelia's POV.

What do you think?