Making bullets containing salt,

Loading various guns,

It's not their fault

That they're always on the run.

A Shtriga here,

A Daeva there.

When these freaky things appear from nowhere,

The Winchester boys would just have to care.

Fighting evil,

Hunting things,

That will do for a living,

After all, it is a family thing.

Hurt and disappointment,

Despair and sorrow,

These are pavements

They try not to follow.

Follow they will instead,

The footsteps of their father.

Risk, plan, heed and lead,

To revenge for their mother.

Mary Winchester, a woman full of love and desire,

Delighted little Sammy was born.

But after that crude and horrible fire,

Poof! Everything was gone.

The yellow-eyed Demon's doings they'll do their best to parry

Eventhough they're sometimes quite a harm,

But don't you stress about it and worry,

Because The Colt works like a charm.

Now Sam and Dean I'm sure you know

That you both have all our support,

So by finishing that sonofabit** off you gave us bliss,

We thank you for all your worthy effort!

But alas, now the Devil's Gate is open

Giving them mork work to do.

But with the help pf Bobby and Ellen

I'm sure they'll make it through!