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Chapter 1: Alice and Japser

"...expected to hit the area within the next half hour, weather officials say damaging winds, intense lightning and heavy rainfall are all to be expected. We'll have more for you as the storm progresses throughout the night. Stay off the roads if you can help it..."

I've always hated the sound of his voice, so stiff and formal.

I grabbed the T.V. remote, turned off the news, and sauntered in to the kitchen where Jazz sat looming over an ancient looking book on military strategies. Boring.

"Let's go." I held my hand out to him, wiggling my fingers. I cocked my head toward the back door.

He closed the book and looked slowly stood. His fingers laced with mine and he gave a gentle squeeze.

"And exactly where are we going, darlin'?" A soft lazy smile stretched across his face. "Not that I have any issue whatsoever about following a gorgeous women into the woods..." he murmured in a lackadaisical tone, his voice thick and sweet, like honey.

I skipped to the sliding glass door, and upon opening it I immediately felt the static building in the air outside. I turned and pressed my tiny, bone pale hands to his well sculpted chest and leaned in. "You'd follow me anywhere, wouldn't you?"

Bending his knees to meet me, the hand that he wasn't holding snaked around my waist and he brought his mouth so close to my ear his teeth grazed the delicate skin as he whispered."To the ends of the earth." He pulled away with a smirk when my body quaked with a subtle shiver that had absolutely nothing to do the breeze blowing around me.

"The storm that's coming is going to be rather spectacular. And I know just the spot to watch it," I said, mentioning nothing of the other events that I knew would unfold during the course of the storm tonight.

Spinning on my heels, Jasper's hand still firmly locked with mine, we took off into the darkening woods. The atmosphere that enveloped us as we ran was thick with humidity and the electricity of the storm building in the sky overhead. I could just about feel the clouds pushing down on us.

The wind began to pick up, and I felt the shift in the air. Lightning crackled overhead, and I knew the down pour would soon begin. The sky was a hazy, deep gray, the clouds rolled together to form one thick, ominous blanket making the sky and clouds utterly indistinguishable from one another. Thunder rolled like a warning of what was to come. I felt the earth beneath me tremble in response.

We dashed through the trees, never losing contact with each other. We reached a rocky embankment, and I paused flicking my eyes up to the level ground that lay about forty feet above us. Sliding my hand free of Jasper's, I began scaling the embankment with ease. He stayed close behind me as my agile and able body made short work of it. Reaching the top, I stood with my hands on my hips, surveying the forest.

Lightning arched across the sky again illuminating the skyline for a brief moment, giving it a pinkish-blue glow before dispersing. I waited for Jasper to join me under a rather large, elderly tree that provided perfect shelter from the rain that had just begun to fall. I dropped to the ground stretching my legs out in front of me, pushing my arms out behind me. I smiled as Jasper lowered himself next to me placing a hand on my knee. "You're right, the view here is perfect," Jasper commented as his eye scanned the scene stretched out before us.

"Aren't I always right?" He chuckled softly at my purposefully arrogant tone.

We sat quite, watching the storm progress. The sky slowly grew darker and a deep boom called out around us, echoing off the trees behind us. "So are we really here to watch a storm or did you pull me out of the house to give Carlisle and Esme a little privacy?" he asked, looking at me from the corner of his eye. His lip pulled up in a sly smile.

He knew me so well, I sighed. "Busted." I stifled a snigger at what I knew was soon to play out in the Cullen house. No one wants to be privy to the sexual exploits of their family members, but it wasn't like I could tune out the things I saw or filter them in anyway. They just rolled in, unannounced.

I often thought about that—being able to pick and choose what kind of things I saw. Because had I the choice, I would most definitely check 'NO' next to that box, thank you very much.

"I thought so," he said, almost to himself.

The storm began to build energy, the wind howling and pushing the rain down with a wicked force. Although we were set back and under the cover of the giant evergreens, I felt the mist of the rain reach my face. It felt refreshing, cool, and made my skin tingle. I'd always loved the sensation of the rain on my skin. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and let the sounds of the building storm around me play like a symphony. I exhaled in contentment.

My eyes popped open suddenly when I felt Jaspers hand slowly sliding up my thigh.

And so it begins.

I turned my head to look at him, his butterscotch eyes were fixed on my face, watching my reactions. When his hand dipped between my thighs and squeezed, his intentions became blatantly clear. Vision or no vision, I knew exactly where this was heading.

Almost faster than I could process—almost—he pulled his hand away and scooped me up onto his lap. I sat straddling him, my hands resting on his shoulders. A wicked smirk bloomed across his face, and I kissed his nose. "Not the only one turned on by the storm?" I asked in quite voice, staring into blazing eyes.

"Mmm," he hummed, grinning widely. I felt the subtle push of his emotions. Love. Desire. Lust. They were a perfect echo of my own. I loved it when he shared his emotions with me; it made me feel so much more connected and aware.

His hands drifted from the place they'd held on my waist down to my ass, cupping me in his hands. Quickly, roughly, he pulled me closer to him groaning softly when my body came into contact with his erection. I leaned forward slightly, pressing my chest to his, effectively eliminating what little space there was between us. Pressing my lips to his, I kissed him softly, sweetly. I let my tongue gently roam his bottom lip. His taste was exquisite, and I felt my eyes flutter as our tongues danced in his mouth.

With his hands still planted on my ass, and his erection cradled between us, he bucked against me—hard. My moan was lost to the sound of the thunder that rumbled all around us. His warm lips kissing trails up the side of my neck, focusing on my earlobe. Dampness began to pool between my legs. I pushed him back so that he was lying beneath me, looking up at me. His eyes had gone dark with want. I loved that look. I loved knowing that I was responsible for the desire that coursed through his venom fuelled veins. He licked his bottom lip and my mouth filled with the tangy taste of my own venom in response. I swallowed it back and raked my fingers down his chest, digging in just enough to cause his pelvis to buck beneath me.

I could feel the strain of his perfectly positioned erection resting at my centre. I knew it was aching to be released, but I wanted to play a little first. I circled my hips, pushing down on him. "Jesus," he muttered, his eyes watching my face. His hands snaked up my hips, over my rib cage and found my breasts. He palmed them lightly, cupping each with care.

Not what I wanted. At. All. I wanted a little pressure behind that hold— a little possession. I knew what his hands were capable of. I rocked my hips back and forth, the friction resulting in a fresh wave of moisture. These panties are toast.

His reaction was immediate, and exactly what I was hoping for. He groped my breasts firmly and his breath came quicker, harder. My nipples pebbled at the rough touch. He sat up, his mouth met mine, and he bit down on my bottom lip, growling before he kissed me.

I suppose that's what I get for teasing him.

The wind shifted and though my eyes were closed, I saw the colours around me brighten to a soft purple for a split second as another crack of lightning whipped across the night sky. The charge of electricity emitted by the lightning gave the air a damp, burnt smell. A scent I always loved. It was raw and earthy and somehow powerful.

Jasper's hands pushed up under my blouse, I raised my arms in the air and he continued to push it up and over my head, tossing it to the side. I almost protested to the treatment of what was a rather expensive silk blouse, but thought better of it as he sucked my bottom lip into his hot mouth, again. He nipped gently, and I couldn't help but moan. The mist swirling around us left my body slick and his fingers slid over me creating a tingling sensation where they touched. He pulled away from my mouth and glided his fingertips up my arms to my shoulders, dragging my black bra straps down. Leaning forward he planted wet open-mouthed kisses on my right shoulder, working his way across my collarbone to the opposite side. Pushing his hand into my damp hair, he fisted it at the base of my neck, and gently tugged my head back fully exposing my delicate neck. He ran his tongue up the centre of my throat to the tip of my chin, chuckling when a loud moan escaped me.

Fucker doesn't play fair.

Our lips met again, hungry, needy, and wanting. The ground trembled again with a sudden clap of thunder. I pulled the t-shirt clinging to his damp body up and over his head, breaking the kiss for only a quick second. He made quick work of my bra, exposing my breasts to the humid, misty air and took me into his mouth, sucking hard and drawing me in further. My head lulled back and my hips moved of their own accord seeking more friction.

Holy hell, that feels good!

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer to me, lost in the sensation of his mouth on me. "Oh God...mmm..." I trailed off. I felt his hands on my jeans popping the button open and sliding the zipper down. I stood, still astride. He quickly pulled my jeans and panties down, his eyes following as more and more of my body was uncovered. I toed off the navy pumps and then stepped out of my jeans and panties, pushing them off to the side. His fingers grazed up and down my white, slick thighs.

Completely nude, I stood over him. "Sweet Jesus, Alice. You're beautiful." His voice was husky and his eyes hooded. I smiled and pointed to the remaining clothing on his body, hopefully conveying that I wanted it gone. Like right now!

He was quick to accommodate and stripped the khaki pants and boxers off, pitching them to the side with the other clothes. "Better?" he drawled.

"Much," I said, taking in the look of him beneath me. Perfect pale body, strong arms that I knew would hold me tight. It never once occurred to me to mind the scars; I regarded them the way one might look at someone with freckled skin. Smiling, I placed my foot against his bare chest and gently pushed him back. Slowly, I descend on him, straddling his lower abdomen. I pushed forward, my chest brushing his, and kissed him again. This kiss was tender, and deep, and again I felt the swell of his emotions for me rolling into me like soft waves breaking against the shore.

I felt his hand push between us, a thumb pushed against my already swollen clit, working small circles. "Oh shit," I mumbled. My back arched in response to the touch, and he smiled.

"I love it when you swear. It's the only time you do. When you lose control. So hot," he said, applying a little more pressure and quickening the pace. I sat up and began rocking in time with his ministrations.

He adjusted and drew his mouth back to my breast, nipping at the tender skin and teasing it with his tongue. "I know damn well, Alice, that you can't take much more. Just say it." He bucked his pelvis to accentuate his point.

"Now, Jasper. Please…" I moaned. Suddenly, I was on my back, pushed into the damp earth with Jasper hovering over me. He brushed a stray piece of hair from my face as he pushed my legs apart with his thigh. Hot, wet kisses were rained down on my body, as he slid inside of me at an achingly slow pace."Fuck!" I shouted, half out of frustration with the slow pace and half in sheer pleasure. Once he'd filled me completely, I shuddered and squeezed my eyes shut as my body relaxed around him.

When he felt that I was ready to move, he placed a hand on one of my bent knees and pushed it back, allowing him to push deeper inside me. Good. Fucking. God. The angle was perfect and hit me in just the right spot. My body quaked again and my hips bucked up to met him.

We moved slowly at first; slow, deliberate thrusts rocking me back and forth. He collapsed on me, pressing his chest against mine, giving me all his weight and began a slow burning kiss that built as our bodies moved faster and faster. Our hips rolled together, again and again. One of his hands took mine into his and coiled his fingers between mine, squeezing hard. Locking them together as he usually did when we made love.

Our breathing had become ragged and loud.

The storm went on, the sky turning an amazing deep yellow colour. "Oh God, Jazz. Keeping going, please," I begged.

He did as I asked and continued to push into me. He pulled himself to his knees, pulling my hips up, leaving my shoulders and head the only thing in contact with the wet ground. I circled my hips several times eliciting a wonderful response from Jasper. His face tightened and a short string of profanities fell from his lips. Guess I'm not the only who loses control. I couldn't help but feel a little smug with his response.

"Come for me, Alice. You're almost there. I can feel it," he said as his fingers dug into my hips, moving me against him. He was right, of course. He knew my body so well. The solid heat that had begun to build in my core coiled in anticipation, pushing heated venom through my veins making me nearly dizzy.

"Harder!" I ordered. He pulled himself back, leaving just the head of his cock inside me, he paused for a moment, locking eyes with me and then he thrust back into me hard. "Holy FUCK!" I shouted. My fingers dug into the soft ground beneath me. I heard him chuckle at my choice of words.

The heat built up in my core felt like a bubble pushing against me, growing, straining and becoming very taut, nearly to point of pain. Once, twice, three more times he thrust into me with blinding force, and the bubble burst. I cried out my release, my body contracting and trembling as I rode out the orgasm.

"So good, darlin'," Jasper mumbled.

I pressed my leg to his hip and rolled him onto his back. I took over the movements, riding him hard and fast. My hands pressed against his chest. "Nothing better than a beautiful woman riding you. Jesus Christ, you're amazing," he said, bringing his hands up to palm my slick breasts. He teased the nipples watching my face as I came down on him.

His hips came up off the ground and he stiffened. I watched as his muscles tensed, his eyes slammed shut and he came inside me. I circled my hips a few times, letting him enjoy the sensation and then collapsed to his chest kissing every piece of flesh my lips came in contact with. He sighed in contentment and raked his soft hands through my hair.

We lay there quite for a few moments, coming down.

"Wow. The sky's nearly red. Amazing." Lightning flashed again bringing an eerie glow to the forest. The treetops looking like thousands of tiny pointed daggers piercing the night sky.

"I told you it would be spectacular," I commented. I sat up and surveyed my now very wet body. "Good lord, I'm a mess," I said, seeing mud under my nails and spread across my knees. I stood up, pulling Jasper with me and moved away from the cover of the trees, letting the pelting rain wash us clean.

"Can I ask, darlin'…?" His voice a lazy, satisfied, drawl. "If you knew that things were gonna shake down this way…why in the hell would you wear a pair of three-hundred dollar shoes?" His tone was playful, if only a little sardonic.

"They go so well with the blouse," I defended, shrugging.

As we pulled our now muddy, wet clothing back on Jasper turned to me. "I hate to ask, but it is safe to go home yet?"

"Um…" I closed my eyes and focused. I shivered and my face pulled into a grimace. Jasper laughed at my side.

"I guess that answers that question."

We sat back down under the tree, fingers twined together, naked as the day we were born.

"Seems this storm has caused some rather strong, umm…reactions. In all of us," I added, seeing other things unfold before my eyes. Things that had my eyes widening in utter shock.

"Em and Rose are given, horny bunch that they are, but all as in Edward and Bella, too?" he asked, sounding shocked by what my words implied. "Is he…? Are they?"

I shook my head. "No, but let's just say he's definitely testing his control." A small smile flirted around the edges of my lips as I tried to stifle a chuckle.

"He'll be okay? Things are all right?" Jasper asked. Concern laced his voice.

"Yes. Things are most assuredly all right. You know he really does need to learn to trust himself a little more. He doesn't give himself nearly enough credit."

I leaned against him, tucked under his arm. "You're right. If he were going to loss control, it would have happened by now. Poor Bella," he joked, shaking his head.

We sat together watching the sky shift and darken. The rain was soft as a whisper now.

Poor Bella nothin', I thought smiling to myself.

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