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"I'll be back before you fall asleep, love, I promise," I whispered to her, while Charlie and I worked on getting all of the shower gifts out of the trunk.

"Good." She snuggled against my chest for a moment and then stepped back, blush quickly coloured her cheeks.

"What is it? Why do you suddenly look so embarrassed?"

She looked over her shoulder to where Charlie was and then quickly back to me. "I'm standing in the doorway with my vampire fiancé, with no underwear on, Edward," she whispered.

I had to work to bite back a chortle. "Don't worry, I won't tell if you don't," I said in a devious tone.

She quirked an eye brow at me and shook her head. "Goodnight, Edward," she sang, pushing me back out the door.

I got back in my car and headed for home, not really feeling the need to rush. Her scent was still so very heavy in the air, permeating the leather seats. As I drove I replayed the scene in my mind, the breathy sounds, the loud wanton moans, and her beautiful face. She was glorious, and she was mine.

I was lost in a lust filled haze when I walked through the door of my family's home, and before I even had the chance to remove my jacket Alice was singing in my head.

"How was the car ride home, Edward? Have fun?" I heard her chant.

I rolled my eyes and dragged on toward my room, hoping to avoid the woman if at all possible.

"Bells, I thought you were going home after the shower?" I heard Emmett call from the kitchen.

Shit, he can smell her.

"She's not here, Em, it's just Edward," Alice clarified, her voice awash with amusement.

"But I can sm—" Emmett mumbled, "Wait, huh?"

"What, not going to share with the rest of the class, Edward?" Alice silently chided.

"Shut the hell up, Alice." I huffed and made my way up the stairs.

Standing there, hands on her tiny hips, was my pain in the ass pixie of a sister. Her face was puckered in delight.

"Alice, it's none of your business. And please don't let Bella know that you saw any of that, she'd be mortified."

"Saw what, what did Alice see?" Emmett asked. He was like an over excited Poodle. It was supremely annoying at times. Namely now.

"I know, and I won't. Promise," she said, crossing her fingers over her heart. "I'm just glad you let your guard down enough to be able to do that for her. You can't even guess at how ridiculously happy she is right now. She's been dancing around since you dropped her off." She showed me images of Bella literally bopping around her room, it was adorable.

I smiled widely and shook my head.

"Don't ignore me, man! What did Alice see and what the hell is she promising to?" Emmett was now standing next to me on the stairs, his eyes darting back and forth between Alice and me.

"Nothing, Emmett, drop it." I stalked off toward my room, but he quickly pushed himself in front of me effectively blocking the entrance to my bedroom.

"Yeah, not likely man."

Okay, so in hind sight, 'drop it' may have been the wrong choice of words. "Fuck off, Emmett, this doesn't concern you," might have gone over better. I looked back to Alice, still standing at the top of the stairs.

She smirked. "No use, Edward, he'll keep at it all night. I'm fairly certain he'll follow you back to Bella's tonight too."

I swung my head back around to glare at Emmett; his smile was boarding on maniacal as he nodded his head confirming what Alice had just said. Son of a pup. I motioned for him to join me in my room and closed the door behind me, knowing damn well that that simple barrier did nothing to affect the hearing of the five other vampires lurking around the house.

"So give it up, what's going on. Do I get to rip up some wolf ass?" He looked a little too amped about that possibility.

"No," I said in a serious tone.

"Okay, man, I know you were just with Bella, but holy fuck!"

"Emmett, language!" Esme half shouted from the main floor.

"Crap. Sorry, Esme," he said sheepishly, ducking his head. "Why does it smell like she's standing right here?"

How to put this? I ran through a few sentences in my mind and finally decided blunt was the way to go with Emmett, and there was no point in hiding it from my family. Carlisle had already guessed at it given the heady scent wafting around me.

I cleared my throat. "I fingered Bella in the car on the way home."

His jaw dropped in disbelieve, his thoughts followed. "No fucking way, no way did mister self control do that!"

I heard a giggle from Alice, got a mental high five from Jazz, and Esme silently admonished me for my choice of wording. She thought I could have said things a little more tactfully. Rose was giggling, and thought "The look on Emmett's face must be bloody priceless right about now."

"It is, Rose," I answered her thought, she giggled again.

"You're not kidding are you?" he asked, eyeing me up.

"Nope." I walked over to my dresser drawer and swiftly stashed the purple panties I'd absconded.

"How was it?"

Moving toward the closet I said, "Well, knowing for a fact that you've done that with Rose innumerable times, you can probably postulate the answer to that question yourself."

"Are you trying to use big words to get rid of me?"

"Yes," I admitted. "I'm not talking about Bella like that, with you."

"Fair enough." The smug look on his face made me want to throw him through the wall, but I knew Esme wouldn't be too happy about that.

I changed into a comfortable t-shirt and stood at the back wall, the window wide open. "I'm going hunting and then to Bella's for the evening. Alice, I know you have wedding plans in the morning for me, I'll be back in time."

I leaped from the window and took off into the damp wilderness.


In the weeks before the wedding I'd spent nearly every night bringing Bella to orgasm as often as possible. My hands always managed to find their way beneath her sleep shorts.

"Charlie's working the late shift tonight?" I asked, as I propped her up on her kitchen counter.

"Yup." She planted a soft kiss on my nose.

"Mmm, so no chance of getting caught?" I skimmed my nose along her jaw and down the column of her milky white neck.

"None at all," she said in a breathy whisper.

"Good, I would hate the Chief to catch me doing something so vulgar to his only child," I said, pushing her legs apart and stepping between them.

Her breath came out in a hot pant. "And just what do you have in mind, Mr. Cullen?"

I kissed my way back up her exposed neckline, thanking the good lord above for hot days and tank tops. I let my tongue run along the delicate shell of her ear.

She shivered, and I couldn't help but smile. I could smell her in the air around me, and the longer I worked my lips and tongue across her skin, the thicker the scent became. She moaned when my fingers grazed the soft skin of her collarbone.

Bringing my mouth gently to hers, I began to kiss her, and as sure as the sun raises, Bella's impatience and passion took over the kiss. Drawing her legs around me, and pulling me closer to her, she whimpered when our bodies connected more fully. Her hands raked through my hair, pulling just enough to make it pleasurable. One arm snaked around me, and with both her legs and her arm she tried to pull me closer still.

I broke the kiss only to continue laving kisses to her jaw and neck, the fingers of one hand languidly dragged up and down on her leg, noting the hitch in her breath every time my fingertips grazed her hip. When I brought my mouth back to hers she moaned loudly and bucked against me.

"Bella," I breathed. I could feel the damp heat of her arousal through our jeans.

Experimentally, I rocked forward, gently pushing against her. Her head fell back, her back arched and she cried out. Note to self: there is obvious merit to the whole dry humping thing.

She squirmed and moved her hips against me again, moaning with the contact.

I pulled her closer to the edge of the counter and pushed her knees wider.

Her head snapped up and she stared at me.

"I'm not sure how far we're going to get with this, Bella, but know that if I have to stop, it's only because I can't handle it anymore. Okay?" I searched her eyes for understanding.

"Mmhm," she hummed, biting her bottom lip.

I rocked against her again, watching her face. Her teeth pushed down harder on the delicate, pink tissue of her lips and she closed her eyes.

"Please don't close your eyes. I love your eyes, they're so expressive."

She opened them slowly and brought her face close to mine. I leaned into her a little more and quickly caught her mouth with mine.

Our kissing nearly became frantic as I ground my hips against Bella's warm core. Each thrust had her moaning and moving against my throbbing erection. I wished like hell in that moment I could read her mind. Would her thoughts be as lust filled as mine; would she be thinking about my body the way I was thinking about hers?

"Oh God, Edward," she gasped, cupping one hand at the base of my neck and the other flying back behind her to brace herself.

"Fuck," I hissed. That slight change in her position achieved several things at once. First and foremost it pushed her beautiful chest up, putting it on display for me. I could feel myself growing—unbelievably—harder at the sight of her exquisite cleavage millimetres from my face. I wanted to run my tongue down between her soft orbs, but fought the urge to do so afraid my teeth might be a little too tempted to bite down. Bella bent and arched as she was also worked to push her crotch against me; lining me up with her entrance. It also forced me to curl over her in order to reach her delectable lips.

Kissing and panting, we slid and bucked against each other. I knew I was getting dangerously close to losing control. I wanted so much to be inside her, to be joined with her. But until then, I would happily settle for this.

"Oh fuck, Edward, I'm close…please. Oh God!" she nearly screamed, tightening her legs around me.

"That's it beautiful girl, come for me." I continued my thrusts, and focused on Bella's face, trying to cage the instinct to bite down on her creamy neck. I could feel my own climax building, but I wasn't sure if I could handle it without hurting her. Slowly, I slipped a hand between us and cupped her sex.

"Holy shit," she hissed, her teeth clenched.

"I love hearing you swear like that, Bella." Moving my hand in time with each thrust and running my tongue along her neck I felt her began to shake and her muscles tensed. She was right on the edge.

"Come for me, Bella. Let me watch you come," I begged.

"Harder, please…Jesus. Yes. Yes."

With one hard thrust against her, my finger dragging up her soaked jeans, she flew off the edge.

Before she was ready I let go and moved away. "Sorry, my love, having trouble over here. Give me a moment please."

She sat patiently and waited for me to regain control. When she saw it in my eyes, saw the tension slip away from my body, she hopped off the counter and slowly walked toward me. "Better?"

"Hmm, that's debatable," I said, quickly glancing at the still prominent bulge in my jeans.

"Oh, right." Her cheeks were already flushed so I had nothing to go on, but I was sure that she had actually blushed a little. "I could…I would…return the favour," she stammered.

Did she mean? No, she couldn't have meant… But I was sure that was exactly what she meant. I pictured her on knees before me, lips wrapped around me, her brown eyes locked on my face. I'll have to ask Carlisle if it's possible for a vampire to experience a brain aneurysm, because I'm fairly certain that little image burst something deep in the recesses of my brain. I had to shake my head to fling the thoughts away before I could answer her.

"The thought is incredibly tempting. But, I don't think I could manage without hurting you, Bella."

She sighed and a flash of disappointment shot across her face.

"Go take a shower, get changed, your jeans are a damn mess. We'll go to my house. Alice and Rose rented a bunch of movies for the night."

"Movies?" she asked.

"Yes movies, from what I understand Chick Flicks mainly," I explained.

"That sounds like fun."

"I thought you might like that. Now go on, get cleaned up."

"Sticky jeans wouldn't be a great idea," she mumbled, shaking her head.

I kissed the crown of her head as she passed. Wouldn't hurt to wash that delicious scent off you either, I thought.


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