Hey minna~! these are the characters for R&J, and a basic way for u to kind of see there personalities!

S: So with out further ado...


Ben Leo (Benvolio)- Romiano's (Romeo) cousin and friend, peace-keeper of Montague High.

Ty Capulet (Tybalt Capulet)- Julio's (Juliet) cousin and main bully of the Montagues and bad boy.

Romiano Montague (Romeo Montague)- Principal Jezebel Montague's (Lord Montague) and Mr. Montague's (Lady Montague) son, Julio's love interest.

Julio Capulet (Juliet Capulet)- Principal Jessie Capulet's (Lord Capulet) and Mr. Capulet's (Lady Capulet) son, Romiano's love interest.

Rose (Rosaline)- Head cheerleader at Capulet High, Romiano's first love interest.

*Principal Jezebel Montague (Lord Montague)- Romiano's mother, Ben's aunt, principal of Montague High.

*Principal Jessie Capulet (Lord Capulet)- Julio's mother, Ty's aunt, principal of Capulet High.

Superintendent Princeton (Prince)- superintendent of both highschools, Merc's adoptive father.

Merc Tio (Mercutio)- Superintendent Princeton's adopted Mexican son, Romiano's and Ben's friend, home-schooled, life of the party, gets along with both Capulets and Montagues.

Pierre (Paris)- Julio's stalker- I mean wanna-be boyfriend, his parents and Julio's parents are close friends.

Nurse (Nurse)- Julio's nurse who has been with him for as long as he remembers.

Priest Law (Friar Lawrence)- the priest of the two schools, Romiano's uncle figure, gets along with both Capulets and Montagues.

Students at Montague High (Montagues)- background characters from Montague High.

Students at Capulet High (Capulets)- background characters from Capulet High.

(*A/N: This isn't a mistake. In this story, the women would be in charge (xD), so they would be like the Lords in the original Romeo and Juliet. On the other hand, they won't be married, so they would also still play the parts of the Ladies.)