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"Good morning Cous! Aunt Jezzy should have named you Robin, seeing how you like to sit in trees so much!" Ben said happily as he strutted towards Romeo.

"Is it really that early?" Romeo inquired, looking down from the branch he was sitting in, and completely ignoring his cousin's latter comment.

Ben pouted slightly, unhappy that he had been unable to get a rise from his usually good-natured cousin and friend, but answered all the same, "It is just nine am!"

Romiano sighed and said under his breath, "Sadness seems to make time stretch out longer…."

Ben heard it, but chose getting his cousin out of the tree, rather than questioning it right then. 'It's probably for the best as well,' he reasoned with himself, "who knows what's going on through that dramatic head of his! The sooner both of his feet are planted firmly on the ground, the sooner I'll be able to breathe easier, and the even better time to ask him questions.'

When Ben had finally coaxed Romeo to get out of the tree, he moved to question him, but Romiano beat him to it.

"So cousin, if it really is nine am, shouldn't you be in school? Or has the goodie-two-shoes peace-keeper finally decided to break the rules and skip classes?"

Ben punched Romeo playfully in the arm before replying, "A fight broke out between our school and the Capulets again, and the superintendent was called in and is talking to your mother and Principal Capulet, so school has ended early."

"Of course! Here we go again! Can a guy GET SOME EFFING PEACE AROUND HERE!" Romeo all but shouted.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down Cous! Seriously! It's like your PMS-ing!" seeing that, by saying that he had signed his own death warrant, Ben hurriedly changed the topic, "And what causes your sadness that seems to make time stretch?"

Romeo seemed lost of words, not expecting his cousin to of heard what he said. Maybe it was the shock why he answered truthfully.

"….Love" Romeo said simply, and vaguely, grating on Ben's nerves.

"You're sad because you're in love?" Ben questioned, confused.

"Out-" Romeo started, but was cut off by a rather impatient Ben.

"Of love?"

"Out of favour of the person that I love."

"Ah, love!" Ben said, throwing an arm around Romeo, "Looks so gentle and nice from afar, when it's really a cruel and rough monster!"

"Yes, it really is loving hatred, a cloud of nails! But anyway, where are we going? Can we stop somewhere to eat?" Romeo changed the subject abruptly, throwing Ben off course for a moment.

"Hey, hey, hey! Don't try and change the subject! Seriously though, I feel as if I'm going to start crying."

"And why so, my emotionally unstable friend?" Romeo replied with a half-hearted effort to change the subject.

Ben's left eye twitched, but he didn't rise to the bait, though Romeo could have sworn he heard Ben say, "I'm the emotionally unstable one?" under his breath.

"I'm crying on your part, I mean, love is always such a heavy burden to bear, and then I place it on top of my own grief from tests and the school-work, which is already weighing down my shoulders, it is almost too much to handle!" Ben replied so dramatically that a few people who had stopped to stare had started applauding him, whilst he bowed and Romeo face-palmed.

"And you say I'm the one PMS-ing?" Romeo muttered under his breath and got hit upside the head, "Ow! But it's true! And don't start going all sappy on me, this isn't one of those crappy, hard-to-read Shakespeare plays!"

"I'll have you know Shakespeare is a literary genius! You really should give him a chance you know! One of the main characters in Romeo and Juliet is a lot like you! Romeo, your namesake, is chocked full of teenage angst and overly emotional, just like you!" Ben justified.

"Oh, I guess I finally found the twin I've always wanted! Time to go drown my sorrows in Shakespeare!" Romiano replied, voice dripping in sarcasm.

"Don't say I never tried to tell you!" Ben said with a shrug. "Oh, by the way, who is this person you're in love with? And why can't you get her? You're usually the charmer, found one that your charms won't work on?"

"Why should I bother tell you her name? She absolutely refuses to fall in love with me! She ignores every one of my advances, and then on top of it, she says that she follows the goddess of chastity Diana!"

"Tell me so I can picture her and point out more beautiful women to your eyes and show you that she's not the only woman in the world!" Ben tries to reason.

Romiano looks at him like he had just spoke blasphemy, "No one is as beautiful! No matter who I look at, I will only see her face taunting me!"

"Well then, just try to stop thinking about her." Ben said placidly.

"Teach me how to stop thinking!" Romiano exclaimed, "You'll never be able to stop her sweet face from invading my thoughts!"

And with that, Romeo stalked off.

"I'll take that as a challenge, my dear Cous." Ben said, before he too walked off.

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