Oh my gosh guys I'm so sorry I kept meaning to write this but I was writing so much other Clato, and I was away from the site for a few months and I just looked at this and realised I promised an epilogue in like April and omg I'm so sorry. I don't own The Hunger Games.

"You're sure this is what you want?" The sales adviser looked down her glasses at Cato and Clove. "It looks like a lot of work, and there's tough rivalry."

"We want this more than anything." Cato grinned, answering for the both of them.

"Okay then. I'll make a few calls and the place should be yours by tomorrow." The sales adviser smiled warmly at them, picked up her black brief case, and trotted up the hill in her high heels. Clove glanced around Camp Panem and sighed happily. Everything was as she remembered it. The hill where she'd first met Cato, the stables, the lake, the jet skis, the tennis courts, the beach. It was all so familiar to Clove and brought back so many great memories.

"I'm so glad we get to own this place." Cato said, taking Clove's hand in his.

"Me too." Clove said as they strolled down the path. After they're camp years were over, Cato was a councillor for three years and Clove was one for two. Now Clove was twenty three and Cato was twenty four, they were engaged, and had received news that Cinna had passed away. Not wanting Camp Capitol to buy Camp Panem and expand their land, they had rushed to Maine from their home in New York to buy the Camp. Cato was leaving his job as a Giants player to set up a football academy for young players opposite the Camp, and Clove was leaving the New York ladies soccer team to manage Panem year round and rent it out to school groups for the occasional week. She wouldn't have gone back to playing soccer anytime soon anyway, considering that she was six months pregnant.

"I'm just glad that we get to make new memories here. I could never let the place go." Clove grinned.

"Me neither. This place made us who we are."

"Clove! Cato!" They turned around at the sound of an all too familiar shout.

"Johanna!" Clove grinned and embraced her best friend. Marvel trailed behind her, carrying their six month old baby girl.

"Hey Keely." She stroked the baby's soft head before greeting Marvel, who was already engaging in an argument with Cato about whether the Jetts were better than Giants. Cato said no and looked ready to punch him.

"Me and Marv could come back this summer and be councillors, if you need us." Johanna suggested, shrugging.

"That would be great. We can get Finn and Annie back too, and Katniss, Peeta and Jackie. It'll be like old times." Clove grinned.

"We could bring back Cashmere." Johanna smiled wickedly.

"No." Clove raised an eyebrow. "Then again, who cares? She's married now."

"To who?" Johanna asked, her eyes widening.

"I don't care, Jo. I really don't." Clove glanced over at Cato, who was still arguing with Marvel. "I'm happy."

"And you think this place will make you happier?" Johanna asked. Clove looked over at Cato again, who had taken the baby from Marvel and was airplane-ing her through the air. A life flashed before her eyes, of her and Cato with a tiny baby boy in their arms. He would become a sporting star like his father once was. He'd be like a carbon copy of Cato, with his humour and her fiery spirit. He'd run through Camp alone with a smile when it was winter, and meet his friends in the summer. Clove even saw him falling in love with Keely Quaid, and spending long hot summers with her. She saw Cato growing old with her, and Clove turned to Johanna and said,

"Yes, Jo. If that's even possible."

Okay, so this is officially finished! I did have a sequel idea, but I won't be writing it as it didn't fit in at all with this final chapter. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)