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Chapter 6, "The sex shop"

The next day, Sasuke stood staring at the blacked-out store window; desperately hoping no one would see him enter such a place. He walked in. Naruto was sitting behind the cash register, reading a manga. He leaned against the glass desk, and smiled.

"Ah, I see you've been working on your smile, nicely smelling man," Naruto teased, before putting down his reading material.

"No customers today?"

"Just one customer, but Sai is helping test the products in the back, if you know what I mean."

"I haven't heard of Sai before."

"And you never will again. As if I'd let you be around him." Naruto shook his head. He had accidently walked on Sai a couple of times before, and the things he saw him doing… Sasuke should never know they exist!


Naruto huffed, "No! But if you see him, look the other way."

"Is he really hot?"

"No. I'm hotter," Naruto pursed his lips. "Much hotter except if you like the… regular beauty standards."

Sasuke smiled again, "Show me around the place."

"Give me a second," Naruto got up. "I'll go find out where he is 'testing' the products first so I don't walk on him again."

"You walk on him a lot?"

"He doesn't make it a challenge. He once did it on the back of my coat. I was wearing it. Do you know how it feels when suddenly three people are fucking against your back, and using you as a support pole."

"Traumatizing," Sasuke snickered, reaching down and grabbing a pink egg vibrator. "You should get back at him."

"Ah, let me guess, we should have sex on top of him, right?"

"Exactly what I was thinking."

"Yes, that way you would be doing me a favor too. You'll be helping me get revenge," Naruto mocked sarcastically.

"You can repay me in blowjobs whenever you want."

"Lucky me!" Naruto faded into the back of the store, before Sasuke could hear him shout "Jesus, Sai! Not in the coffee break! This is my cup!"

He stomped out again, "Remind me to buy a new cup."

"I will."

"Follow me," Naruto walked towards a different section of the store, before noticing Sasuke wondering off to where Sai was. He scuttled towards the raven, before hauling him from the shirt. "No!"

"I saw something interesting down there," Sasuke tried to be cute.

"No. Bad boy," he tried to pull Sasuke away, as the man tried to walk towards Sai's fucking spot.

"Just tell me what they were doing with your cup."

"It's not what you think, pervert!"

"I'll just peek."

"Do you want to see the S and M section or not? You like that shit, right?"

"Fine," Sasuke sighed.

"How did you buy the things I saw in your closet?"

"They were forgotten at my place."

"Man-whore," Naruto mouthed, before feeling a sharp pain against his rear, "Ah!" He rubbed his behind as he turned to gawp at Sasuke. "What was that?"

The raven was smacking the leather paddle against his hand, "My hand slipped."

"Don't let it slip again," Naruto narrowed his eyes, before turning back towards where he was heading. "This is where the chains- Ah! What's wrong with you?!"

"My hand slipped again," he waved the whip in the air, and then landed one strike on Naruto's ass. "Oops."

The blond gritted his teeth, before reaching for a short cane, and whipping Sasuke on the arm. "I'm going to slip all over your ass!"

"Aw!" Sasuke rubbed his hand, before Naruto began to chase after him, landing strikes on the pale boy's bottom. "Ah, Naruto- Ah-Ah- stop it!"

Sasuke rubbed his sore behind, "You're more vengeful than I expected. A little sadistic."

"Walk in front of me!" Naruto whipped Sasuke apple bottom again, forcing in front of him. "That's what bad boys get when they misbehave," he tried to hide his chuckle at how well behaved Sasuke suddenly became. "I should bring this home with us. Whip you into behaving."

"Don't push you luck," Sasuke let out a deep moan. God, Naruto spanks hard, he thought.

"You know what this would be good for; if we ever fuck, I'd keep whipping you ass 'Faster! Deeper!' I might like that."

"Don't joke about that!"

Naruto suddenly gasped, as he noticed the bulge in Sasuke's pants. He poked at it with the cane, "A couple of smacks and you are already so hard."

Sasuke looked away gulping.

"For once you are the one with a problem in his pants not me. Although I always figured you'd like to be the one in charge and not the opposite."

"Have you ever heard of a switch before- Ah!"

"Don't speak without permission," Naruto smirked enjoying the look on Sasuke's face. It was fun. It was so much fucking fun. Did he just find out Sasuke's kryptonite? Naruto could be kinky, he thought. He could do that for Sasuke's sake. It wasn't so bad. Plus, a submissive Sasuke was so sexy. For a second there, he began to imagine how me might look to Sasuke right now, but he shooed away the thoughts quickly. He couldn't let himself get self-conscious now. "You haven't been good."

Sasuke looked at Naruto, silently, feeling the tip of the cane caressing the contour of his erection. Naruto was a tease.

"Should I bend you over and spank you like the bad boy you are?"

Sasuke gulped.

"Or maybe I should make you get on all fours, and-" he giggled.

"Well that was fun while it lasted," Sasuke finally spoke.

Naruto tried to hold back his laugher, barely succeeding "It is still on! Don't speak!"

Now Sasuke had gained some trust. He was looking Naruto in the eye, rather than his eyes just roving over the blond. He was even smirking. He might just end up being the one holding the cane.

"Don't smirk."

"Or you'll do what?"

Naruto lashed another blow towards Sasuke's rear, then another and another. "On all fours."

Sasuke stood there unmoving, before Naruto lowered his tone and stated, "On all fours right now."

Hesitantly, Sasuke lowered himself, before gasping as the cane landed on his ass.

"How many do you think you should get?" Naruto asked. "Twenty. Thirty?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth, still not completely comfortable giving in to Naruto. Usually he was the one in control, "As much as you see fitting, sir- Ah!"

"I like the sound it makes when it comes down," he brought it down again.

"Ah!" Sasuke whined. "Ah- Okay-"

"Don't speak!"

"Ah- Ah- Naruto- Ah- ah- please!" As the whipping stopped, he whispered, "Please."

"You know what I will do now?"

"No, sir."

Naruto bent down next to Sasuke's ears and whispered, "I will go start a very sexy bookkeeping."

He ran away towards the counter. The raven suddenly got up and dashed towards him, "No way in hell you're leaving me hanging like that!"

He heaved Naruto's arm, pushed him into the wall, pressing his bulge against Naruto's crotch. Naruto licked his lips, jerking his hips against the others, "You want me?"

"I want you," Sasuke began to breath heavily, as he rubbed their-


Both men turned around at the source of the bright light only to see Sai standing with the camera of his mobile aimed at them.

"I'll need this later tonight," Sai smiled.

"Sai!" Naruto chased after him, leaving Sasuke tormented and desperate for relief.


Sasuke pursed his lips as he turned the wheel right, and then huffed loudly.

The blond began to tickle the other's neck, before receiving a strict "Cut it out!"

"Are you still upset I left you there?"

Sasuke pressed the break as he eased into the intersection, turned and glared at Naruto, "Do you enjoy torturing me?"

"Do you enjoy me torturing you?"

"Not if you don't follow through with it."

"But you handled it on your own," Naruto raised his shoulders.

"Maybe I should let you handle yours too," Sasuke stated spitefully.

"You don't have to be spiteful."

"I waited for you to come back for fifteen minutes before discovering you went out with Sai and left me all alone at the store. I had to check out a customer with a boner and then jerk off in the employee bathroom."

"If it makes you feel any better, I jerk off in there a lot."

Sasuke eyed Naruto with a grouted look on his face. "Hn."

"I'm sorry," Naruto reached up and kiss the Uchiha on the cheek. "I'll make it up to you."

Sasuke sighed. It was hard staying angry with the Uzumaki. "Tonight?"

"Maybe," Naruto gulped.

"So not tonight?"

"It will be great when it happens. Regardless when. No pressure."

"You started this."

"I know. I'll follow through."

"I hope so."

After a few minutes of silence, Naruto spoke, "Were all the guys you have been with experienced?"

"I don't think I ever slept with a virgin."

"I see," Naruto bit his lip. What if he couldn't live up to Sasuke's expectations? He never really done anything before rather than lay there and take it. But Sasuke was so… "How were they like in bed?"

"What do you mean?"

"Where they kinky?"

"Some of them."

"Did they uhmm… Were they active? Like they knew what they were doing?"

"What are you getting at?" Sasuke began to park.

"Nothing. We will be great together," he nodded, unsure of his words.

"Naruto, you don't have to worry about not being experienced enough. I don't care, plus I'll get to teach you new things. I like that."

"I wasn't worrying," Naruto smiled at the other, a little happy with the other's response.

"So Shikamaru will be there?" Sasuke said as he pointed at the pub.

"Are you worried you won't get along with my other friends?"

"I'm sure of it. I've met them at our wedding. All five hundred of them. I will hate them. They will hate me."

"Then why do you think Shika won't hate you?"

"He seems reasonable."

"He took my virginity. You should get along with him the least."

"I'm not a jealous husband. It's not in the DNA of the Uchiha. Plus, I know about your past sex life. I should feel bad for him and recommend-"

"I was his first too. He must've changed now. And his penis is bigger than yours."

"You've never seen mine."

"I can guess."

"You just want to make me jealous, don't you?"

"No…" Naruto swallowed.

"I've known you for less than a month. If we were dating, we wouldn't even be exclusive yet."

"I know that. I don't want to make you jealous."

"It seems that you would enjoy it if I was."

"I just believe boyfriends should be jealous," Naruto raised his shoulder. "Uzumakis have always been jealous boyfriends. My dad once jumped into a river to get to my mom quickly when he thought a man was harassing her. Turns out it was a women with short hair asking for directions. But as for you, you don't have to be jealous."

Sasuke smiled, "So what? Are you going to freak out if you ever saw me talking to another guy?"

"Nooo," Naruto smiled as if he was about to lie. "I won't kill you both."

"That wasn't my question. But I thought you said yesterday that you wouldn't care if I slept with another guy. I remember I was being the one opposing it."

"Why? Is there is another guys you want to sleep with?"

"Not reall-"

"Lets keep it that way!"

The words almost materialized and punched Sasuke in the face, "You lie too much for someone who doesn't like to lie. You contradict yourself. You start the conversation with one opinion, and you end up on the other end of the spectrum."

"Sasuke," Naruto smiled. "When I said you can sleep with another guy, I was angry and you hadn't kissed me yet."

"And what you say when you are angry doesn't count? Plus, I only kissed you this morning. You can't turn on the switch and suddenly become jealous."

"No, you are right, sleep with another guy, and we'll test if I become jealous or not. It will be like Russian roulette."

Sasuke gulped. The other was showing too many hidden traits for the first time today. He was thinking they were going by Naruto's speed in this relationship rather than his, formally non-existent, speed; and Naruto's speed was super fast in all the wrong directions, and super slow in all the right ones such as sex. "I'll take your word for it."

Naruto kissed on the cheek as if he hadn't just threatened to murder the man, "Thank you, baby." He began to exit the car.

"Naruto, before we leave, reach for the file on the back seat."

The blond grabbed the paper looking it over, "It's a scene in a script."

"I've catered some movie shootings and events before, so I have some contacts in that business. I can't promise anything but I got you an audition tomorrow."

"Sasuke!" Naruto suddenly screamed out loud, squeaking before hugging the other man like an overexcited child. The raven couldn't help but smile. Making Naruto happy was oddly satisfying.

"Lets go inside!"

"I'm so happy you believe in me," Naruto grinned as they got out of the car. Sasuke nodded. It wasn't that he believed in Naruto, he just believed that an audition would make him happy.

The blond chirped, reaching out and grabbing Sasuke's hand.

"You are easy to please."

Naruto ignored the last comment as they walked into the pub. Immediately Naruto burst out, "Guys! Meet my cupcake, cookie dough, chocolate covered strawberry-"

"We have already met him," Shikamaru interrupted. He had been worried about this meeting. During the wedding, Naruto's friends didn't really have a chance to get a deep insight about Uchiha's personality, but sitting on one table for the whole night… They weren't going to get along.

"Sit down! Sit down!" Omoi tapped the seat next to him. The plan he had prepared was leak-proof; he had to get Sasuke to like him after all. He even memorized conversation starters off flashcard the day before. "So Sasuke, how do you feel about the socio-cultural divide in the middle east countries, and in particular the north African ones."

Sasuke stared at the other man, who was obviously reciting something memorized. "I'd like to hear your opinion first," he smirked.

Naruto stared at Sasuke through his side vision before interrupting to save his confused friend, "He asked you first."

"He's testing me," Sasuke whispered in Naruto's ear.

"He's trying to get you to like him not test you. Don't embarrass him." Naruto gulped. This day wasn't going to end well.

- To be continued-

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