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Warning: Blood, gore, swearing.

Chapter 1: A New Trump-Card

Sunlight filtered through thick tree leaves, the air was humid and the buzzing of bees signaled the mid-summer. A boy's head rested on top of protruding oak tree roots, gazing at the cloudless cerulean sky. The cool breeze caressed his unruly ebony locks earning a content sigh from the boy. He closed his sapphire eyes and enjoyed the undisturbed tranquility of his mother's garden. Flowers mixed with the aroma of his mother's roast beef and blueberry pie filled the air. It was noon, and lunch was almost ready.

"Sebastian, wake up!" chimed a voice. Sebastian groaned and lazily lifted his arm over his eyes to shield them from the light. His younger sister was probably bored and felt the need to disturb him.

"Wake up!" He could feel his sister's knees brushing roughly against his arm.

"The target is on the move." An urgent voice called to him. Sebastian awoke with a startle and half expected to see his sister only to see a man's face inches from his own, dirt and sweat marred his already ugly features. Sebastian motioned for the man to step back.

"Position?" Sebastian asked as he sat up, his left hand combing through his short black hair.

"A-Approximately thirty degrees north of east from here. By the church." the man tried to sound brave.

Sebastian stood up and eyed the room quickly. To say that the room was a mess was an understatement; it seemed as if a horrible massacre took place. Dust, broken furniture and dried blood along with bloody hand-prints lingered on the floor and walls. Sebastian had chosen this room to rest in momentarily as he waited for further instructions and did not bother to check its condition. The rest of the rooms in the abandoned apartment building were probably the same. Sebastian let out an irritated sigh.

"The rest of the team?" Sebastian inquired.

"A-All dead sir. E-Except me." the soldier seemed terrified along with a hint of disgust laced in his voice. Not at the situation, but at Sebastian.

Sebastian did not answer and instead opted to jump out of the opened window and fall ten stories down. He landed with a silent thud on the empty street whilst his black leather boots groaned from the stress. The whole area had been evacuate and seemed as it came out of a cheap, apocalyptic movie. A massive group of ghouls seemed to notice him and began to shoot at him.

'They managed to only defeat some of the ghouls. Why didn't they wake me?'

Sebastian sped through hordes of ghouls, leaving behind blood rain and scattered limbs. Bullet shells clanked against the blood covered ground. He kicked a ghoul on the head, decapitating it instantly as its head-less body gushed out blood. Though the ghouls had weapons, they were incredibly slow and easy to take down.

"Ludicrous" Sebastian muttered as one of the ghouls who was once part of the extermination team clutched at his feet with its remaining strength. Sebastian stomped on its head watching it explode at the sheer pressure. Blood and brain matter splattered everywhere. The faint sounds of the rescue and medical teams were far away.
Suddenly, a foul scent met his nose in waves.

'Ahh…there he is'

The vampire's scent was overwhelming as though he did not even bother to mask it. Sebastian quickened his pace, whilst slaying the rest of the ghouls and silently made his way towards the awaiting vampire. He gazed at the vampire, taking in his unbecoming appearance. A horrendous yellow Mohawk, facial piercings, a black studded vest with matching pants, pale skin and red eyes.


Just as he was about to raise his gun, a loud gunshot was heard. He felt a warm substance trail down the back of his head, down his neck. Sebastian fell on his knees and collapsed on the street face-first.

"There! I killed him! I kept my promise now you keep yours!" a dark figured hollered a few feet behind Sebastian's corpse.

"I guess I should, but before that, how does it feel to betray your comrades?" the vampire grinned with a sadistic gleam as the soldier began to approach him.

"Comrades? I never considered them as that. I risked my life working for some old, bourgeoisie, Hellsing bitch just to bring whatever little money I get to bring food to the table!" yelled the soldier, his features now illuminated by the moonlight.

"Now, a deal's a deal. I killed that sinful half-breed over there, where's the money?" The soldier motioned to Sebastian's life-less body.

The vampire crossed his arms and scrutinized at the dead body before exploding into maniacal fits of laughter.

"This is the best Hellsing's trump card can do? He's feeble! Look at him! They send in some kid! His bark is worse than his bite!" the vampire continued with his fits of laughter before wiping small tears of blood from his eyes.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I heard the previous one was much more fearsome than this…" the soldier cackled gesturing with his hands.

"As I was sayin' befo-" A gunshot echoed dreadfully on the dead street. Surprised, the soldier turned to look at his left hand only to see a bloody stump.

"AAAHHHHHH" The soldier shrieked at the loss of his hand. The soldier looked around to find the culprit when his eyes landed on Sebastian's rising body. Glowing crimson eyes peered back at him hypnotizing behind a curtain of raven hair, silver gun pointed at him. The soldier screamed as Sebastian pulled the trigger, shooting the soldier between the eyes.

"Hn. It's been a while since I've been shot in the head, execution style." Sebastian murmured as he spat out a bloody bullet. He patted the dust off his black trench coat as the soldier's decapitated body fell with a solid thunk.

"He's even slow at falling" Sebastian grumbled as he turned to gaping vampire.

"B-But how? He shot you dead! A-And t-that's s-s-silver!" the vampire stuttered, pointing a finger at the silver bullet silently hissing on Sebastian's gloved hand.

Sebastian let out a small smile and cocked his head to the side. He unceremoniously dropped the bullet, letting it clink on the ground.

"I was wondering how he managed to find me, unscathed, with a horde of ghouls idling outside. I was curious so I decided to let him follow me." Sebastian voiced, stalking elegantly towards the gawking vampire.

The vampire's face suddenly morphed into one of anger as he let out a growl and dashed towards Sebastian, revealing a dagger underneath his vest. The vampire slashed, missing by a hair's width as Sebastian back flipped and landed on top of a lamp-post. The vampire shrieked, jumping towards Sebastian, intending to thrust his dagger when tendrils of shadows ripped his arms off. His body was forcefully thrown against the pavement creating spider cracks on it while he coughed out blood. Large puddles of blood were forming around him and flowing into the street and down the sewer hole. He looked up when a shadow loomed over him. A stoic expression graced Sebastian's handsome features while holding the vampire's dagger, hands and arms still attached to it. Tears of blood spilled out from the vampire's eyes as he begged for mercy.

"Pathetic. You call yourself a Nosferatu? Weak." Sebastian sneered.

"Please don't kill me! I'll work for you! I-I'll do a-anything!" the vampire pleaded.

"Hn. I don't have any use for you. Die with whatever dignity you have left" Sebastian chuckled as he pointed the silver gun at the vampire.

The vampire had a look of horror over his face as he felt hot, searing pain through his chest. He looked down curiously to see half of it splattered on the pavement underneath, a gaping hole where his heart used was. Echoes of a gunshot littered the empty street. His last vision was the smoking silver gun and the words Jesus Loves You engraved on its barrel.

Sebastian watched impassively as the vampire turned to dust. The sun was beginning to rise in the horizon, sun rays were beginning to filter through the barren buildings. The wretched stink of blood, rotting flesh and death clung to him like a second skin as he began his trek back to headquarters. Sir Integra had probably awoken by now and wanted a report on his findings. Though she did not need to hear it, she should have noticed by now: the recent rise in vampire related incidents, virgins turning into ghouls and attacks on highly populated places. It was the same damn thing over again. The same damn thing thirty years ago.